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Posted on Sep 28, 2017

These Jelly Belly Gummies Are So Fucking Creepy, You Guys

These are scarier than buttered popcorn jelly beans.

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It's no surprise that Jelly Belly likes to push the boundaries on candy. Flavors like Tabasco, Chili Mango, and of course, Buttered Popcorn — I mean, come on, Jelly Belly. WYD?

So I'm usually not shocked when I learn about some crazy confection they have. But what you're about to see is mind-boggling.

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THEY MAKE RAT GUMMIES. Yes, you read that right. RAT GUMMIES. Gummy candy in the shape and size of a RAT.


You can pet it.

And you can put it in your mouth like this:


And sorry to ruin your day more than I already have, but they also make TARANTULA GUMMIES. Yes, tarantula, as in the fucking spider.


I'm just speechless, you guys. Like, really, truly, honestly speechless.


On the bright side, they're great if you're really into spooky Halloween shit, or pranking your friends. LOL, definitely prank your friends with these. I'll take the blame for you.,

Get the rat from Amazon for $5.63, Jelly Belly for $2.99, or Jet for $39.52 for 12 (available in three flavors).

Get the tarantula from Amazon for $7.59 for two, Jelly Belly for $1.99, or Jet for $47.48 for 24 (available in six flavors).

  1. Before I go, I just need to know how you all feel about these.

    Before I go, I just need to know how you all feel about these.

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Before I go, I just need to know how you all feel about these.
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