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    30 Things To Help You Stop Saying "This Is Why We Can't Have Nice Things"

    "This is why we can have nice things" —Taylor Swift if she would've read this post before Reputation came out, probably.

    1. Solemates, for when the biggest factor separating you from wearing those super cute new heels you just bought, is the impending threat of sinking into muddy grass.

    2. A hypoallergenic waterproof mattress protector to preserve your mattress from things like your child's bodily fluids or your cup of coffee spilling.

    3. A door scratch shield that'll protect your walls from your sharp-clawed pet, who just wants to go for a walk, or better yet, is just super excited to hear you're about to come home.

    4. Silicone bibs with a roll-up pocket for catching the remnants of food your messy little one didn't manage to get into their mouths.

    5. Water bottle cleaning tablets to restore your reusable drinking bottle back to store condition. I mean, you don't wanna be consuming your beverage from something gross!

    6. A spandex suitcase cover that'll protect your luggage so when you go to retrieve it from baggage claim, it's in the same tip-top shape it was in before you brought it to bag check.

    7. Oven liners for catching crumbs, sticky stuff, or any other food debris, so you can just take this out and stick it in the dishwasher rather than worry about cleaning the oven itself.

    8. A TubShroom to collect hair in the shower/bath so your precious drains don't get clogged. Yeah, you're welcome.

    9. Car seat protectors so if your kiddo takes up a sudden pastime of kicking the back of your seat out of boredom, you can breathe easier knowing it won't be damaged.

    10. A wine stain removal spray for the clumsy red vino drinker who is as good at spilling on their clothes and furniture as they are at polishing off an entire bottle by themselves.

    11. A pet seat cover for people who love bringing their very good fluffer along on car trips, but don't quite love seeing their beautiful car seats resemble the floor of a pet groomer.

    12. A bitter nail polish that'll help your nail biting habit bite the dust. Can you say that three times fast? You can. Wanna know why? Because you won't have your nails in your mouth!

    13. A bread storage container for keeping store-bought or fresh-baked loaves fresher longer. I mean, you didn't spend time literally getting this bread just for it to go bad shortly after.

    14. Glass screen protectors to add an extra shield of safety to your iPhone. Seriously, I don't remember life before having glass screen protectors. When I drop my phone and "crack the screen," I know all I did was crack the screen protector, and the ACTUAL screen is A-OK!

    15. A rust stain remover gel that'll be no match on even the toughest of rust stains. The photo below? Actual magic.

    16. A cat scratching post for your furry friend whose claws are longing for some scratching action, however, your furniture, walls, and personal belongings are not game for their paws.

    17. Bed sheet clips to ensure your sheets actually stay in place, no matter how all over the place you are in your sleep.

    18. A glass water bottle with a silicone protection sleeve so you can enjoy the fresh taste that only glass bottles can provide while still having some protection from shattering in case you drop it.

    19. High heel repair caps for a quick-fix against those heels you really like, but broke, and how could you ever find a pair to replace them?

    20. A tile grout pen to trick people into thinking you hired a fancy schmancy cleaning service to make your floors shine like the top of the Chrysler building, but really it was just this handy dandy pen.

    21. A fabric protection spray that'll actually repel spills so they don't stain your rugs, surfaces, and furniture. It may look like a spray can, but I think it's secretly a magic wand.

    22. An avocado keeper for anyone who loves nature's butter but doesn't love how fast it turns brown.

    23. A ToiletWand for proving once and for all, wands of all types, even ones for toilets, are truly powerful. For reference, see kinda disgusting image below.

    24. A bracelet-fastening tool to make putting on your own bracelet super fast and easy.

    25. A sofa slipcover that'll prevent your furniture from getting covered in a mess of pet dander, so next time you see your flufferino jump onto the couch, you don't need to have a million and one heart palpitations.

    26. A splatter pan for those who enjoy cooking up a storm, but dread the inevitable and highly dangerous grease/oil splatters. IT HURTS.

    27. A stainless steel polishing spray with a microfiber cloth that'll make your stainless steel appliances look as if they were just delivered to your house just with a simple spray and wipe.

    28. A hair styling tool storage holder – it'll provide a neat and safe spot for your beauty appliance so you don't accidentally burn yourself from leaving it on the counter.

    29. A gate that'll keep your little ones and pets in a designated area of your home where they can't cause damage or get hurt.

    30. A chair sock set to put on the feet of chairs and tables so when you move them around, they don't end up leaving unwanted scratches on your floors.

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