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    We Bet You Can't Make It Through This Post Without Buying These Cheap Sunglasses

    Block out the UV rays and the h8erzzz.

    Summer may be (almost) behind us, but there is never a bad time to treat yo' self to a new pair of sunglasses. Plus, if you're anything like me, you know that it doesn't even have to be sunny for an excuse to throw on your most glamorous pair of shades.

    Well, let me introduce you to these oh-so-fabulous mirrored flat-lens sunglasses. They feature a sturdy metal frame, UV400 protection (which blocks at least 99% of harmful UVB and UVA rays), oh, and uhhhh, COST LESS THAN $10. Yes, you read that correctly. No, you're not dreaming.

    They're beauty, they're grace, they come in 15 colors, have over glowing reviews, and a 4.3-star rating, and will look hella cute on your face. 😘

    And if for some unknown reason, you're still not feeling compelled to drop an Alexander Hamilton (and get some change back) on these babies, take a look at these review photos, BECAUSE👏ALL👏OF👏THESE👏PEOPLE👏LOOK👏LIKE👏FRIGGIN'👏MOVIE👏STARS.




    And I'd be doing a disservice to these glasses and all of you if I didn't leave you with this review photo. These sunglasses even look good on dogs. If you don't buy them for yourself, at least buy them for your pupper, because they deserve a chic pair of sunnies too. Get them from Amazon for $9.98 (available in 15 colors).

    Stay fabulous, luvbugs. 💋

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