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    20 Things You Need If You're A Complete And Total Beer Nerd

    Some beery good products in here.

    1. A beer making kit for the connoisseur looking to make the brews, and not just drink them.

    2. A bottling kit because if you're gonna be spending all that time brewing beer, you've gotta have a place to put it afterward.

    3. A journal for home brewers to keep track of their creations, and make notes for future brewing endeavors.

    4. A beer flight set — it makes sampling different beers at once a fun and easy activity with others, or just yourself.

    5. A book that's boot camp for beer. Perhaps you're a beer nerd who wants to learn even more, or maybe you want to turn someone close to you into a beer convert.

    6. A cap map – say that three times fast. Cap map cap map cap map. Collect your cool beer caps and then fill up this cool thing.

    7. An automatic bottle opener because you should be spending your time drinking, not opening beer. Plus, it'll help avoid scratching up those caps you plan on saving.

    8. A bottle loft to ensure that you actually have room for all your beer bottles in the fridge, even when it's filled to capacity with groceries.

    9. A beer caddy with a built-in bottle opener so you have a means of transporting your bottles and opening them, all in one.

    10. Beer jelly – small batch jelly preserves infused with craft beer. Anyone else really want to eat a PB&J with this now?

    11. A subscription to Craft Beer Club – basically Christmas morning once a month for beer fanatics.

    12. A towel charting the best beer/food pairings – all that drinking is gonna require some food, might as well know what'll sit best on your palate.

    13. Draft beer jelly beans for the beer nerd with a big sweet tooth.

    14. A drinking game with tons of beer challenges, honestly just perfect for anyone who enjoys drinking and fun.

    15. Craft beer shampoo and conditioner because your hair would like to drink some, too!

    16. A deck of cards filled with all the beer facts that as a beer nerd, you probably know already. But if you don't, well then, you learn something new every day.

    17. Beer-infused BBQ sauce because nothing pairs better with barbecue than beer.

    18. A fun party game that'll allow you to show off your expansive knowledge on the subject of all things beer.

    Now go crack open a bottle and buy some new things for yourself.