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    36 Subscription Boxes That Make Perfect Last-Minute Gifts

    For all you people who waited until the last minute.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. Birchbox for anyone who's obsessed with all things beauty and is always ready to try out some new products. They have great offerings for both men and women!

    What you'll get: Fill out a profile so they know what to send you and each month, then you'll get a box of five beauty samples – all types of items, like things for your skin, hair, and style.

    Get it from Birchbox: $10/month or $110/year

    2. Home Chef will make cooking meals a lot less time-consuming, and feel more like a fun activity than a challenge. Plus, your wallet will thank you for cutting back on takeout.

    @realhomechef / Via

    What you'll get: Each week you'll take a look at Home Chef's rotating menu and select which meals you'd like to order. Then they'll do the hard work of portioning out your ingredients and writing up the recipe. All you have to do is open the box, follow the instructions, and get to cookin'.

    Get it from Home Chef: $9.95/meal serving

    3. Trunk Club to help the person whose biggest struggle in the morning is deciding what the fuck they're going to wear.

    Facebook: trunkclub

    What you'll get: You'll get a stylist who will work with you to hand-pick a trunk of clothing items. Before it's sent out, you'll be able to preview your trunk in an e-mail. Once you get your clothes, you have five days to try everything on. Keep the pieces you love (for a fee), and send back what you don't. Unlike other subscription services, you personally request when you'd like another trunk.

    Get it from Trunk Club: $25 for a styling fee that goes toward your personal credit when you decide to make a purchase. Clothing items range from $100-$300.

    4. Cairn for the people who are cool enough and brave enough to be nature-fanatics. If you're not one already, this might make you one.

    @getcairn / Via

    What you'll get: You can choose whether you receive three to six products each month (up to a $50 value), or five to 10 premium products quarterly (up to $350 value). Products include apparel, gear, snacks, skin care, and emergency items for getting through experiences in the great outdoors.

    Get it from Cairn: a one-month subscription for $29.95/month, a six-month subscription for $28.25/month, or a 12-month subscription for $27.45

    5. Stitch Fix wants to make picking out your outfit for the day a glamorous experience. RIP the days of not having anything to wear.

    Facebook: stitchfix

    What you'll get: Five clothing items, shoes, and accessories. Take a couple days to decide what you want to keep, and what you don't want, and send back what you don't. Marvel at your growing wardrobe.

    Get it from Stitch Fix: $20 for a personal styling fee that you get back in the form of credit for what you decide to keep, and $55+ per item you choose to buy (sizes women's XS-3X, men's XS-2X). You choose when you want to receive your next fix.

    6. Bath Bevy for making your next hot bath nothing but divine relaxation.

    What you'll get: Look forward to an exciting mix of six to 10 bath products each month, such as bath bombs, bath salts, body scrubs, bubble bars, handmade soap, and so much more!

    Get it from Cratejoy: $36.95+/month

    7. Shaker & Spoon will be a mixed drink-lover's dream. Hey, if you're under 21 or just someone who doesn't drink, you can still enjoy these kits, just don't add alcohol!

    What you'll get: Three new recipes a month with everything you need to make four drinks for each recipe. Not included: the alcohol.

    Get it from Crate Joy: $50+/month

    8. Dia & Co, a plus-size clothing subscription, to make all you fine, fresh, and fierce females feel extra fabulous.

    Facebook: diaandco, Facebook: diaandco

    What you'll get: You'll instantly be connected with one of Dia's personal stylists who will select items for you based on your style and fit choices. You select how often you'd like a box, and when your box comes, you have five days to try on your pieces, keep what you like, and send back what you don't want. You'll be charged for the items you decide to keep. And guess what? Shipping is free!

    Get it from Dia: $20 for the personal style fee for each box, plus whatever pieces you decide not to send back.

    9. Hiker Crate so people who love the great outdoors can love it just a little more with some fun items and treats.

    What you'll get: An assortment of hiking goodies each month, including two to three pieces of gear, three to six healthy snacks, and access to exclusive discounts. Now go lace up your boots and head out on the trails, champ.

    Get it from Cratejoy: $35+/month

    10. Accio! will make any Potter fan lose their damn mind, plain and simple.

    What you'll get: Choose your house and open your door each month to four to five Potter-themed products such as candles, bath and body items, decor, and special collectibles.

    Get it from Cratejoy: $39.99+/month

    11. Food Stirs to help you make the most scrumptious organic baked goods – sweet snacks without all the yucky preservatives and crap? Sign me up.

    Facebook: Foodstirs

    What you'll get: Pick a plan that works for you – either one, three, six, or 12 kits every other month filled with mixes, decorations, and supplies for all of your organic baking needs.

    Get it from Food Stirs: a one-month subscription for $18.99/kit, a three-month subscription for $18.34/kit, a six-month subscription for $16.84/kit, or a 12-month subscription for $15.26/kit

    12. KitNipBox for meowing your purr-fect furry friend. I ain't kitten.

    What you'll get: A box filled with an assortment of goods to keep your furry friend happy like toys, treats, accessories, hygiene products, gadgets, and more! Note that treats and food items only come in U.S. boxes, and you may opt out of receiving food if your kitty has a sensitive tummy.

