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    Just 43 Awesome Things Under $25 You Can Get At Free People

    Hint hint: Some great stocking stuffers await within this post.

    1. A stretchy racerback tank perfect for pairing with just about any cardigan you own. Plus, the warmer weather comes back, you can ditch the cardigan and wear this beauty on its own.

    2. A bow scrunchie to make any outfit — even the edgy ones — look so darling and so cute. You're so presh.

    3. A pair of celestial net tights that'll look great with your favorite skirt or dress and are definitely unlike any other tights in your wardrobe.

    4. A pair of bike shorts with lace detail on the bottom for saving until the weather gets warmer, or wearing underneath a dress or a skirt on days when the weather is a tad breezy.

    5. A soft headband to not only look hella cute in, but to really keep those ears warm in the biting cold weather.

    6. A pair of oversized round sunnies that'll make anyone you walk by start googling which celebrity you are.

    7. A lightweight metallic tote for filling with some of your most important belongings and heading out to run some errands in serious eye-catching style.

    8. A mega earring set with 20 pairs to ensure you always have a cute pair of earrings, no matter how many piercings you have.

    9. A cropped baby tee that'll become quickly become part of a daily rotation in any wardrobe (especially if you love high-waisted pants or skirts).

    10. A furry earphone case for keeping your headphones in an easy, trendy place — I mean, you get a lot of use out of those things, might as well keep them nice, warm, and safe too, right?!

    11. A butt mask... yes, you read that right... to rejuvenate your, as you guessed it, butt. No ifs, ands, or butts, you need this.

    12. A wooden tassel bangle that'll make a great accessory either on your own wrist, or a loved one's wrist. Chunky jewelry is the best, and I won't let any of you tell me otherwise.

    13. A plaid necktie for transforming any outfit into a classy AF outfit — not to mention, it can be worn in more ways than just around your neck! Get creative with it!

    14. An aromatherapy rollerball to bring on-the-go when you need to take a little breather (literally) or just wanna freshen up a bit.

    15. A bamboo + charcoal toothbrush that'll make brushing your teeth both a whiter and greener experience — obviously your teeth whiter, and the Earth greener. I wouldn't try selling you something that would turn your teeth green.

    16. An activated charcoal toothpaste for using with your wonderful new toothbrush and getting those pearly whites even pearlier and even whiter. Hold on, lemme get my sunglasses, your teeth are SO shiny.

    17. A scoop neck crop to get if you're in need of some basic cropped tanks. Yes, you DO need one in every color.

    18. A lip scrub that'll leave your lips feeling hydrated, conditioned, and hella smooth. You'll wonder how you ever lived without this magic in a jar.

    19. A wide printed headband for buying in every style so you can make sure your head is always covered with awesome accessorizing options.

    20. A pair of mix and match knit socks to keep those feet feeling as cozy as the feet in the photo look.

    21. A perforated wallet that'll hold your cash money, credit cards, and coins, and look v trendy doing so.

    22. A teddy scrunchie for taking the teddy trend one step further and pulling back your hair with one of these bad boys. Just kidding, they're fluffy and soft, they are literally the opposite of bad.

    23. A phone mirror to easily adhere to the back of your phone so you no longer have to use the front-facing camera to check out your fine self.

    24. A 10-pack of makeup wipes that'll gently take off the makeup that is the roughest to remove, AKA the smoky eye. Looks great, but can usually be a monster to remove.

    25. A bath bomb for treating yourself to an at-home spa experience at the end of a long day, which you truly deserve every day, don't you forget it.

    26. A massaging scalp brush to exfoliate your scalp and make showering a much more luxurious experience. If your hair could talk, it would thank you.

    27. A phone armband that'll be a great addition to your workout routine. Just slip your phone inside, wrap the band around your arm, and go forth and conquer!

    28. A three-pack of five-minute face masks perfect for those who are anything like me and impatient as heck and devoting more than five minutes to a face mask is a daunting thought.

    29. A compact LED mirror to slip into your bag and bring with you whenever you need to apply some quick touchups. But also, like, you're a glamorous movie star and require all of your mirrors, even the compact ones, to be like of the high-end variety.

    30. A strapless tube that'll add a little extra coverage when you don't wanna go full cleavage in a V-neck, wearing with high-waisted bottoms and a blazer, or anything else you've been wanting to wear something like this with — it's versatile and a must-have!

    31. A PopSocket for placing your phone on any surface for easier watching of your favorite Netflix shows, or upgrading your selfie game. Or maybe you just think they're cute and wanna accessorize your phone a bit more!

    32. A charcoal face scrub towel to scrub away impurities and leave you feeling fresh, clean, and renewed.

    33. A pair of wireless running headphones that'll actually stay in your ears as you workout, because having to stop to adjust your earphones every couple of seconds does not make for a great out workout.

    34. A halter lace bralette for a bra you can rely on being equal parts supportive, comfy, and cute. Win/win/win.

    35. A six-pack of exfoliating sugar cubes to make any shower or bath a little sweeter.

    36. A double chain necklace that'll give off the illusion you're layering two necklaces, but really, you only had to pay the price of one, hehe.

    37. A 36-pack of pimple patches for a simple, yet effective way of helping shrink those annoying buggers.

    38. A pair of cat eye sunglasses to wear on days you feel like making people think you're walking to your limo to take you to your private jet.

    39. A hedgehog charm keychain that'll make a super cute addition to any and all key rings, and is bound to make all of your friends ask where they can get one, too.

    40. A racerback bra to wear during your next workout. You'll be wondering how in the heck you ever managed to exercise without this amazing bra.

    41. A hangover patch designed to help restore essential vitamins, antioxidants, and nutrients to your body post-drinking (so you feel less like crap).

    42. A phone charger that'll charge your phone up in style. Not what your phone needs, but really what your phone deserves.

    43. A delicate slide bracelet to rock everywhere from the dive bar on the east side to the third floor on the west side. Is it cool that I said all that?

    Because things at Free People under $25 make me wanna dance the way Taylor did in the "Delicate" music video, OKAY?!

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