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    31 Swimsuits From Amazon That Reviewers Truly Love

    The best season is when you get to ditch sweaters for swimsuits.

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    1. A crochet beauty to add some sweet but fire lace to your summer look — this bathing suit? Made for taking Insta photos.

    2. A one shoulder cut-out number absolutely no one will believe you bought from Amazon.

    3. A bandeau bikini for those looking for a reliable strapless option. Some reviewers mentioned the bottoms felt a little too revealing to wear in public, so you can always wear the bottoms in a private setting and pair the top with bottoms you feel more comfortable in while out and about!

    4. A high-waisted halter bikini that'll give you the coverage of a one-piece, with all the benefits of wearing a two-piece — as in the bathroom struggle is AVOIDED.

    5. A color-block one-piece so cute even those who typically prefer two-piece suits may wanna add this one to their lineup.

    6. A strappy one-piece to trick people into thinking you're wearing something your personal stylist made for you by hand, rather than something you ordered from Amazon while wearing your jammies.

    7. A tankini that'll look like a bikini inside of a tank, which is all very Inception, but we dig it, and you will, too.

    8. A strappy bikini you're gonna want to strut your way through the sand wearing — heck yeah, you like long walks on the beach.

    9. A tankini that looks more like an adorable sundress than a bathing suit and comes in the cutest array of patterns. Butterflies? Daisies? Tie-dye? Might as well add all of them to your cart!

    10. A vintage-style suit to make you panic a little, because, like, how in the world are you gonna choose just ONE pattern to buy?!

    11. A tankini featuring swim shorts for bottoms and a ruffled tank for a top so you can rock the ultimate comfy/cute swimsuit combo.

    12. A tie-knot babe that you'll love so much, you might start ditching your normal clothes in favor of wearing a bathing suit 24/7.

    13. A strappy high-waisted bikini to make people think you walked right off the runway at a bathing suit fashion show and right into the pool.

    14. A swimdress tankini so you can spend the summer months flexing on everyone with your incredible sense of style.

    15. A high-waisted bikini with a ruffled smock top that will easily become the most adorable swimsuit you've ever owned.

    16. A striped one-piece to add to your collection immediately, because it's just a great number to have in your rotation.

    17. A low-cut option that'll be simple enough to wear with a variety of cute hats, cover-ups, and sandals, but trendy enough to rock by itself and turn heads.

    18. A bikini you may wanna buy for the criss-cross V-neck flounce top alone. Then factor in that the bottoms are high-waisted and ruched, and you got yourself a trendy new swimsuit!

    19. A lace halter monokini to make all of your other bathing suits extremely jealous, because you're not gonna want to wear anything else once you buy this.

    20. A peplum top and high-waisted bottom tankini set that'll make you want to spend every single second of the summer soaking up sun rays or splashing around in the water.

    21. A high-waisted ruched bikini for getting in each color because it's not just what you want, it's what you truly need.

    22. A strappy two-piece that'll have you channeling your inner Rihanna, because the second this baby arrives you'll be asking "where have you been all my life?"

    23. A monokini featuring trendy cut-outs to spice-up your one-piece game in the best way possible.

    24. A one-piece with mesh cut-outs that'll provide comfortable coverage, yet still make you feel sexy.

    25. A high-cut/scoop neck bikini set you're gonna adore so much, you may move somewhere it's summer year-round just so you never have to part ways with this gem.

    26. A one-piece that'll be the perfect option to wear on beach/pool days where you're in the mood to answer the question, "OMG, where did you get your swimsuit?" at least a million times.

    27. A low-back one-piece to keep your boobs secured in the front, but get a little more risqué in the back.

    28. A triangle bikini that you can mix-and-match with what you already have.

    29. A retro-style cutie that'll have you bringing out your inner '80s/'90s baby, even if you weren't born in those decades... we all have a little bit of it in us.

    30. A stripe top tankini with swim shorts that may just become the most comfy bathing suit you'll ever own. Catch me showing up to Zoom meetings in a swimsuit from now on.