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    37 Problem-Solving Products That’ll Come In Handy This Summer

    We're here to help you soothe sunburns, prevent chafing, and easily cut up your favorite summer fruits.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A privacy window film that'll help block up to 96% of UV rays and reduce up to 79% of glare, which may just help you save a little bit on energy bills this summer! Plus, it looks a little like having your very own stained glass window and creates a beautiful rainbow effect on sunny days. So many reasons to buy this, so just do it already!

    the privacy window film on a reviewer's window
    reviewer photo of the rainbow effect

    Promising review: "I have a large window in my bathroom and you can see in from the backyard, not very private. I like the light but needed privacy. Sheer curtains were not enough. This product is very easy to install, and I love the rainbows. This is this cheapest rainbow window cling I could find and it exceeded my expectations. I will definitely be doing more windows." —Ashley Barnes

    Get it from Amazon for $9.99+ (available in 10 sizes).

    2. Sweat-absorbing bra liners for those who get as sweaty during their summer morning commute as they would have if they went to the gym before work. We get the struggle and we're here to help.

    Model wearing the beige liner
    Before and after showing a chest with under-boob sweat

    Promising review: "I am a sweat-er and therefore it's very uncomfortable to sweat under your bra and then be wet. I am so happy with this product. No more being wet and having embarrassing sweat marks." —Lola

    Get it from Amazon for $19.95.

    3. Anti-chafing thigh bands to help prevent the dreaded pain that comes anytime you decide to wear something that isn't pants. Plus, these are super pretty, so you don't have to worry if your dress or shorts don't cover them all the way!

    Promising review: "We can finally toss the deodorant...these things work! I was hella skeptical because my thighs are resistant to any sort of chub rub defense. I wore them while walking at least five hours at a music festival and they stayed put without me ever needing to adjust them! I couldn't believe it! My delicate inner thigh skin was preserved; no chub rub and they're so feminine and romantic-looking that I didn't even care if someone caught a peek of that beautiful lace. Way sexier than my usual biker shorts. Love that I can wear dresses all day now without worrying about my thighs overheating." —OceanHips

    Get them from Amazon for $18.95+ (available in 17 styles and six sizes).

    4. A cold brew coffee maker for the easiest way to prep your favorite cold drink right from the comfort of home. No waiting in the drive-thru line required!

    Maitland Quitmeyer pouring coffee from the maker into a glass of ice
    The iced coffee and the maker next to each other
    Maitland Quitmeyer / BuzzFeed

    It yields about four servings of delicious coffee, features an airtight, leakproof lid that helps to lock in freshness and flavor, a nonslip silicone handle, and fits in most refrigerator doors. Plus, it's dishwasher-safe and BPA-free. Need more convincing on this amazing coffeemaker? Check out our Takeya cold brew coffee maker review.

    I had featured this cold brew maker in articles several times before deciding my iced coffee-obsessed self needed to get one. Brewing hot coffee and pouring over ice just doesn't taste good and until they figure out how to grow money on trees, I will not be paying $5 every single day for Starbucks or Dunkin'.

    I will admit I was hesitant at first. I'm not sure why considering this thing does have excellent reviews, but I didn't want to get my hopes up. You life is forever changed. I've never made a batch of cold brew in this pitcher that I DIDN'T enjoy. Not only does it make a deliciously rich iced coffee, but you can truly taste the flavor notes in whichever coffee you choose to use in this. It's so easy to make — all you need is ground coffee and water. Knowing that I have fresh cold brew waiting for me in my fridge at all times is the best — I really can't recommend this enough.

    Get it from Amazon for $21.52+ (available in three colors and two sizes).

    5. Or, a HyperChiller if you're looking for a quick and easy way to turn your hot coffee into an iced coffee in under a minute!

    The frozen HyperChiller next to a glass of iced coffee
    @thehyperchiller / Via

    You can either brew your hot coffee directly into it or pour coffee from a mug or cup into the carafe. All you need to do is fill this with water, put it in the freezer, and it'll be ready when you want to use it!

