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What's The Worst Cooking Mistake You've Ever Made?

We need to know about the time(s) you fucked up in the kitchen.

Some people are just really, really good at cooking.

And some aren't so good. In fact, some people are just really fucking bad at cooking.

Maybe you recently baked some cookies that came out like this, and could have been prevented just by using something like a durable, non-stick pan.

Perhaps you tried cooking up a meat dish, but you had no idea how long to cook the meat for. Something as simple as a sous vide can save you and the people you cook for from the dangers of raw meat.

Whatever your cooking fuckup may be, we want to know and we wanna help you fix it in the future! Tell us your fails and leave a photo in the comments below for the chance to be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post!