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What's The Most Delicious Thing You've Made During Quarantine?

We would like to see it.

Hello! If you're here, I'm going to make an assumption that like me, you've spent quite a bit of time these last couple of weeks looking up new recipes to make.

For example, I was looking for ways other than banana bread to utilize ripe bananas and I made this wonderful chocolate chip banana cake with homemade vanilla frosting. 😋

So now it's your turn to show me what you've been making! Perhaps, like me, you're doing more baking than usual.

Maybe you've purchased a new cookbook or dug up an old one you haven't used in forever and have been channeling your professional cooking skills.

Or perhaps you've come up with creative ways to whip up exciting meals with shelf-stable items like pasta or chickpeas.

Whatever delicious thing it is you have made so far in quarantine, we want to see it! Submit your pictures and tell us what it is you made in the comments below for a chance to be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post!