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    17 Products From "Shark Tank" Our Readers Actually Swear By

    Welcome to the Shark Tank.

    We asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us about the products featured on Shark Tank that they own and absolutely love. From products for everyday use (like the Squatty Potty) to cozy items (like The Cozy) to beloved items (like the Scrub Daddy), check out some of their favorite Shark-approved products below!

    1. A bug bite suction tool to help get rid of itchy bites. Kinda rude that little buggies get to munch on our skin and blood, and we have to deal with itchiness after.

    2. A Drop Stop that prevents things like food crumbs, liquid and even things like loose change or your phone from slipping through that gap between the front seats and the center console.

    the gap filler in a reviewer's car

    3. A Spatty Daddy set for ensuring those precious remnants of things like food and makeup stuck in the hard-to-reach crevices of the jar aren't going to waste.

    4. Fresh Patch, a super easy way to train your pup to go to the bathroom on grass, so your pup who can't go outside is able to do their business on the right surface, and not, like, your carpet.

    a reviewer's dog on the fresh patch

    5. Sweatpants featuring built-in sherpa-lined feet so you can stay extra cozy while lounging around the house.

    6. A Scrub Daddy that'll get your cookware and surfaces nice and clean without you having to worry about scratches and damage.

    the yellow scrub daddy

    7. A natural all-purpose cleaner to safely wipe away messes and stains around the home with the ease of knowing you're not harming your kiddos or pets.

    person spraying and wiping table with the all purpose cleaner

    8. Solemates, so the awful sensation of feeling your heels sink into grass and dirt becomes a thing of the past.

    9. A Rapid Ramen Cooker for getting those irresistible noods in your hands quicker — I'm referring to the ramen, obvs.

    reviewer eating ramen out of the cooker

    10. An acupressure massage tool that'll help relieve back pain by lowering your arms in a comfier position thanks to its flexible, lightweight shape.

    person using the acupressure tool on their back

    11. Vibes — acoustic filter earplugs you can wear to reduce decibel levels without compromising sound quality.

    the vibes ear plugs

    12. A Squatty Potty that'll help make squatting while using the restroom more seamless and comfortable — it's actually better for your body to squat than sit, just FYI.

    the squatty potty at the foot of a toilet

    13. InstaFire — a super simple way to start a campfire anywhere. The lightweight bags can be easily packed in a bag, and you can set them down on any surface when you're ready to light them.

    14. A Lovepop card that'll earn a treasured place on the shelf of the home of the card recipient, rather than a spot in the trash.

    15. CreaClips, haircutting clips to help you achieve salon-worthy results from at-home haircuts, all without dropping a ton of money.

    16. The Comfy — a combination of a sherpa blanket and a hoodie that'll keep you feeling so warm, cozy, and — you guessed it — COMFY. Good luck! You're never gonna wanna take this thing off.

    person wearing the red comfy

    17. A ReadeREST to clip onto your shirt so you can keep your glasses nearby until you need them again.

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