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    30 Mother's Day Gifts From Small Businesses Worth Ordering Right Away

    Personalized jewelry, beautifully scented candles, delicious vegan cookies, and more great Mother's Day gifts from small businesses.

    Hey! While we’re doing our best to make sure the products we feature will arrive in time for Mother's Day, shipping times can vary depending on where you live, which product you purchase, and more. Be sure to double check the retailers’ websites for shipping information to ensure that your gift will arrive in time for the 9th!

    1. A personalized handwriting bracelet so you can get a special phrase or a name written by you or someone close to them into a piece of jewelry they can cherish forever.

    person wearing personalized handwritten bracelet

    2. A 500-piece puzzle of a beautiful bird landscape that'll keep them busy and entertained!

    3. A vaccine card holder to keep their vaccine card safe and protected. This is a simple, but great gift option for those who have gotten their vaccine already or plan to in the near future.

    4. A book tracker bookmark they can fill out as they read. Once they finish a book, all they have to do is color in one of the spines, write the book's title, and then use the bookmark for their next read.

    5. A set of affirmation cards that'll make for a simple, but lovely way to lift their spirits. I think we can all use some affirmation cards in times like these.

    person holding card that reads "today is a sacred gift from life"

    6. A personalized cutting board you can get customized with a recipe they love! It's the perfect way for them to meal prep and add a special touch to their kitchen!

    The cutting boards engraved with hand-written recipes in the beech and walnut finishes

    7. A beginner floral embroidery kit for the mom-figure looking to channel their creativity and learn a cool new skill set.

    various embroidered flowers including a rose, cole flowers, calendula, forget me not, and more

    8. A cocktail infusion kit so they can whip up easy and delicious cocktails. All they have to do infuse the kit with the right liquor, let it sit for three days, and then enjoy!

    9. A jewelry dish with a feel-good message like "Boss Lady," "Effortless Beauty," or "Today I Will Slay," so any time they go to put on or take off their jewelry, they'll be reminded of just how awesome they are.

    the three different types jewelry trays

    10. A pillow that can be customized with a picture of their favorite pet friend, aka the cutest pillow to ever exist.

    assorted pet pillows

    11. A spice blend variety pack perfect for maximizing the deliciousness of their favorite meats, seafood, veggies, pasta, and more.

    the four jars of spices that come in the pack — vermont maple, chipotle and honey, cajun blackened, and caribbean

    12. An embroidered sweatshirt to get the mom-figure who values their plant babies as much as much as they value their human babies.

    the plant mom stitched sweatshirt in light gray

    13. A monogram knit coffee sleeve for a cute and environmentally friendly way they can hold their hot beverages.

    The sleeves on coffee cups in a variety of colors with a letter on each one

    14. A whipped shower icing that comes in a variety of yummy scents to leave them feeling clean, moisturized, and pampered.

    Jars of the whipped shower icing in a fresh strawberry, sweet papaya, juicy mango, and tantalizing pineapple scent in pink, blue, and white

    15. A ceramic herb garden marker so they can easily identify and keep track of all the delicious things they grow in the prettiest way possible.

    the various markers

    16. Triangle huggie earrings for a gorgeous, but minimalist pair of ear candy. BRB adding these to my own cart for myself...er... I mean... my mom.

    person wearing the earrings in gold

    17. A cloud bath bomb that'll turn into a stunning rainbow when dropped in water. It's basically magic.

    18. A customizable candy box for building their perfect mix of sweet treats. It's like the magic of walking into a candy store, except they don't have to change out of their pajamas or leave the house.

    an assortment of individually wrapped candies

    19. A pair of sunnies because we already know they're the coolest person ever, and it's only fitting to get them the coolest sunnies ever.

    model wearing sunglasses

    20. A personalized constellation map that'll help to commemorate what the night sky looked like on a specific date. It could be for an anniversary, a birth date, or any other special occasion important to them.

    constellation map with text underneath that reads "under the stars, with a date, and a location"

    21. A scented candle for a sweet way to enhance their cozy at-home vibes. Now for the hard part, choosing which delicious scent to buy for them.

    22. A hot sauce trio that'll bring some serious flavor and heat to all of their favorite dishes.

    the hot sauce in belizean habanero, jalapeno lime, and sweet chili flavors

    23. A blind date with a book so they can go on the best blind date ever — this cool concept sends them a beautifully packaged surprise book. Their only job is to open it and read it!

    individually wrapped books

    24. An assortment of vegan cookies from Maya's Cookies that'll take their taste buds on an exciting trip to Deliciousville. Population: every cookie this awesome shop has to offer.

    assorted cookie flavors

    25. A precious personalized book for celebrating the lessons moms and kids teach/learn from one another. This unique gift is bound to be one they'll cherish forever.

    the dear mommy personalized story book

    26. A plant animal decoration to turn their indoor gardens and succulents into a fun little jungle.

    a fox, squirrel, and owl animal decoration on a plant

    27. A floral plush blanket that'll make a welcome addition to their binge-watch/couch snuggle sessions.

    the pink floral throw blanket

    28. A vanilla bean simple syrup so they can add some delicious vanilla flavor to coffee, tea, cocktails, mocktails, baked goods, and well, basically everything.

    person holding two bottles of vanilla bean syrup

    29. An activated charcoal soap bar that contains tea tree and peppermint essential oils to provide their skin with a thorough cleanse, and leave it feeling brighter and softer. It also contains coconut oil olive oil to help moisturize their skin, rather than dry it out.

    the black charcoal soap bar and the pretty packaging the soap comes in

    30. A funny and all-too-accurate card so you can admit all the times they were right without actually having to SAY it (yeah, you're welcome). It's sure to be a card they'll get a kick out of, but truly appreciate.

    the card that reads "times you were right" in black font at the top with an illustration of different colored tallies

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