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    24 Of The Best Face Masks You Can Get On Amazon

    Sheet masks, clay masks, mud masks, peel-off masks, eye masks, and more!

    We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI β€” prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A jar of Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay for pampering yourself with a product so great, more than 17,000 Amazon reviewers swear by it.

    2. A 16-pack of collagen essence masks to treat yourself to an incredible assortment of soothing masks at a great price. I personally love these so much, I was willing to post an embarrassing selfie while wearing one!

    3. A strawberry black sugar mask β€” it smells so delish, you're gonna be tempted to eat it...but don't. Maybe just eat some real strawberries as you wear this because you can never have too many strawbs.

    4. A 10-pack of assorted natural face masks containing plant extract for nourishing your skin AND feeling comfortable knowing what's on it.

    5. A green tea matcha mud mask to finally see what alllll the matcha hype is really about as it moisturizes and leaves your skin feeling renewed.

    6. A 15-pack of sheet masks that'll help your *skin* feel supes healthy and make *you* feel supes happy as it gives you an excuse to sit back, relax, and do nada for 15 minutes.

    7. A dead sea mud mask for exfoliating your face, giving a deep clean, and seriously aiding in the reduction of acne visibility.

    8. An eight-pack of disposable masks committed to moisturizing your face so it's smootha than a baby's bottom.

    9. A carbonated bubble clay mask that'll be REALLY FUN to use because it'll make your face all foamy and bubbly. You'll almost be sad you have to rinse it off after.

    10. A 10-pack of silicone puff face masks for when you wanna give yourself just 15–20 minutes (tops) of home spa time while hydrating dry skin.

    11. A water sleeping mask to easily apply and wear overnight. If you're a busy person without 20 minutes for a face mask, this is the perf option.

    12. A 12-pack of paper sheet masks that'll target common skin issues while freeing up money to spend on other things. They're under $10!

    13. A 12-pack of gold collagen eye masks for lessening the appearance of puffy eyes and making 'em feel livelier.

    14. A peel-off mask to soften your skin with fresh cucumber extract, while stripping away facial impurities.

    15. A 16-pack of sheet masks β€” they're super easy to use and even easier to reorder, which is what you'll wanna do because you're definitely gonna fall in love with them.

    16. A pumpkin honey glycolic mask for those looking for a great brightening mask...and who also just so happen to love all things pumpkin.

    17. A four-pack of animal sheet masks to leave your skin feeling rejuvenated, give yourself a great laugh, and get some good selfies, too.

    18. A mud mask that'll minimize the appearance of blackheads and acne while keeping oil under control.

    19. A three-piece cleansing treatment for using as a three-part system all at once...or you could test out each one out separately until you find the combo most suitable for your skin.

    20. A tea tree clay mask to add to your collection if you're someone who frequently suffers annoying blemishes and you wanna be sure you're using a product made with only natural ingredients.

    21. A seven-pack of one week sheet masks to use each day of the week in the order advised (so you can see if this daily skincare regimen thang is truly your cup of tea).

    22. A 24K gold mask for helping to improve skin elasticity and giving you a reason to tell everyone you're boujee AF and use GOLD on your face.

    23. A Dead Sea mud mask to get if you keep hearing about the Dead Sea mineral craze, but haven't tried it for yourself yet. As someone who's been to Israel and the Dead Sea, let me tell you it IS VERY WORTH THE HYPE AND SO GOOD ON SKIN.

    24. And a facial brush that'll be handy for evenly applying all these face masks! Sometimes you just don't wanna get clay all over your fingers. And then on your doorknobs. And sink handles, etc.

    The reviews in this post have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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