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    60 Things You'll Want To Add To Your Holiday Wish List *NOW*

    Make your list and check it twice.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Some may have been sent as samples, but all opinions and reviews are our own. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. An Instant Pot for the best multi-use kitchen gadget, possibly ever. A pressure cooker, slow cooker, ricer cooker, steamer, food warmer, and sauté device all in one? No, I'm not kidding!

    2. A Fire TV Stick with Alexa to discover a whole new world of entertainment, right from your living room couch. With access to tens of thousands of channels, apps, movies, and TV shows, the word "boredom" is about to immediately vanish from your vocabulary.

    3. A heated sherpa blanket that'll keep you super warm and cozy even on the coldest, snowiest days. Summer? We don't need her again, just leave me be cuddling with my favorite blanket.

    4. A personalized name necklace with a birthstone pendant for a perfect piece of everyday jewelry. Ask for one, and while you're at it, order a few for your loved ones too!

    5. A dual breakfast sandwich maker to whip up fresh and delicious egg sandies faster than it takes to brave the outdoors, drive to McDonald's, and sit in the drive-thru line.

    6. A cell phone lens kit that'll seriously step up your Instagram game. Step up so much, your followers are gonna think you left your day job to become a full-time celebrity with a professional photographer following you around at all times.

    7. A teddy jacket for cozying up all season long in style. The day you have to trade this baby in for warm weather clothing might be slightly heartbreaking, just a fair warning. But don't worry, summer flies by.

    8. A Disney comic strip sheet set to truly transform your bedroom into the happiest, most magical place on Earth.

    9. A mermaid makeup brush set that'll do a whimsical job of applying your cosmetics. When Ariel sang about wanting to be part of our world, she was OBVIOUSLY talking about the world where we humans use mermaid makeup brushes.

    10. A pair of wireless noise-cancelling headphones for jamming out to your tunes while keeping your ears nice and cushiony.

    11. A craft beer-making kit to turn anyone from beginner-level to an advanced professional brew snob.

    12. A one-line-a-day five-year memory book that'll serve as a fun and sweet way to keep track of your thoughts, feelings, accomplishments, and obstacles so you can look back someday on your personal growth.

    13. A Harry Potter remote control wand for those who've always wanted the experience of changing the channel or adjusting the volume on the television to feel like they were casting a spell.

    14. A personalized embroidered fleece robe to make you feel like the glamorous celebrity we already know you are.

    15. An electric wine bottle opener that'll make removing the cork on your bottle of vino easy, peazy, grapes become wine when they're squeezy.

    16. A scratch-off world map for keeping track of your past travels, and the places you hope to scratch off in the future.

    17. A Kindle to make reading — especially on-the-go — super simple. With a lightweight design, an anti-glare screen, and not having to deal with a million and one trips to the book store or the library, you basically have zero excuses to not get into new reads.

    18. An eye and cheek palette that'll add some mystical, gorgine shades to your absolutely fabulously stunning face.

    19. An essential oil diffuser for relaxing with the sweet aroma of scents like lavender, eucalyptus, lemon, or any other essential oil you enjoy using.

    20. A Keurig to make brewing a cup of coffee (or tea, or cider, or hot chocolate) in the morning as easy as the push of a button. No really, all it takes is the push of a button.

    21. A framed custom constellation map for a view of what the night sky looked light based on the date and location you provide. Perhaps your birth date, your wedding night, or any other special occasion you'd like to commemorate.

    22. A KitchenAid stand mixer that'll basically transform your kitchen into a fancy AF bakery. This thing is seriously worth every penny because it'll last you so damn long.

    23. A five-tier corner shelf for a piece as great at storing decorative items as being a decorative piece itself.

    24. A pair of wireless earbuds to not only buy for yourself, but also for your friends who have to deal with the struggle of headphone jack-less iPhones, but a quality pair of wireless earbuds are expensive as heck.

    25. A trio pan for whipping up three different types of lasagnas, casseroles, breads, brownies, and more all at the same time!

    26. A Disney font wooden name sign to add a touch of Disney magic to the lucky space where you choose to hang your name sign.

    27. A bottle of gourmet truffle hot sauce that'll make you wonder how you ever ate any food ever without drizzling this amazing stuff on it.

    28. A wireless Bluetooth karaoke microphone for channeling your inner superstar without leaving the house, booking a room at your local karaoke bar, or sharing the mic with randos at the bar.

    29. A white noise sound machine for blocking out those disturbing sounds that typically distract you from studying, getting work done, and, worst of all, getting a good night's sleep.

