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    20 Pairs Of Unique Disney Ears You Can Order Before Your Next Trip

    The most magical ears on Earth!

    1. Custom ears — you can get them with whatever design combo your heart desires. Your name in the classic Disney font, the castle, your favorite characters, and of course, your favorite color bow!

    2. Mickey pretzel ears to represent what is of course one of the best, if not THE best, classic park snack. Don't forget a melted cheese cup!

    3. Cork ears that'll come in handy if you spend more time trading off pins around the parks than you do going on rides. Now you can show off all your cool pins right on your ears!

    4. Sequined ombre rainbow ears for a truly fun pop of color to wear around the most fun theme parks on the planet.

    5. Spaceship Earth Epcot ears to wear if you're one of the smart cookies who knows Epcot is TRULY the superior park. No offense to the others, but I speak facts only.

    6. Birthday hat ears that'll be perfect if you or a loved one is heading to the most magical place to celebrate another trip around the sun. You can get it customized to your age — don't worry, you don't have to be 2-years-old to order!

    7. Green alien ears for celebrating one of the best Pixar series of our time, and of course the brand new addition to Hollywood Studios, Toy Story. Just be careful THE CLAW doesn't take these off your head.

    8. Customizable princess ears — you can choose which princess you get on each ear! Pick between Cinderella, Belle, Snow White, and Rapunzel, and then proceed to take an artsy pic like the one below!

    9. Caffeine/castle ears that'll be just perfect if your other major personality trait is loving coffee. The only place more magical than the castle at Disney is a Starbucks in the park.

    10. Cinderella ears to make sure everyone knows the fancy schmancy castle in the park belongs to you. Yeah, no biggie or anything, but uh, you live there. It's whatevs.

    11. Coco-inspired ears that are an absolute must if you've seen one of the best movies Disney has come out with in recent years — no joke I watched this three times in a row the first time I saw it, I was THAT obsessed with this film.

    12. Halloween ears for buying now and saving for a trip to the parks during the spooky szn — especially perfect for wearing to Mickey's Not-So-Scary Halloween Party.

    13. And while we're on the topic of festive holiday ears, these Christmas snow globe ears would be so cool to wear while walking around Magic Kingdom and eating as many cookies as you possibly can during Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party — which I can personally attest to as being an absolute blast.

    14. Frozen-themed ears for those who know "Let It Go" is the absolute bop of our time, and anyone who says they can't stand it, is just trying to be cool and edgy. NEWSFLASH! WE ALL SING WHEN IT STARTS PLAYING, STOP PRETENDING!

    15. Stranger Things ears to treat yourself to as a reward for getting off your butt from binge-watching the series for the millionth time and taking a trip to Disney.

    16. Jasmine ears that'll arrive at your doorstep via a magic carpet ride. Kidding, maybe. Guess you'll have to order these and find out.

    17. Space Mountain ears for those who are very intelligent and know what is obviously the best ride in the city of Orlando.

    18. Epcot Food and Wine Festival ears to get now even though the famous festival doesn't come until the fall — which, BTW, I HIGHLY recommend. The food is outstanding, the drinks are delicious, and the atmosphere is just so FUN.

    19. Or on the flip side of that, Epcot Flower and Garden Festival ears — basically the same concept, but it takes place in the spring. Great food, great drinks, and gorgeous flowers? Yeah, this is the happiest place on Earth.

    20. Donut ears you certainly DO NUT wanna miss out on wearing, while of course, getting a sugar rush from eating a delish Disney baked treat.

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