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    Target's New Home Line Is Just So Fucking Perfect

    It's Target so DUH!

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    Hi there! If you clicked into this article, chances are you really fucking love Target! Can't say I blame you. It's a pretty magical place.

    And as if you needed YET another reason to love the best store on Earth, they recently released their Project 62 home line – a literal goldmine for those who love decorating their living space.

    The line features an array of modern pieces, from furniture to decorative accessories, to make your home look hella high-end without making your bank account cry. Check out some of the great pieces below:

    This reversible coverlet to give any bedroom a minimalist look. And if your bedding is simple, you can have a ton of fun decorating your room with the line's home decor pieces.

    This end table that can virtually go in any room you want it to, and liven up a space with a modern and sleek flare.

    These porcelain animal bottle stoppers — a perfect combination of gorgeous and adorable, and I really wanna have some wine night right now. (But first, I gotta buy these.)

    If you're an avid wine/cheese night host like myself, you'll certainly need this marble cheese slicer.

    Don't even get me started on the rugs. THE RUGS! Like this abstract area rug to give your living room a subtle pop of color, while keeping it elegant.

    That isn't even all the line has to offer. Home goods for your bathroom, patio, etc., all await you here.

    Happy shopping, lovers of home decor!

    The reviews for this post have been edited for length and clarity.