    Promising review: "This product is a must-have for iced coffee lovers on a budget. Using this avoids the sour flavor of cooling coffee, so it definitely replaced my trips going to a cafe and ordering coffee. I calculated how much I spend on coffee in a cafe vs. using this machine. Overall, a year of buying coffee outside would cost me $1,200-1,3000, which is a huge number. Using this with ground coffee from the super market reduces the spending to less than $100, which is a a huge save!" —Dave

    Get it from Amazon for $19.90+ (available in three colors).

    6. And as long as we're on the topic of iced coffee, a coffee bean ice cube tray because why settle for diluted coffee when you can enjoy a bolder bev? Coffee ice cubes may spoil you because you'll never wanna go back to regular ice ever again after this.

    ice cube tray filled with coffee bean ice cubes
    Williams Sonoma

    Get it from Williams Sonoma for $13.95.

    7. A plant-based insect repellent to prevent pesky mosquitos from feasting on your blood for up to six hours. Plus its lemon eucalyptus scent will smell nice and refreshing!

    bottle of insect repellent spray

    Promising review: "This stuff works fantastic. It lasts for hours and no chemical smell. It has a definite lemon smell but not like a furniture polish lemon smell. I had no bites and I was out for about three hours. Bugs didn't bug me at all and it has no DEET. You would need to reapply if you're getting in and out of the water so just keep that in mind. Mosquitoes LOVE me so if it works on me, then it should work on anyone." —Gina Central

    Get a pack of two from Amazon for $13.99.

    8. And a bug bite suction tool that'll help get rid of itchy bites if little buggers do happen to utilize your blood during their next meal.

    A before, during, and after photo of a reviewer's bug bite healing after using the suction tool
    A reviewer holding the bug bite suction tool

    This works by suctioning up insect venom, saliva, and other irritants under the skin, which in turn prevents your body from producing a reaction to said irritant.

    Promising review: "I am a magnet for bites of all kinds and carry topical and medicines with me at all times — so I figured this would be a good product to see if it really works. It arrived on Monday and on Tuesday morning I woke up with a bug bite on my arm. I used this little tool (3x per the instructions) and documented with photos. Immediately after using, it stopped itching! And less than 24 hours later the bump/bite was gone! There is a very faint red mark from using the thing but a small price to pay IMO. Bottom line: it’s awesome. I’m carrying it with me everywhere!" —Rebecca

    Get it from Amazon for $9.95+ (available in three colors).

    9. Sanuk yoga mat flip-flops for a pair of seriously comfy and sturdy sandals you're gonna wear all summer long. Yes, it's possible to have both of those things in a pair of flip-flops, and they're right here.

    Promising review: "These are my favorite. As a Southern Californian, I wear flip-flops year-round. The last pair of Sanuk yoga mat flip-flops I bought lasted through almost three years of constant wear (they were basically the only shoes I wore for three years, so I'm serious when I say constant). They're comfortable enough to wear for a day at Disneyland, even with arthritic joints." —beth

    Get them from Amazon for $21.56+ (available in 20 styles, and women's sizes 5–11).

    Psst: This item is included in Prime Try Before You Buy so you can give it a trial run if you're a member!

    10. Glossier Invisible Shield — a daily sunscreen if you're someone who hates wearing sunscreen (which I'm convinced must be all of us). It features a lightweight water-gel formula and won't leave behind a greasy film or white cast. Sun protection to make you feel like you're just applying a daily moisturizer? Yes please!

    A person pumping the Glossier Invisible Shield out of the tube and into their hand
    A person applying the clear-looking Glossier Invisible Shield to their cheek

    Plus, this SPF 35 sunscreen is cruelty-free and vegan!

