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    If You Hate Drinking Plain Water, Do Yourself A Favor And Get This Fruit Infuser Water Bottle ASAP

    Thirsty AF for a fruit infuser water bottle.

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    Water is really freaking good for you and SO important to drink throughout the day, it's just a fact of life. But for a lot of us, even those who try everything we can to increase our consumption of it, sometimes it's just difficult to force drink something with zero flavor.


    If you'd genuinely like to drink more water, but long for some flavor and seltzer isn't your jam, then you're gonna want... no, NEED this fruit infuser water bottle!

    Now you're thinking, why can't I just stick a handful of fruit in a normal water bottle? Sure you can, but then it gets all soggy and yucky after a couple of hours and you find yourself drinking fruit chunks. Like, if I wanted pulp I'd just make some juice?


    This water bottle keeps fruit separate from your water so you get the fruity flavor, without the soggy fruit bits. And it's so easy to detach and put all back together.

    BTW, while you can use fresh or frozen fruit, and experiment with veggies, herbs, and spices! Cucumbers, mint, basil, jalapeños — get spicy with it, get jiggy wit it.

    And if you're having a hard time coming up with some creative combos on your own, check out these fruit-infused water ideas.

    Not to mention, this baby will last you a LONG time. It's made out of shatterproof Tritan plastic and boasts a leakproof cap, so it will NEVER break or spill. Drop it from the top of a tall building and see! (Just kidding, don't do that, you might hit someone below.)


    And, and, and it comes in two sizes and four colors! So you get options, which is pretty important for something that'll last you so long.

    But don't just take it from me! This water bottle passes Fakespot with an A and has over 2,900 reviews and a 4.3/5 star rating on Amazon! Seriously though, check out some of the amazing things people have to say about this infuser bottle:


    This reviewer is a fan of how easy it is to use!

    "I love this infusion bottle! Savvy is not over-complicated — its parts are easy to take apart and clean between uses. The plastic is sturdy and I can tell this bottle will last a long time. The clear bottle makes the lemon and blueberries in my bottle look so appealing. I already love it!" —FloydPepper

    While this reviewer says it's great for getting the whole family to drink more water!

    "I love this bottle! Its sleek design is easy to handle, easy to wash, and works just as it's supposed to! This tasty water has us drinking more water every day. The kids love it too!" —Mary G.

    And this reviewer is a big fan of just how fun it is to experiment with different flavors and how delicious their fruity water is, especially without chunks floating around. 😜

    "Love the functionality and ease of use of this bottle! As a nurse in a hospital working 12 hour shifts, it's difficult to stay hydrated, but this bottle actually makes it kind of fun! I can mix different fruits and herbs to create all different flavors, and it tastes super yummy! Love that it's BPA-free, and I also love that the fruit chunks are filtered through the cap so I don't have to 'chew' my water. Love this!" —Lisa Marie

    So if you're ready to up your water game in the most delicious way possible, get this infuser bottle from Amazon for $13.95+.



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