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    44 Things You Need If You're Absolutely Obsessed With Disney

    The most magical products on Earth!

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Some may have been sent as samples, but all opinions and reviews are our own. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A Mickey waffle maker for starting your day off on the right foot — it's like going to a character breakfast without spending money on a character breakfast.

    2. A two-pack of adorable scented lip balms — yes, to keep your lips feeling smooth, but also to JUST STARE AT AND HOLD IN THE PALMS OF YOUR HANDS ALL DAY AND LOVE ENDLESSLY.

    3. A trendy, striped Minnie Mouse tee that'll no doubt about it become a go-to in your closet, you wonderful Disney fanatic, you.

    4. A 3D optical illusion Mickey nightlight for those who aren't a fan of the whole ~pitch black~ thing and want a pal like the smiley mouse to can keep them company and brighten the room a bit more.

    5. A Winnie the Pooh corduroy backpack to fill to the brim with your honey stash — I mean, your important things, which yeah, I guess would be your honey stash.

    6. A mug warmer that'll keep your coffee warmer than the hugs Mickey gives after you've waited in line a whole hour trying to meet him in the park — AKA, pretty freaking warm.

    7. A personalized wooden name sign for gifting the Disney-obsessed person in your life — it's something they can cherish forever.

    8. An Incredibles 2 sleepwear collection to get the whole fam bam ready to save the day—but with a good night's rest first, of course.

    9. A five-pack of no show socks that'll make the best additions to your sock drawers — we think you might actually be able to manage matching these when they come out of the laundry.

    10. A recycled shopping tote — a great reusable bag so you won't have to hurt the environment when you grocery shopping (plus, who wouldn't wanna have an errand outing with the cutest couple in the world?).

    11. A monthly subscription box to bring gift shop goodies from the Disney parks to your front door — so basically, a monthly trip to Disney without needing a boarding pass or a hotel reservation.

    12. A Beauty and the Beast stained glass-style journal that'll get you into journaling...that is if you can even bring yourself to open the journal rather instead of staring at how stunning it is.

    13. A Disney Pixar slow cooker for whipping up delicious meals in a super efficient and cute way.

    14. A High School Musical vinyl to jam to for hours upon hours...because let's be real, this was the BEST Disney Channel original movie. Don't @ me.

    15. A pack of three Minnie Mouse eye mask treatments for using when you wanna smooth the skin around your eyes and relax the night away.

    16. A Little Mermaid swimsuit — dive into the ocean while wearing it so you can tell Sebastian if you agree with him about life being better down where it's wetter.

    17. A coloring book that'll bring beautiful, realistic-looking scenes of your favorite Disney films to life.

    18. An 18-pack of princess peel-off nail polish for gifting the little princess in the making in your life, so they can show off their colorful, magical nails.

    19. A two-puck holder to combine your smart watch and MagicBand 2 into one efficient piece.

    20. A Captain America-themed one-cup coffee maker that'll give you the fuel you need to be a superhero.

    21. A Jasmine and Aladdin passport holder for a smooth takeoff on your magic carpet ride—I mean flight.

    22. A princess-themed coloring book filled with 100 awesome images to keep you coloring and relaxed on days you just need some time to unwind.

    23. A 100-pack of collectible postcards that'll make some great wall decor (they'd also be good to share with your friend who's as obsessed with all things Disney as you are).

    24. An unofficial 2018 guide to navigating a trip to Walt Disney World from experienced pros — anyone who has ever been to Disney knows you should map out every last detail to make the most of your time and money.

    25. A trivia game that'll truly put your knowledge to the test — you say you're a diehard Disney person, but are you really?

    26. A monthly subscription box for those who would be THRILLED to unwrap a box filled with collectibles and other fun goodies you can't get enough of each month.

    27. A two-pack of cell phone grips — keep one and give the other to a friend...or keep another one for yourself on-hand should you decide to change colors. You thought you were obsessed with your phone before, now you might never wanna let go.

    28. A Mrs. Potts teapot that'll have you wondering what in the darn heck you were doing all your life without one. Come on, people! The movie came out in 1991 and you're just switching from a normal teapot to this must-have item NOW?!

    29. A Chip mug for drinking your Mrs. Potts-brewed tea...because if you don't buy these two things together, you're doing tea-making wrong.

    30. An extremely relatable shirt to rock all day, every day until someone finally has the brains to book you a trip.

    31. A toaster that'll have you telling your friends, family, and coworkers you started your day off on the right side of the BREAD.

    32. A villain coloring book for providing some much needed stress relief when real-life villains are getting to your head.

    33. A MagicBand decal to add an extra touch of character magic to your wrist. Be sure to look for said characters in the park so you can show them!

    34. A Polynesian-lobby scented candle that'll fill you with the warmth of walking into the hotel lobby at the famous Walt Disney World resort — sometimes the hotel is one of the most magical experiences.

    35. A car window decal for bringing your fave Disney pals on the road with you and giving whoever is driving behind you a fun little experience too.

    36. A Pixar cutting board to make chopping up your ingredients a lot more fun — don't blame the onions, you're obviously crying because of how happy this board makes you!

    37. A tee and shorts pajama set that'll definitely give you some sweet, sweet dreams — think Cinderella's castle, a lap on Space Mountain, and a cup of Dole Whip.

    38. A subscription box filled to the top with yummy noms and exclusive park souvenirs for when you're missing Disney big time and a simple pick-me-up of treats can help get you by.

    39. A pretty pair of sequined ears that'll be anxiously awaiting a spot in your suitcase (and then on your head) during the next Disney vacay you take.

    40. An autograph book for showing up at the park ready to collect all the signatures — this isn't just for kiddos, we know you adults want Goofy's signature! Don't be shy.

    41. A mini cake pop maker to make delicious Mickey/Minnie-shaped creations with — perhaps you or someone close to you is celebrating something special soon and you wanna make some treats to ring in the occasion?

    42. A monogrammed MagicBand decal that'll add your very own personalized, special touch to your band, so there's no mistaking whose is whose.

    43. A Tinker Bell crossbody bag for being super fashionable and spreading some smiles. How could you look at little Tink laughing and not be instantly happy?

    44. A T-shirt to tell people what your real priorities are. Yeah, the rides are amazing, the characters are sweet, and the atmosphere is incredible, but the food? The food is the real winner.

    Now I need to book my next vacation here, pronto.

    The reviews in this post have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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