    Promising review: "I am a dermatologist. I have been searching for a facial sunscreen like Glossier for a long time. It is perfection!! The ingredients act as a radiation UV block/screen: UVB (radiation that causes burning) and UVA (radiation that causes aging). It goes on gently, without greasiness, and with a light summer scent. So happy with the product !!" —Michael D.

    Get it from Glossier for $25.

    11. Or Black Girl Sunscreen — a moisturizing SPF 30 broad spectrum sunscreen crafted for women of color. Its lightweight, natural formula contains ingredients like avocado, jojoba, cacao, carrot juice, and sunflower oil to soothe, protect, hydrate, and heal skin, all without leaving behind a white residue.

    A person squeezing the Black Girl Sunscreen out of a tube onto their hand

    This is paraben-, fragrance-, oxybenzone-, octinoxate-, silicone-, and aluminum-free. Plus, it's vegan and cruelty-free! Black Girl Sunscreen is a Black-owned brand that was created to a natural, nonwhite residue sunscreen for women of color. Be sure to also check out their BGS Kids SPF 50 Sunscreen!

    Promising review: "I’ve tried many, many sunscreens that claim to blend and not leave a white cast when applied. This was so much better than I expected. A nickel-sized amount goes a long way and blends into a smooth, dewy finish. I also didn’t notice a scent so there was no worries of walking around smelling like sunscreen." —Target Customer

    Get it from Target for $15.99.

    12. An SPF 30 scalp and hair sunscreen mist to help prevent that awful feeling of dread when you realize standing under your showerhead or brushing your hair is causing you PAIN.

    A person spraying the mist

    This is clean, cruelty-free, vegan, and free of phthalates and parabens.

    Promising review: "After shaving my husband's head during quarantine, we knew we'd need something to protect his now-exposed scalp during summer activities. Ya can't wear a hat in the pool! Anyways, we sprayed his head during our first beach day and he hasn't had a burn yet! It's not thick and doesn't leave any residue. Added bonus? It's vegan, gluten-free, paraben-free, oxybenzone-free, and phthalate-free." —Heather Braga, BuzzFeed Editor

    Get it from Target for $16.79.

    13. An anti-blister balm to apply before putting on your shoes so you can prevent those painful annoyances from even trying to happen.

    a person gliding the balm onto their foot

    This is made of allergen-free, plant-derived ingredients, and infused with vitamins A and C!

    Promising review: "I thought this stuff was a bunch of BS, I was like, 'Pssh what a waste of $8 ON AMAZON FOR THIS LITTLE THING.' Well, I put it on today on spots where my flats rub on my skin. My feet survived an entire day INTACT! Highly recommend. This product made wearing shoes that rub on your ankles/backs of your feet doable!" —Jamie

    Get it from Amazon for $8.99.

    14. A cooling mat that'll prevent your very good pet from overheating, because TBH pets deserve an award for dealing with summer heat while rocking a coat of fur.

    This mat stays 5–10 degrees cooler than room temperature!

    Promising review: "I have a pug and a toy fox terrier/Chihuahua mix and they absolutely love this thing. I just leave it sitting on the living room floor and they gravitate towards it whenever they need to cool down (they sometimes even fight over it). Both fit simultaneously if they are in the mood for sharing the space. The mat is tough, too! I don't think their nails can penetrate it." —E Marsh

    Get it from Amazon for $28.50+ (available in four colors).

    15. Grill mats to help prevent food remnants from your yummy burgers, steaks, kabobs, and more from falling, leaving you to have to spend forever cleaning up when you're done.

    These are dishwasher-safe!

    Promising review: "This product makes grilling and cleanup so amazingly easy that I now have the newfound confidence to grill more. I'm a vegetarian so I grill lots of veggies, tofu, and other vegan treats that require the use of a grilling mat." —V. Thompson

    Get a pack of six from Amazon for $15.97.

    16. Magnetic barbecue lights so grilling up all your favorites for dinner doesn't have to feel like a race against the sun going down for the night. Anyone up for a late-night burger?

