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    22 Delicious Subscription Boxes That’ll Make Excellent Last-Minute Valentine’s Day Gifts

    A monthly delivery of their favorite foods? There is nothing more romantic than that.

    1. Match Made Coffee sends them international craft coffees and gourmet cookies that perfectly pair with them. It's like having a local cafe deliver delicious goodies.

    two cups of coffee and two cookies

    2. Kernel Crate brings them popcorn in deliciously unique flavors like strawberry lemonade, caramel cheddar, ghost pepper kettle corn, BBQ bacon, and more!

    three bags of different flavors of popcorn

    3. Little Red Kitchen Bake Shop sends them freshly-baked cookies or a cookie pie from Brooklyn — they'll enjoy flavors like their signature chocolate chip, s'mores, and lemon sugar.

    box of chocolate chip cookies

    4. SnackSack provides them with a variety of nutritious snacks, so they can find some yummy new faves.

    assortment of snacks like clif bars, protein bars, and veggie sticks

    5. Gusto di Roma sends their tastebuds on a fine Italian culinary journey thanks to their box of gourmet goodies like fruit jam, biscotti, grilled veggies in extra virgin olive oil, and so much more!

    box filled with italian gourmet goods like eggplant tomato sauce, fig preserve, and cannellini beans

    6. Candy Club gives the person with a major sweet tooth access to new, delicious candies each month. Whether they prefer super sweet or more sour treats, there is bound to be a candy in their box that will become an instant favorite.

    various jars of candy including cotton candy taffy, green apple drops, blossom bears, and triple-dipped malt balls

    7. Freshly sends a scrumptious selection of pre-cooked meals they can simply heat up in the microwave, oven, or throw into a pan on the stove to make mealtime quick, easy, and most importantly, enjoyable.

    two bowls of food from freshly

    8. Pastreez brings them a yummy mix of French macarons in different flavors each month. Too bad it's not a daily subscription, because it may only take them a day to work through this whole box.

    A container of 48 macarons, there are two flavors and 24 of each of those flavors

    9. Classic Candy Box will make them feel like they're a kid in a candy store again. They'll get hard-to-find classic candies delivered right to them — no time machine required!

    Various assorted candies in front of the Classic Candy Box like Mallo Cup, Charleston Chew, Nerds, and Pop Rocks

    10. Universal Yums delivers snacks from a different country right to their front door each month, and the countries always change! Past boxes have included the Philippines, Scandinavia, Brazil, France, Spain, and Israel (pictured below) just to name a few!

    The Universal Yums Israel box

    11. Marshmallow of the Month Club sends a mouthwatering assortment of marshmallows, homemade graham crackers, and a chocolate surprise that'll leave them wanting s'more and more every month.

    The Marshmallow of the Month Club box including items like marshmallows, graham crackers, ghiradelli chocolate squares, and hot cocoa mix

    12. Kekao Box allows chocolate enthusiasts to taste craft chocolate bars from around the world, all from the comfort of home. They can look forward to tasting things like rich dark Peruvian bars, to new start-up chocolate bars, and everything in between!

    An assortment of chocolate bars inside the Kekao Box

    13. MexiCrate delivers mouthwatering Mexican candies and snacks each month. With their stock of over 150 different sweets and treats, they're bound to find the perfect assortment in each box.

    A MexiCrate box filled with a wide assortment of Mexican snacks

    14. Whisk Takers provides the freedom to choose a subscription that fits their personal taste, whether they're chocolate-obsessed, have a gluten- or nut-allergy, prefer vegan recipes, or they're open to anything and would be happy to be surprised!

    15. Lollies by Leah brings them a unique variety of gourmet lollipops each month in flavors we can almost guarantee they've never had before such as Toasted Marshmallow and Brown Sugar Kettle Corn.

    assorted lollipop flavors

    16. IndiFix sends them full-sized popular Indian treats including chips, cookies, chocolate, drinks, candy, noodles, and cakes. Plus, all snacks are 100% vegetarian!

    The IndiFix box filled with an assortment of Indian snacks

    17. Jessies-Nutty-Cups, a peanut butter cup subscription box delivers a unique flavor assortment of the best food combo to ever exist — peanut butter and chocolate, of course.

    box filled with assorted peanut butter cups

    18. Sift Dessert Bar sends the dessert lover a wonderful array of sweet treats from the Food Network-featured, California-based dessert bar right to their front door.

    various baked goods next to a box that reads "hey sugar"

    19. Nettie's Craft Brownies delivers a box of chocolate-dipped fudgy brownies they'll be excited to sink their teeth into.

    assorted chocolate dipped brownies

    20. Fresh Baked Cookie Crate provides the ingredients needed to bake a batch of unique, gourmet cookies each month along with over $50 worth of cookie-themed gifts and surprises to unbox.

    21. Phivi Artisanal Desserts sends them a yummy variety of hand-baked artisanal treats like cakes, cookies, macarons, cake pops, and more!

    various artisanal desserts

    22. My Balkan Box delivers carefully handpicked candies and snacks from Croatia, Serbia, and Slovenia like Smoki peanut-flavored snacks, Bronhi toffee, and Eurocream hazelnut and milk-chocolate spread.

    The Balkan Box filled with an assortment of snacks from the Balkan region

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