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    18 Subscription Boxes For Anyone Who Hates Picking Out An Outfit In The Morning

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    1. Frank & Oak, an amazing option for those who wanna get into the subscription box thing, but are afraid of the surprises and not liking the clothing picked out for them.

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    What you'll get: After filling out a short style survey, you'll get a preview of your box. All members will receive three items per month. You'll have 48 hours to edit, add to, or skip your subscription box that month prior to shipping. Your subscription can be cancelled at any time. Oh, and free shipping and free returns!! Wahoo!

    Pricing varies based on the items in your box and what you decide to keep and return. A $25 styling fee is applied if all items in your box are returned. Should you decide to keep items in your box that month, the $25 fee will be applied to your purchase. P.S. if you're a Frank & Oak member, you get 20% off everything!

    2. Stitch Fix, a styling service for both guys and gals, personally tailored to fit all of your needs.

    What you'll get: Five items per box, including clothes, shoes, and accessories. Buy what ya' like and send back what ya' don't in a prepaid USPS envelope. Sweeeeet.

    Get it from Stitch Fix for $20 for the personal styling fee and $55+ per item you choose to buy (sizes women's XS-3X, men's XS-2X).

    3. Le Tote, a chic selection for the person who likes to be surprised, but not too much.

    What you'll get: After taking an assessment, you'll get three clothing items and two accessories. If you don't like what they pick for you, no problem. Swap for the things you want before they get delivered. You can choose to wear them for as long as you'd like before returning, or buy the things you'd like to keep forever.

    Get it from Le Tote for $39 a month (sizes XS-XXL).

    4. Pink Aura Club, for glamorous people who like gorgeous jewelry, scarves, and other accessories.

    What you'll get: Choose between the Pink Aura Jewelry Box (two to three pieces of jewelry) or Pink Aura Box (a scarf, one to two accessories, and a special surprise). Keep the items you receive in both boxes, forever!

    Get them from Cratejoy: Pink Aura Jewelry for $24.99 every other month and Pink Aura Box for $39.99 every other month.

    5. La Belle Bump, an amazing box for all of the marvelous mamas to be.

    What you'll get: Choose between one-, three-, or five-item boxes. Keep your maternity clothes for as long as you please before returning them, and enjoy unlimited exchanges if you want to swap out something. You may also opt to purchase anything you really like. Additionally, they offer rental options if you need a special outfit for an event.

    Get them from Cratejoy: $50 for one item, $59 for three items, or $99 for five items.

    6. Enjoy Leggings, for anyone who really truly enjoys leggings. Let's be real, who doesn't?

    What you'll get: A comfy, high-quality, all-around awesome pair of leggings every month for casual wear or working out. And guess what? They're not see-through! 🙏

    Get it from Cratejoy for $16.95 a month (sizes 2-18).

    7. CHC Vintage, a wonderful subscription for those who like unique clothes with a flare.

    What you'll get: Get a new piece of vintage jewelry every month and choose between getting one vintage dress or T-shirt to go with it.

    Get it from Cratejoy for $35 a month (sizes XS/S-XL/XXL).

    8. Haute Lips, the subscription that'll help keep your underwear drawer full, even if you haven't done your laundry in a lil' while. (Plz do your laundry!)

    What you'll get: Two panties delivered right to your front door every month. The best part? You get to pick 'em.

    Get it from Cratejoy for $12 a month (sizes XS-XL).

    9. Hanee21, the ultimate box for boutique-lovin' babes.

    What you'll get: Depending on your plan, the shirt of the month or two clothing items, plus a gift. Yup, a gift.

    Get them from Cratejoy: $16.99 a month for the Shirt of the Month box or $35 a month for the Perfect Style Box (sizes S-L).

    10. Pretty Hair Club, with accessories for those who have the outfits down, but need final touches for their hair.

    What you'll get: An assortment of super cute and very pretty hair pieces every month.

    Get it from Cratejoy for $14.99 a month.

    11. Gwynnie Bee, a plus-size fashion service for the finest and the fiercest fashionistas out there.

    What you'll get: Choose as many or as few pieces that you'd like to try. Keep 'em for as long or as short as you desire. Buy anything you want to keep, and send back what you don't want. Repeat.

    Get it from Gwynnie Bee for $49+ a month (sizes 10-32).

    12. Chic StyleBox, for the trendsetter who likes to dabble with a little bit of everythang.

    What you'll get: Two to four items a month, including clothes, accessories, or cosmetics.

    Get it from Cratejoy for $21.99 a month.

    13. Ivory Clasp, the service for those who can't leave home without their handbag in hand.

    What you'll get: A chic handbag straight to your doorstep, monthly or bi-monthly, your choice.

    Get it from Cratejoy for $45 a month

    14. Barbella Box, for the gym rats — or non-gym rats — because honestly this box is pretty neat, and you'll want it no matter your activity level.

    What you'll get: A tad of everything. Some apparel here, some accessories there, and other fun goodies like snacks, supplements, and workout tips.

    Get them from Cratejoy: $49.99 for a one-month subscription, $141 for a three-month quarterly subscription, or $540 for a 12-month annual subscription.

    15. Rocksbox, a curated selection for the ones who love to bling out.

    What you'll get: Three pieces of jewelry at a time, selected after you answer a few questions about your style choices. Opt to purchase some or none of the jewelry in your box before sending it back for more.

    Get it from Rocksbox for $21 a month. (Note: the $21 fee is a credit that customers may use toward buying any jewelry they may wish to keep.)

    16. Shirt Chic, the ideal subscription for anyone who prefers to let their shirts do the talking.

    What you'll get: Three typography shirts in a variety of styles and colors every month.

    Get them from Cratejoy: $25.99 a month (sizes S-XL) or $30.99 a month (sizes 2XL-4XL).

    17. Threads Monthly, fit for the swanky bunch who want a sweet little combo of jewelry, accessories, and clothes.

    What you'll get: Pick between The Accessory Box (three pieces of jewelry or accessories) or Threads Monthly (three pieces of jewelry or accessories and one shirt).

    Get them from Cratejoy: $12 a month for The Accessory Box or $20 a month for the Threads Monthly box (sizes S-XL).

    18. Redbird, perfect for the old souls who love classic, authentic looks.

    What you'll get: An assortment of vintage clothing and accessories. Choose between The Juliette box (one to two items), The Marie (two to three), or The Lorene (four to five).

    Get them from Cratejoy: $30 a month for The Juliette, $60 a month for The Marie, or $100+ a month for The Lorene.

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