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What Shoe Brands Are Best For Big Feet?

We really need to know.

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Big feet – they kinda really fucking suck.


It really can be the worst when the time comes to go shoe shopping. You'll find shoes that are long enough.... but too tight. Or vice versa. It's a nuisance.


Thankfully there's still tons of options for bigger feet! Like these slip-on shoes that are both comfy and cute. And would you believe me if I told you they're Crocs?!

Options like Birkenstock prevent your feet from feeling constricted like other sandals.

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And boots! A good boot can be hard to find when your feet are a double-digit size, but they're a necessary evil. Dr. Martens are a good choice in that department.

But of course there's so many other great shoes out there for people with big feet, and we want to know what exactly they are.


Tell us about your favorite shoes or brands for people with big feet (and why they're so awesome) for the chance to be featured in a future BuzzFeed Community post!

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