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    29 Things Every Introvert Will Want ASAP

    "It's way too peopley outside."

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    1. A book for helping you better understand your introverted habits and traits, and make sense as to why being an introvert isn't bad like people crack it up to be.

    2. A pajama short set for building up your staying-at-home wardrobe, which as an introvert, you know is far more important than stocking up on clothing to wear out in public.

    3. A Homesick candle to help make your living space feel more like home, even if your home state is thousands of miles away.

    4. A six-pack of wine labels with messages that'll encourage you to get into your jammies, plant your booty on the sofa, and down the whole bottle of vino yourself.

    5. A Coffee and a Classic subscription – you'll get a book, fun items, and a hot bevvy right to your doorstep each month, giving you the perfect excuse to stay in every Friday and Saturday night.

    6. A fuzzy throw blanket to make you feel all warm and cozy, and remind you exactly why being an introvert is so wonderful.

    7. A set of blackout curtains that'll help block out light (and the world outside, for that matter) because everything is better inside.

    8. A sassy pair of socks with a variety of different sayings to help you express all the things you wish you could just yell out to everyone.

    9. An Amazon Prime membership that will basically be your reason to never have to leave the house again β€” when you get free shipping and access to a world of endless entertainment and services, what's the point of venturing out into the cold, cruel world anyways?

    10. A contoured sleep mask so you can treat yourself to the fabulous gift of a better night's sleep β€” especially perfect to use on days you're extra tired because you were forced to interact with other lifeforms.

    11. A T-shirt that's kinda like a weather forecast, but instead of weather it's people... and all introverts know cloudy with a chance of people is worse than cloudy with a chance of torrential downpours, TBH.

    12. A ginormous coffee mug, because come on introverts, we both know the whole pot of coffee you brewed isn't being shared with anyone. So pour all of it in this big mug, sip it slowly, and enjoy a coffee date with yourself.

    13. A mini griddle for whipping up single-sized portions, because eating meals alone means no one can judge you for playing with your food, eating it with your bare hands, making a mess, and chewing loudly.

    14. An The Introverted Chick subscription – it delivers a fun assortment of goodies to make you feel like you're receiving a fun care package each month.

    15. An activity book that'll keep your curious mind busy, without needing any sort of stimulation from human contact.

    16. A boyfriend pillow for having a snuggle buddy each night, but better, because there's no actual interaction with another person, so basically it's BETTER than a real boyfriend.

    17. A cat-printed dress to wear if you also identify as a cat-lady and are forced to actually leave your home and socialize with others for a day β€” you can look stylish while expressing yourself.

    18. Or if you're opting for something a little more laid back and a heck of a lot more honest, this tee will do the trick.

    19. A cookie sheet set with emoji cookie cutters for baking your heart out and then eating it all by yourself! Because let's be real, no one actually enjoys sharing the baked goods they make with anyone, right?

    20. A card to gift the one person in your life who is lucky enough to actually be liked by you β€” it's truly an honor to be them.

    21. A journal filled with a year's worth of question prompts that you fill out over the course of five years, so as the years go on, you can keep track of your own personal growth.

    22. A banner to hang by the front door, just in case you get any ideas about leaving the house. I'm not sure why you would do that, but this banner will hopefully serve as a reminder to stay in.

    23. An adorable pair of animal slippers sure to become your new favorite pair of shoes, because when life happily consists of staying home and chilling with yourself, these bad boys are like designer footwear. Kinda.

    24. A pullover that'll make sure those around you know how you really feel about being around them. Warning: you must arrive late to wherever you're going in order for the full effect of this shirt to kick in.

    25. Enamel pins for perfectly accessorizing any look. Chances are you don't wanna say any of the phrases on these pins out loud, but wearing them in the form of a fun and stylish pin? Heck ya!

    26. A door mat because turning people away from your home is rude and unfriendly, but having a door mat do the talking for you is more than acceptable.

    27. A pair of noise-cancelling Bluetooth headphones that'll have you jamming out to your favorite songs, tuning into your favorite audiobooks, and catching up to some great podcasts, all while blocking out the noisy world outside.

    28. A canopy that'll serve the very important function of keeping bugs out, because as an introvert, not only do you not like people, but you don't like bugs either! It also makes your bed look like a secret little haven just for you.

    29. And a sticker so you can reward yourself on the rare occasions you choose to actually socialize β€” we're proud of you!

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