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    16 Things For People Who Love Food *And* Disney

    What do food and Disney have in common? They're both magical.

    1. A Toy Story pizza-maker you can also use to make things like quesadillas, nachos, and dessert pizzas for a fun and quick way to feed the fam.

    2. A personalized cutting board that may leave you second-guessing if you're tearing up from cutting onions or just filled with joy over this wonderful product.

    3. A Simba mug that'll have you singing, "Oh, I just can't wait to drink my coffee/tea/hot chocolate." Or whatever else it is you plan on drinking.

    4. An ice pop mold set so you get creative with things you have in your home like juice, yogurt, fruit, and more to make your own frozen treats.

    5. A Pixar-themed popcorn maker for whipping up a yummy snack while watching all of your favorite movies and shows on Disney+.

    6. A kitchen towel that'll inevitably get the catchy, feel-good song from the Carousel of Progress stuck in your head.

    7. A treat maker you can use to make gummy candy and chocolates to satisfy your sweet tooth and your Disney heart.

    8. Minnie Mouse cake pops for a baked treat that'll have your mouth watering the second you open the package. Plus, you get your choice of cake and buttercream flavor!

    9. A customizable Mickey K-cup holder for a fun display of your favorite coffees, teas, and more!

    10. A Pyrex personalized casserole dish, so the only thing more fun than digging into whichever delicious recipe you make in this, will be seeing the etching once you get to the bottom.

    11. A Mickey waffle-maker to serve as a perfect treat to start the day.

    12. Sugar cookies decorated as princess dresses — if the Disney princesses wore dresses made out of cookies, they probably wouldn't even need a Prince Charming. Cinderella could've stayed at home just chilling with her cookie dress instead of losing her glass slipper, TBH.

    13. A slow cooker you can load up with ingredients in the morning, let it sit and simmer, and when it's time for dinner, voila! It's all ready!

    14. A wine charm that'll add a pop of cuteness to the stem of your wine glass. If you get one for each of the wine-drinkers you live with, it'll make it easier for everyone to remember which glass is theirs when you drink together.

    15. Silicone molds that can be used for making fun-shaped cookies, eggs, pancakes, and more!

    16. A lightsaber ice tray so The Force can help keep your drinks nice and cold.

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