    A reviewer cooking food on the grill with the lights attached
    Another reviewer cooking when it's dark outside, but is able to see the food on the grill with the barbecue lights

    Promising review: "Just bought a new grill and needed some decent lighting since most of my meals are done at night. These two lights attach only to the lid of my grill because the side tables aren’t magnetic but the flex necks make the lighting very versatile. The light is bright and illuminates the grill well. The color of the light is good too. I'm very pleased so far. Seems durable. I plan on keeping it in its storage when not in use and hope to get plenty of use out of it." —Ryan Smith

    Get a pack of two from Amazon for $13.99+ (available in two colors).

    17. And while we're on the topic of grilling, some Beyond Burgers so you can enjoy a delicious vegan option next time you grill without sacrificing on the meaty taste and texture you love from real meat burgers.

    BuzzFeed Editor Heather Braga's Beyond Burger
    A person holding the package of Beyond Burgers
    Heather Braga / BuzzFeed, @beyondmeat / Via

    I'm FULLY obsessed with Beyond Burgers — so much so that I actually just buy them in bulk now from Costco because I think they're just a super easy, super delicious lunch or dinner. If you've never tried Beyond Burgers, and you're on the fence about it, I highly recommend trying them. They don't necessarily taste EXACTLY like a hamburger, but they definitely do have a meaty texture and taste that makes you forget you're eating a vegan burger. Dress it up with a bun, cheese, and however else you like your burgers, and I doubt you'll even realize the difference.

    Get a pack of two from Walmart for $3.98.

    18. A windshield cover that'll come in handy whenever you park your car for long periods of time in the blistering heart. When it's time to hit the road, your car won't feel like the inside of a boiling pot of water and your legs won't stick against the seats like glue.

    And for the winter months, this thing will prevent you from having to spend all that extra time clearing snow and ice off your windshield!

    Promising review: "Bought this and used it all summer to keep my interior cool. Works really well to protect the dash from heat and keeps the interior much cooler on those scorching hot days. I can’t wait to use it this winter — I’m sure it will make clearing my windshield a breeze!" —Rj

    Get it from Amazon for $29.95.

    19. A canvas drink holder perfect for carrying around boba tea, cold brew, iced tea, or any other chilled beverage. It'll keep your hands free from holding an icy cold cup; plus it looks super cool.

    iced coffee cup inside the holder
    person holding the carrier with an iced drink inside
    The Dreamy Daisy / Etsy

    The Dreamy Daisy is an Etsy shop based in Washington D.C. that sells handmade organic canvas bags.

    Promising review: "These reusable drink holders are SO cute. They're high quality and the size is perfect. Also the packaging was very luxe, so it’d make a great gift! When I asked a question, they responded the same day. Will definitely order from this company again!" —Kyra Middeleer

    Get it from The Dreamy Daisy on Etsy for $16.99 (available in nine colors).

    20. A comfy inflatable lounge chair that's super lightweight — now you'll have the perfect spot to sit and read a book/soak up some rays without having to carry bulky, heavy chairs. 

    A person inflating the lounge chair
    A person sitting and reading on the lounge chair

    Promising review: "This is one of those products where I see the commercial and I'm like, 'YEAH RIGHT!' These inflatable chairs just seem too easy. You just spin in a circle with them and suddenly you have a magically inflated chair? Seems unlikely. But now that I've tried them, I can confirm that they're (almost) that easy. It does take a couple of tries to get the hang of it, but pretty much anyone can figure it out in 5 to 10 minutes. Basically, it comes with two compartments that you need to fill with air by twirling in a tight circle. You switch compartments while spinning and then quickly roll the it up before the air escapes. Once you master the technique, you're in squishy, inflatable heaven." —Bek O'Connell, Former BuzzFeed Editor

    Get it from Amazon for $34.99 (available in two colors).

    21. Oil-absorbing tissues to keep on hand if your face tends tends to err on the side of oily. Just blot these on your face for some quick, sweet relief.

