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    24 Pairs Of Sandals You Can Get On Sale To Prepare Your Toes For Summer

    It's officially sandal szn!

    1. A yoga sling flip-flop for a sandal so comfy, you may never wanna go barefoot again.

    2. A flat sandal to pair with literally anything and everything you own in your wardrobe because why to the darn heck not?!

    3. A strappy flip-flop that'll cushion your feet so you can prove the phrase "life is not a cakewalk," very very WRONG.

    4. An orthopedic wedge for those who wanna wear all the fabulous wedges with all their fabulous summer clothing, but know their feet have other plans.

    5. A crochet slingback sandal featuring an adorable peep-toe to make your footsie wootsies look absolutely DAHHHHHLINGGGG!

    6. A studded gladiator that'll make you badass chicks look extra edgy.

    7. A pair of simple slides for quite literally sliding your shoes on and heading wherever it is you may be going while looking stylish.

    8. A comfy wedge slide with a floral decal that'll make an ideal daytime shoe, just know everyone is gonna stop and ask you how you're wearing something so nice without your feet killing you.

    9. A loafer-style sandal to buy if your favorite springtime trend was the classic loafer look. But hey, summer is right around the corner, why not step it up and get a sandal version?!

    10. A strappy suede wedge that'll be basic enough to pair with lots of different outfits, but stunning enough that you can bet on getting compliments every time.

    11. A thong sandal featuring a Michael Kors plate for those who take designer brands very seriously and wanna be sure those around them know exactly who they're repping on their feet.

    12. A silver knotted gladiator to dress up your feet like the royalty we all know they are and deserve to be. They are YOUR feet, damnit.

    13. A studded slide that'll show off just how trendy you really are. I mean, not that we had any doubts. We knew. Just so others are caught up and on the same page as us.

    14. A clear heel for those who want a heel they can truly wear with anything. I mean, they're CLEAR, literally colorless, you can't get a more easy-to-match option than these.

    15. A faux-leather strappy sandal with a special slot just for your big toe to show off that it's better and more superior to your other toes. No offense to the others, they're all still great.

    16. A pair of sandals literally called "cloudsteppers" for adding in your collection immediately. If you don't buy a pair of shoes with a name like this when they're on sale, then what are you doing?!

    17. A pretty espadrille to make the other shoes in your closet jealous of how much use you're about to get out of these babies. Sorry to your other shoes, but mama has found a new favorite.

    18. A ruched leather slide that'll simply complement just about any and every summer look, as well as your wallet with an unbeatable price.

    19. A leopard print wedge for the nights when you're feeling like braving a heel, might as well turn things up a notch with a fierce leopard print.

    20. A jelly sandal to allow your feet the ability to feel comfy, even after a full day of wearing these everywhere.

    21. A closed heel flat sandal that'll provide some much needed support when you start losing your cool over meeting your future celebrity spouse at their summer concert you have major plans of sneaking backstage at, and will carry you all the way through your honeymoon before you two spend the rest of eternity together.

    22. An orthopedic slide for a casual choice you can rest assured won't start hurting your feet one hour into wearing them.

    23. A detailed wedge that'll add the most beauty and grace to your feet, so if you were feeling too lazy to clean your chipped nail polish off your toes, don't worry, no one is gonna even notice now.

    24. A heel with satin wrap detailing for an absolutely stunning dress-up shoe.

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