    Get it from KitNipBox: Happy Cat KitNipBox for $19.99/month or the Multi-Cat KitNipBox for $29.99/month

    13. My First Reading Club wants to make reading fun for kids and easy for moms, which is why each box comes with books for the young ones and a treat for their mama.

    What you'll get: Each month you'll get a package of three board books and one activity book for the kiddo(s) – there's six subscription options ranging in ages birth to 12. Plus, there's a fun little surprise for mom!

    Get it from Cratejoy: $9.99+/month

    14. Prime Surprise Sweets (available for Amazon Prime members only) allows folks to order a delicious assortment of sugary treats any time they desire.

    What you'll get: At the push of a Dash button, you'll get a box of surprise artisan treats like cashew almond toffee popcorn, raspberry lollipops, and orange white chocolate chip cookies, just to name a few.

    Get it from Amazon: $18/box

    15. Ivory Clasp will give you the chance to sport a new fancy schmancy handbag as often as every month.

    What you'll get: A new handbag each month or quarterly, depending on which option you choose! An especially great subscription for those who love accessorizing, but get bored with new accessories rather quick.

    Get it from Cratejoy: the monthly subscription for $49+/month or the quarterly subscription for $49+/three months

    16. TheraBox to ease the stress that life throws your way by sending you a package filled with goodies approved by real therapists.

    What you'll get: Five to seven wellness products each month including a happiness boosting activity, organic and artisan goodies, curated by real therapists. The perfect way to put your mind at ease and truly treat yourself.

    Get it from Cratejoy: $34.99+/month

    17. Piquant Post for those who truly understand that variety is the ~spice~ of life... and also cooking.

    @piquantpost / Via

    What you'll get: An assortment of four spice blends from a single region or country each month, plus chef-developed recipes to turn your spices into. You'll also get online access to more recipes, ingredient substitutes, and alternative uses for your spices.

    Get it from Piquant Post: a month-to-month subscription for $11.99/month, a six-month subscription for $10.99/month, or a 12-month subscription for $9.99/month

    18. Switch will let you try out new pieces of jewelry and keep the ones you love most forever.

    Facebook: joinswitchnow

    What you'll get: Depending on your plan, you'll get one to three pieces of jewelry at a time. You can choose to pay extra to keep pieces that you like, or exchange pieces as often as you choose. Best of all, for each month you're a member, you'll be rewarded a $10 credit that can be used towards purchasing the items you fall in love with.

    Get it from Switch: Gold (one piece at a time) for $29/month, Platinum (two pieces at a time) for $49/month, or Black (three pieces at a time) for $69/month

    19. Treats to experience the joy of eating treats from around the world without ever having to buy a plane ticket.

    What you'll get: Either five or 10 (or more) international snacks based on which plan you choose with a new country theme every month!

    Get it from Cratejoy: the standard pack (five or more snacks) for $13.95+/month or the premium pack (10 or more snacks) for $25.95+/month

    20. Retro Game Treasure for individuals completely obsessed with all things gaming. They'll be able to re-live the glory days with some of their favorite old games while trying out new and undiscovered gems, too.

    What you'll get: Three to five old-school games in each box based on your selected consoles, all you gotta do once you get them is play.

    Get it from Cratejoy: $34.99+/month

    21. My Reward Box will literally send you a box packed with special goodies just because you deserve some applause for dealing with life every day.

    What you'll get: Five to six items per box including things like jewelry, beauty products, home goods, and treats.

    Get it from Crate Joy: Mini box for $24+/month, or a regular box for $35+/month

    22. Stick in a Box to drive anyone obsessed with dried meat wild. Get your mind out of the gutter, that's what jerky is.

    What you'll get: Choose from three subscriptions, and based on your choice, you'll either get two bags of jerky and one gourmet beef stick per month (Lite Knight), five to seven unique products from small-batch jerky makers (Gladiator), or 15 to 21 products from small batch jerky makers (Office Jerk).

    Get it from Cratejoy: Lite Knight for $15+/month, Gladiator for $35+/month, or Office Jerk for $70+/month

    23. The Dapper Dog Box will make your very good doggo feel very happy as it's jam-packed with surprises they'll love.

    What you'll get: Each month you'll open a box of five to eight items for your beloved pupper like toys, natural treats, clothing items, and more. All that's required on your end is a brief survey about your dog, so the box is filled with quality items tailored just to them!

    Get it from Cratejoy: The Dapper Dog Monthly Box for $29.99/month or The Dapper Dog GiftBoxes for $35/month

    24. SinglesSwag to prove once and for all that single ladies have it better (just in case having a Beyoncé song written about being a single lady wasn't enough of a reminder).

    What you'll get: Fashion accessories, beauty products, yummy snacks, books, and other fun surprises.

    Get it from Crate Joy: SinglesSwag Petite $24.99+/month or SinglesSwag for $39.99+/month

    Columbia Records / Via

    25. BloomsyBox will send you (or your loved ones) a beautiful arrangement of flowers every month. Let's be real, who wouldn't wanna pretend someone sent them a gorgeous bouquet at the office?

