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    Just 17 Products For Anyone Who Loves To Eat Eggs

    These products are truly ~eggcellent.~

    1. A cookbook filled with innovative and delicious...yep you guessed it, EGG RECIPES — from the owners of an egg-inspired restaurant. So, they have to be good.

    2. A rapid egg cooker to prepare your favorite style of the yummy breakfast food EGGtra quick — hard/medium/soft boiled, poached, scrambled, omelet — breakfast for dinner anyone?

    3. Silicone egg rings that'll make it possible to whip up multiple fried eggs in a pan at a time, without worrying about them combining into one ginormous egg or having to make them all separately.

    4. Freeze-dried chives that'll give your eggs a nice onion flavor, without needing to keep fresh chives or fresh onion on-hand.

    5. A pre-seasoned skillet so you can cook up all your favorite kinds of eggs without worry that they'll stick to the pan. You could also use this pan to cook up and serve an egg dish like shakshuka — all that yummy, tomato-y goodness.

    6. A breakfast sandwich maker so you can enjoy the best breakfast sandwich you've ever had — because guess what? You get to decide what goes in it.

    7. Reusable silicone baking cups that'll make whipping up egg muffins easier and greener. Simply add your fillings of choice, add the eggs, pop in the oven, and voila!

    8. Truffle hot sauce that'll basically be the most ~fancy~ hot sauce you've ever tried. It has the spiciness you love in hot sauce, of course, infused with a rich truffle taste. I personally LOVE putting this stuff on my eggs, and I think you will too!

    9. A sous vide egg bite maker that'll be so fun and simple to use, your new hobby might become trying ALL the delicious egg bite recipes you can find. Not to mention, they make a great breakfast and protein-rich snack.

    10. A boiled egg peeler you add a little water to along with your boiled egg, shake a little, and... wait, you mean to tell me it's that easy to peel my eggs? Yup, it's that easy.

    11. A four-mold pan so you can fry up four separate fried eggs quickly and efficiently. It's also great for making pancakes, so breakfast = served.

    12. Trader Joe's Everything But The Bagel Seasoning that's SO GOOD, I actually can't remember the last time I ate eggs without sprinkling this stuff onto it. Actually, I vaguely can, but only vaguely because it was a sad breakfast and I've repressed it from my memory.

    13. An egg poacher you can either use on the stovetop or in the microwave. It's a beautiful thing when you learn you can actually poach eggs in the microwave, isn't it?

    14. An egg timer that'll light up to indicate when your boiled eggs are either soft, medium, or hard. No more trying to guess how many minutes each one will take — boiled eggs cooked precisely to your liking is what you deserve.

    15. A bread cutter that takes a egg-in-a-hole breakfast to a wHOLE new level of fun. Plus, it's been scientifically proven that when your food is fun to eat, it tastes better. At least I think it's been scientifically proven.

    16. A microwave egg cooker so you can whip up omelets, frittatas, poached eggs, and scrambled eggs super fast without compromising on yumminess.

    17. And last, but certainly not least, sumo wrestler egg cups — I could sit here and give a reason why I think you should buy these, but I think just looking at the photo below is convincing enough. You're welcome.

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