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    17 Genius Tips For College Students Who Want To Cook In Their Dorms

    Because let's face it, dining hall food sucks.

    1. Wake up to the smell of the breakfast you prepped the night before with some overnight oats. All you need are oats, cute jars, and toppings of your choice.

    2. Prepare for game days with some microwave nachos. This recipe uses yummy multigrain chips, and toppings like chicken, tomatoes, and beans that you can sneak from your dining hall's salad bar.

    3. Get to crackin' — some eggs, that is. This cooker makes it easy to eat eggs any way you want them, without using a stove. All you need is a microwave!

    4. And because you'll have eggs in your dorm to cook, try making poached eggs with this handy microwave hack.

    5. Take a break from studying to roll up some yummy DIY sushi for dinner. All you need are roasted seaweed snacks, microwavable sticky rice, and fillings of your choice!

    6. Revolutionize the way you make pasta FOREVER thanks to a microwave pasta cooker. Yes, you can make pasta in the microwave. The future has arrived.

    7. Blend some fruit (from the grocery story or cafeteria) into a personal blender/bottle for an on-the-go smoothie.

    8. Put a twist on weekend brunches. If you're allowed to keep a waffle iron in your dorm, then whip up cinnamon roll waffles.

    9. Bring your ramen to the next level with awesome recipes like ramac & cheese and ramacos.

    10. Satisfy your late-night craving for something sweet 'n' salty with this easy, nutritious snack. Keep some pretzels, chocolate, and coconut flakes on hand, and then grab your fave berries from an on-campus eatery.

    11. Use a peanut butter jar as a bowl for a protein-packed breakfast or yummy snack. Fill it with things like granola, chocolate, or fruit from the dining hall.

    12. And now that you'll have peanut butter in your dorm, get creative with it. Grab some chicken and other ingredients on your dining hall run, and make this peanut sauce.

    13. Gather up your favorite toppings from the salad bar or sandwich station for a microwaved pita pizza party!

    14. Cook up rice just a few feet from your bed by way of this steamer.

    15. Forgo buying cases of chips, and easily make them in your dorm room microwave. All you need are potatoes, olive oil, and salt or another seasoning of your choice to taste.

    16. Open your world to endless meal possibilities with a slow cooker (if one is allowed in your room, that is). Once you find a recipe you like, let it sit in the slow cooker while you're out at class, and come back to a prepared meal.

    17. Heat up your favorite soup in this mug for those nights when it's either too cold or you're not feeling well enough to trek to the cafeteria.

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