    What you'll get: A beautiful, single variety bouquet each month.

    Get it from Crate Joy: $39.99+/month

    26. Wine of the Month Club for all the vino-drinkers who have made it through the 31 subscription boxes before this and wondered, "WTF, what about a wine subscription?"

    What you'll get: Two bottles of vintage wine a month — choose between one red and one white, or two reds, or two whites.

    Get it from Wine of the Month Club: $37+/shipment

    27. Love Goodly will deliver all-natural products at your doorstep, all while supporting some amazing, amazing causes.

    What you'll get: An assortment of non-toxic and vegan beauty and wellness products bimonthly, all while helping a subscription that supports causes like Farm Sanctuary, Beagle Freedom Project, and Cure Cervical Cancer.

    Get it from Cratejoy: regular bi-monthly subscription for $29.95+/two months or VIP bi-monthly subscription box for $47.95+/two months

    28. Nerdy Post to take all the geeky peeps (OWN IT!) to a fantasy land filled with gear from all their favorite fandoms.

    What you'll get: Each month a different fandom is featured, and based on which box you choose, you'll receive four to six book-related and home decor goodies or a fandom T-shirt or both! Plus other fun items like notebooks, pins, magnets, and more!

    Get it from Cratejoy: Nerdy Post Lite for $9.95/month, Nerdy Post for $13.95/month, Nerdy Tees for $15.95/month, or Nerdy Combo for $29.90/month

    29. Nostalgia Crate for reminding you of simpler times – when seeing a Furby was the hell hole in your life, and not the current state of the world.

    What you'll get: Out-of-print toys from the '80s, '90s, and '00s, including comics, trading cards, and video games. Something different in every box!

    Get it from Crate Joy: Trading card crate for $5+/month, video game crate for $10+/month, or nostalgia crate for $10+/month

    30. Le Tote will assist people of all style levels in finding new clothing and accessory items worthy of a spot in their wardrobe.

    Facebook: letote

    What you'll get: After taking an assessment, you'll get three clothing items and two accessories. If you don't like what they pick for you, no problem. Swap for the things you want before they get delivered. You can choose to wear them for as long as you'd like before returning, or buy the things you'd like to keep forever.

    Get it from Le Tote for $39 a month (sizes XS-XXL).

    31. Sparkle Hustle Grow to reward all the lady bosses in this world, because they're powerful people who are changing the world in the best way possible.

    What you'll get: If you go with the mini-mailer, you'll receive a surprise book, business training, and access to the online community, and if you choose the regular box, you can open up four to six items including books, cute office supplies, along with training and access to the online community as well.

    Get it from Cratejoy: Sparkle Hustle Grow Mini-Mailer for $24.95+/month or Sparkle Hustle Grow Box for $39.95+/month

    32. The Preschool Box to get young minds learning, all while having a fun and creative time doing so.

    What you'll get: A fun box filled with simple, educational activities for the little ones that focus on topics like phonics, counting, shapes, colors, and writing through hands-on activities and games. Who said learning couldn't be tons of fun? Not these guys!

    Get it from Cratejoy: for one kid for $29.95+/month or for two kids for $44.95+/month

    33. Introverts Retreat for the smarties who understand a night in alone is wayyy better than being a socializing person in the real-world.

    What you'll get: An assortment of gifts to help you introverts pamper yourselves and re-charge (alone, of course). You'll find bath time goodies like bath bombs, salt soaks, and bath teas, body care products for skin and facial, a soothing item such as an instrumental CD, a scented candle, or a snack, along with a book in a genre of your choice. If you made it through this sentence without ordering yet then IDK what you're doing.

    Get it from Cratejoy: Basic Introverts Retreat Box for $26.99/month or Deluxe Introverts Retreat Box for $46.99/month

    34. Barbella Box will be a real treat in a gym buff's life. If you eat, sleep, and breathe working out, or just living an incredibly healthy lifestyle, then first off, go you, and second, gift yourself this baby.

    What you'll get: A mix of four to six health-related goodies from various brands in the CrossFit market such as apparel, gear, accessories, workout tips, recipes, snacks, supplements, and plenty more!

    Get it from Cratejoy: monthly subscription for $49.99+/month, quarterly subscription for $141/three months, or annual for $540+/12 months

    35. Beer of the Month Club for cracking open a ~unique~ cold one with the pals (or yourself, because, come on, you won't wanna share these specialties).

    Facebook: CraftBeerClub

    What you'll get: 12 beers each month, along with stories about where they came from.

    Get it from Craft Beer Club: $42/month, with free shipping in the continental U.S

    36. WurkBench for frisky people looking for ways to make things spicier. 🔥

    What you'll get: A box of at least four adult toys, for you to enjoy on your own, or with that special someone.~~

    Get it from Crate Joy: Fantasy Box for $69.99+/three months, Sexy Time Box for $99.99+/three months, or the Pleasure Chest for $129.99+/month

    The reviews for this post have been edited for length and clarity.

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