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    20 Things That’ll Help Your Picky Eater Actually *Want* To Eat

    Veggies cut into little hearts? Love that.

    1. Sandwich cutters so you can turn their plain ol' turkey and cheese sandwich into something fun and exciting like a puzzle.

    2. Re-usable silicone baking cups in a variety of fun shapes and colors for making yummy baked treats or egg cups. You can also use them as serving cups for nutritious snacks.

    3. An air fryer that'll transform their favorite foods into delicious crispy versions, minus all the oil!

    4. A cookbook featuring easy, delicious recipes that both you and your kiddos will enjoy. Let's face it, your picky eater is more likely to eat Jasmine's Homemade Hummus versus YOUR homemade hummus.

    5. Stackable utensils so when it's time for the kiddos to clean up their Legos before dinner, they can look forward to using these fun forks, spoons, and knives.

    6. A dinosaur holder, because your picky eater may not have shared in your Taco Tuesday enthusiasm in the past, but with this cool dino? It'll be all they wanna taco 'bout.

    7. Compartment-divided plates for solving one of the most common picky eater problems — foods touching. I'm not even that picky of an eater, and I HATE when my foods touch.

    8. And if you're not looking to buy a whole new plate set, these plate dividers make it easy to keep foods separated on the plates you already own. They just suction onto the plate, and voila!

    9. Chickpea penne or spaghetti that tastes just like real pasta, but contains more protein and fiber per serving, fewer carbs, and is gluten- and soy-free, non-GMO, has a low glycemic index, and is vegan!

    10. Ice pop molds so you can whip up smoothies or get creative with things like yogurt, fruit, and juice to make yummy frozen treats. Your picky eater would probably enjoy their fruit more in ice pop form (same).

    11. Lightsaber chopsticks, because you only told your kiddos they can't play with their food — you never said anything about utensils!

    12. Vegetable cutters so you can turn veggies, fruit, cheese, meat, and more into cute shapes — because cucumber in the shape of a little heart is much more appealing than a regular slice.

    13. Sumo wrestler egg cups that'll make eating boiled eggs a hilariously fun experience.

    14. Bento box picks for an adorable way to eat finger foods. Plus, it'll help keep their hands clean from messy, sticky foods.

    15. A dinner tray that doubles as a fun mealtime game. Each part of the tray provides an eat-as-you-go action. When you tell them to eat a carrot, they may not listen, but when they pick up the carrot and the tray tells them to crunch, chances are, they'll CRUNCH.

    16. A veggie spiralizer so you can turn veggies into "pasta." Just whip up with their favorite sauce, and suddenly they're getting in a vegetable serving!

    17. Whistle straws to make sipping drinks a more exciting experience — even if that drink is a spinach, apple, kale, banana smoothie.

    18. A construction plate and utensil set for a creative solution to a mealtime problem that even Bob the Builder couldn't fix.

    19. A silicone egg mold, because getting them to eat the most important meal of the day will probably be easier if it's in the form of an adorable creature.

    20. Salt and pepper wand shakers that'll make seasoning food a truly ~magical experience~ for both kids AND adults.

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