    30. A ticket for a concert or show you're just dying to see! Perhaps your favorite singer is going on tour, or you have a trip to the Big Apple coming up and would a ticket to one of Broadway's biggest hits.

    31. A *reversible* faux-leather tote and wristlet to become your new favorite accessories. Not to mention, they're neutral and classic enough to get a ton of everyday use.

    32. A wake-up lamp that'll provide a natural sunrise in your bedroom so waking up in the morning, especially if it's before the sun rises, isn't nearly as difficult as it used to be.

    33. A 12-bottle wine rack for storing your best bottles of vino in a gorgeous decorative piece. Go ahead and buy enough of these for stowing away all of your bottles, we encourage it.

    34. A pair of color block velvet socks to keep your feetsies looking as warm as they're gonna look cute. *Takes feet pictures to a whole new level.*

    35. An insulated travel mug with a tea and coffee press inside that'll seriously help on those busy mornings where there's just no time to brew a pot of coffee or wait in line at Starbucks. Now you can literally brew on-the-go.

    36. A llama cooling and heating pad for keeping close when uncomfy cramps strike. It's soothing, and oh so cute.

    37. A set of 14 lipsticks to ensure your lips are always, as the kids say, or well, once said, on fleek.

    38. An urban map glass that'll happily hold your favorite drink — alcoholic or not, and truly be the ~toast of the town.~

    39. A personalized photo puzzle for taking your fave photo of you and your best friend, your significant other, your family, your favorite celebrity, or just you (hey, you do you), and turning it into a fun little activity.

    40. An AeroGarden to make growing herbs and plants incredibly simple, and feel less chore-like.

    41. A 15-piece kitchen utensil set that'll truly provide you with the essentials need in any kitchen. Plus, look at how fancy schmancy they look. Your parents will be proud of you.

    42. A metal bulletin board for hanging up in your work space, or even just your room so you have an easy place to put up photos, notes and reminders, memorabilia, and more!

    43. A heat-changing constellation mug so you can drink your hot beverages in a truly out-of-this-world way. Yes, it literally transforms when you pour a hot drink in. My wig is on Mars.

    44. A waterproof Bluetooth speaker that'll have you bumping your jams everywhere from your bedroom to the shower to a party to the beach to anywhere else that could use some tunes, aka EVERYWHERE.

    45. A Cadbury selection box for when you're feeling like asking for a trip across the pond just to try their delicious candy bars might be a bit much.

    46. A sleeping mask to help smooth and hydrate your skin overnight. Just apply before bed, go to sleep, wake up, and voila — the easiest skin care routine in the world.

    47. A Himalayan pink salt lamp that'll add a nice, warm glow into any room, while easily becoming the coolest decoration you own.

    48. A smart phone picture printer to bring on-the-go and turn any photo taken on your phone's camera into a high-quality print.

    49. A green tea memory foam mattress topper or a microplush mattress pad that'll prove once and for all that there is no holiday present like the gift of a good night's sleep.

    50. A denim mini skirt available in a wide array of colors for becoming your new favorite skirt and finding new ways of pairing with all your favorite tops. Jeans? Leggings? Shorts? We don't know them anymore.

    51. An Echo Dot to basically serve as your own personal assistant of sorts. Wanna play music? Read the news? Find out what the weather outside is like? Just ask this handy device those things, and SO much more.

    52. A small duffle bag that'll make the perfect weekender, carry-on, or gym bag — the possibilities are endless, as is the love you're about to have for this bag.

    53. A divided skillet for anyone — which is probably everyone — who wants to cook the whole damn meal in one go and not separately.

    54. A desk plaque you definitely need, regardless if you're a member of the BeyHive or not. You're a boss betch, and your desk sign should be a reflection of such.

    55. A Roku smart TV that'll enhance your watching experience a whole lot. Sorry, you're gonna wanna cancel any and all future social plans immediately because you'll be too busy hanging out with your best friend, aka this TV.

    56. A Homesick candle for keeping the scent of your hometown, city, country, or favorite memory nearby at all times.

    57. A long-distance friendship lamp to get yourself and a loved one. When the miles separating you feel too far, one of you can turn your light on and let the glow from the other lamp emit a glow. Now it's like you guys are right next to each other!

    58. An eight-pack of Nintendo cartridge coasters that'll instill feelings of nostalgia, especially while sipping a beverage with the buddy you grew up playing these games with.

    59. A chocolate-covered cookie collection for those with a sweet tooth and a deep love for chocolate whose idea of a perfect gift is one they can bite into.

    60. A Dyson hot/cool purifier fan to heat a chilly room using solely purified air. And once the weather gets warm and makes your space a little muggy, the fan feature will help cool it down.

    Reviews have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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