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Guys, We Need To Talk About These Krispy Kreme Jelly Beans Right Now

I mean, hello!!!

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So it's a Tuesday, and I'm just minding my own business, la de da de da, when my co-worker brings it to my attention that Jelly Belly makes Krispy Kreme Doughnut jelly beans — and I am truly SHOOK!

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Like, I really love Jelly Belly (most flavors at least), and like any other functioning human being, I LOVE KRISPY KREME, so I'm just trying to absorb the fact that these two things exist all in one right now.


You can treat yourself to a bag o' beans filled with flavors like chocolate iced with sprinkles, cinnamon apple filled, strawberry iced, glazed blueberry cake, and of course, the classic ORIGINAL GLAZED!

Price: $8.99

Or, you can get even more beans (to send to that special someone, perhaps) with this box. You think you're about to open a box of donuts, and BAM, it's some jelly beans!

You can also buy a bulk bag – because literally nothing says happiness like 10 fucking pounds of donut-flavored jelly beans, you know?

@jellybellycandyco / Via

Price: $89.99 (worth it)

So if you're ready for the sugar rush of your life, do yourself a favor and buy these babies. You can check out all the different sizes they come in here.

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    What are your thoughts on these jelly beans?

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What are your thoughts on these jelly beans?
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