    A reviewer holding the packaging for the oil absorbing tissues
    A reviewer holding a used oil absorbing tissue

    Promising review: "I've had oily skin my whole life and have used countless types of oil-blotting sheets because they're life savers. THESE ARE AMAZING. Great deal, big sheets, and they pull out one at a time so easily. I used to use Clean & Clear sheets or knock-offs of the same thing but I'll never go back. Give these a try — completely worth it. They work well and are easy to use. No negative things to say at all." —Kelsey

    Get a pack of 100 sheets from Amazon for $6.95 (available in three scents).

    22. A convertible swimsuit that can be worn SIX different ways — this means you won't need to pack multiple swimsuits in your suitcase and you'll constantly have versatile, trendy ways to wear the same piece. 

    model wearing the swimsuit in two different ways
    Nakimuli / Etsy

    Check out this YouTube video from the brand on the various ways you can wear it! Nakimuli is a Black woman-owned small biz based in Brooklyn, New York that sells swimwear and sets on Etsy — you can find more great clothing items from the brand's official website!

    Promising review: "I can’t explain how perfect this bathing suit really is, you must see the colors in person! So vibrant, you feel instantly cheerful when seeing all the colors against your skin! Never have had so many compliments in my life as when I went to the beach in this rad one-piece. Extremely fast shipping and fair pricing for how well-made the item is. Trust me, you need this swimsuit!!!" —Mychalmarie Leslie

    Get it from Nakimuli on Etsy for $120 (available in women's sizes S–3XL).

    23. A handy utensil to help slice, core, and scoop melons. Stop buying it pre-cut! It's more expensive that way, and this gadget will make cutting it up so much more simple. You're welcome!

    A reviewer cutting into a watermelon with the utensil
    A reviewer pulling up a piece of watermelon using the utensil

    Promising review: "This gadget is pretty neat; I am pretty happy with my purchase. I love eating watermelon, but hate dicing it. It is so easy to use and completely transformed how we eat watermelon. If you don't own one, try it. You will love it." —Jiajian Xu

    Get it from Amazon for $12.37.

    24. And of course a stainless-steel pineapple corer because we can't forget about this classic summer fruit! It helps peel, core, and slice up that tropical goodness in a matter of seconds. Grilled pineapple anyone?

    Promising review: "I have seen pineapple corers advertised before but never bought one. I figured that it would be difficult to use — WRONG! This corer worked exactly as advertised! It took very little effort to twist the blade down through the pineapple and was super easy to remove the fruit. If you love fresh pineapple but hate cutting them up, this is the gadget for you!" —Mockingbird50

    Get it from Amazon for $13.99+ (available in five colors).

    25. A vegan deodorant that's free of baking soda, harsh chemicals, phthalates, and parabens, but doesn't sacrifice on providing all-day, fresh underarm coverage.

    the stick of deodorant
    JAKEALA / Etsy

    JAKEALA is Black woman-owned small biz based in Norfolk, Virginia that sells natural skin and body products, home goods, and hair care for those with naturally curly, fine hair.

    Promising review: "I recently tested this during 80+ degree weather and it held up really well, even with my tendency towards heavier sweating and odor. Excited to continue using this and see what kind of benefits it yields for me." —ElodieAdore

    Get it from JAKEALA on Etsy for $12.99 (available in four scents and unscented).

    26. A rotating tower fan to add a nice breeze in any room. But it also stays quiet, because we're not here to add distractions to your life when you're just trying to sleep or get work done without overheating.

    Promising review: "If you're like me and you don't have a reliable air conditioner, you'll likely benefit from picking this product up for the summer. I keep mine by the foot of my bed and can always count on it to add a much-needed breeze into my room. It has three speed settings and helps increase air flow. It really does make a difference!" —Heather Braga, BuzzFeed Editor

    Get it from Amazon for $59.99.