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    37 Awesome Things You Should Buy From Nasty Gal Right Now

    That store that probably has a sale going on as you're reading this post.

    1. A tie-dye dress that's casual, comfy, and makes for the ultimate beach coverup.

    2. An off-the-shoulder bodysuit for when you want to show off a little shoulder.

    3. A lace-up sleeve T-shirt you can wear just to lounge around at home all day, or play up for a nighttime look.

    4. A crossbody bag that's perfect for keeping your most important things close to you at all times, without having to carry a hefty purse. Also, camo and patches all in one? Yes please.

    5. A pair of cropped ripped jeans you definitely want to keep in your wardrobe as a basic item. They're perfect for the spring, summer, fall, and you can even get away with them on warmer winter days.

    6. A floral kimono to keep you on island time and feeling tropical without having to pay for a plane ticket to paradise.

    7. A choker that gives the illusion of wearing three separately, but really it's just one elaborate choker.

    8. An off-the-shoulder dress with a sweetheart neckline you'll feel so glamorous in, your standard for future dresses is now going to be really high.

    9. And if you can't get enough of the off-the-shoulder, sweetheart neckline look, this tasseled dress is made for you.

    10. A super shiny crop top to make you feel extra glamorous.

    11. A scoop T-shirt you can pair with most of the bottoms you already own, while adding a little playfulness.

    12. A vegan leather jacket for all you bada$$ chicks out there.

    13. A pair of earrings, because there's no such thing as too many hoop earrings.

    14. A pair of denim shorts, because the rips and tears make for a rad summertime look.

    15. A cropped cold-shoulder top that goes nicely with any high-waisted jeans, shorts, or skirts you probably already own.

    16. A studded backpack to carry around instead of a boring plain version.

    17. A sequin graphic T-shirt that can be rocked on any casual errand day.

    18. A lace bodysuit to make you look fancy and classy AF.

    19. A floral lace-up dress that Nasty Gal calls "bonita," and I think we can both agree it is.

    20. A distressed denim jacket for a rebellious spin on your typical denim jacket. It's something different, but it'll still go with most things in your closet!

    21. A pair of cat-eye sunnies to turn you into an actual celebrity (even though we know you probably are one already).

    22. A pair of floral heels; they're hella Insta-worthy, so get your camera ready.

    23. A pair of striped pants for the sporty fashion-lover.

    24. A hilarious T-shirt for those who like to mix humor with fashion.

    25. A sheer bodysuit to pair with a skirt or jeans for a late summer/early fall date night outfit.

    26. A beach ball that will be just as fun to play with as it looks — definitely a staple for your next pool party.

    27. A pair of studded tights that'll make anything you wear it with look a bit more edgy and a lot more dazzling.

    28. A gingham dress that features a cold-shoulder and a tie waist belt; it's the ultimate daytime outing ensemble.

    29. A strappy T-shirt that's equal parts comfy and cute, so basically, it's a win/win situation.

    30. A ruffled bodysuit to make any outfit a bit more fun.

    31. An upper arm cuff for the accessory you never knew you needed but will now incessantly want until you get one.

    32. A fringe jacket for channeling your rocker boho chic side.

    33. A jumpsuit for the finest, freshest, and fiercest.

    34. A T-shirt that can be as sassy or as sweet as you choose it to be.

    35. A body chain, because you know you've seen these before, and you've always been curious as to where you can get one. Here's your opportunity. Seize it!

    36. A T-shirt that'll tell all the h8-ers to btfo!!!!

    37. An ombre tote bag, because I've showed you lots of cool beachy things to buy, but what's the point if you don't have a nice bag to keep them in?

    Happy shopping you lovely people! 💸

    Reviews have been edited for length and/or clarity.