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    42 Products That’ll Just Help Make Your Life A Bit Better

    Who can say no to sidewalk chalk that looks like pizza?

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Some may have been sent as samples, but all opinions and reviews are our own. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A split decision pie pan to prevent you from having to choose between two yummy pie recipes, since now you can make BOTH! Or if you just want one pie recipe but know that making a whole pie will eventually go to waste, you can just make half of it!

    2. A deck of affirmation cards that are a wonderful combination of funny, inspiring, and aesthetically pleasing to look at.

    the box of affirmation cards next to an authenticity card and beauty card

    3. A shower oil to leave your skin feeling soft and clean, and also smelling DELICIOUS. Win-win-win.

     a person holding the bottle of shower oil

    4. A cat butt coloring book that's equal parts hilarious and precious. I guess you can say it's the purr-fect coloring book.

    5. A customizable face mask lanyard chain to help make mask-wearing a little more convenient and a lot more cute.

    purple, blue, and green beaded mask chain with personalized letter beads

    6. A massage pillow for making you feel as if you have a personal masseuse. I mean like, it's NBD or anything.

    7. A bug bite suction tool to help get rid of itchy bites. Kinda rude that little buggies get to munch on our skin and blood and we have to deal with itchiness after.

    8. A wine aerator you can stick into the bottle of your favorite vino, making your next glass taste better just by simply...pouring it.

    9. And before you go to taste your aerated wine, you'll want to stick in one of these wine wands to help filter out histamines and sulfates so you don't wake up the next morning with a headache.

    10. Earrings you can get customized with the letters and colors of your choosing. You can have them spell out something funny, something that speaks to your personality, your initials — the possibilities are endless!

    11. An acne drying treatment to simply apply to pimples, and then just sit back, relax, and let it work its magic!

    A person putting the acne treatment on their finger

    12. A one-line-a-day, five-year memory book that'll serve as a fun and sweet way to keep track of your thoughts, feelings, accomplishments, and obstacles.

    13. A winged eyeliner stamp so you don't have to waste time during your makeup routine trying to nail the perfect cat eye. Just stamp it on and voila!

    14. A weighted blanket to help you fall asleep quicker and stay asleep, because the best gift you can give yourself is the gift of a great night's sleep.

    a model with the weighted blanket wrapped around them

    15. A faux-fur blanket that you'll immediately want to wrap yourself in as if it's a tortilla and you're the contents of a warm burrito.

    the gray faux fur blanket hanging over a chair

    16. An iRobot Roomba so you can delegate vacuuming your own floors to the robot while getting other, more important things crossed off your to-do list: AKA your 20th Bridgerton re-watch.

    17. An aromatherapy diffuser that'll allow you to breathe in the sweet smell of your favorite essential oil scents while feeling nice and relaxed.

    a reviewer photo of the aromatherapy diffuser

    18. And while you're at it, you should add a variety pack of essential oils to your cart. You can use one at a time or make things interesting and create your own soothing combination.

    the box of the essential oils

    19. A personalized body wash from Function of Beauty that'll make shower time feel so much more luxurious.

    the body wash in pink with a duck sticker on the bottle

    20. An expanding accordion folder for neatly organizing your important papers, notes, and documents in one easy place! Plus, they come in fun colors and have a cute little smiley face printed on the front!

    21. A Harry Potter wand remote to make channel surfing feel like a magic trick.

    the wand remote in a wand-like box

    22. Non-stick toaster bags so when your next craving for a midnight grilled cheese hits, you can simply pop it in the toaster, no pans needed.

    23. Melatonin sleep gummies for those who dread the nightly struggle of trying to just fall asleep. Say adios to sleepless nights and hello to some help when it comes to waking up fresh and ready to tackle the day ahead.

    the jar of the sleep gummies

    24. A pumpkin spice simple syrup so you can enjoy the BEST (yes, the BEST) beverage flavor year-round, not just in the fall.

    a person holding the bottle of pumpkin simple syrup

    25. A pair of touch screen gloves that'll allow you to still text your group chat about how cold it is outside, but at least your hands will stay warm!

    a reviewer wearing the gloves in the rose red color

    26. An Echo Dot to basically serve as your own personal assistant of sorts. Do you wanna play music? Read the news? Find out what the weather outside is like? All you have to do is ask this handy device those things and SO much more.

    the gray echo dot

    27. A cold brew coffee maker that'll help you whip up a delicious iced coffee treat — pro tip: do it the night before so it has time to chill while you're asleep, and all you have to do in the morning is pour and enjoy.

    28. An anti-blister balm to apply before putting on your shoes so you can prevent those painful annoyances from even trying to happen.

    a person gliding the balm onto their foot

    29. Glossier Milky Jelly Cleanser – a conditioning face wash that'll feel nice and gentle on ultra-sensitive skin, but contains the same cleaning agents found in contact lens solution so it's powerful in its abilities.

    30. Bed sheet clips so you can ensure your sheets actually stay in place, no matter how all over the place you are in your sleep.

    one of the bed sheet clips securing a bed sheet

    31. A sloth planner and notepad that's super adorable, and unlike the nature of these slow-moving cute creatures, will help make it easier to stay on track and get through your to-do list quicker.

    BuzzFeed Editor Emma McAnaw holding the sloth notepad with things written down she has on her to-do list

    32. Sidewalk chalk resembling PIZZA (YEAH...I KNOW!!!) to leave you wondering, "why didn't I have sidewalk chalk like this as a child?" Trust me, I understand. Hey, we've found it now, that's what's important!

    a veggie pizza and a pepperoni pizza sidewalk chalk

    33. An Instant Pot ready to be your personal chef. It can whip up a wide variety of foods like slow-cooked meals, rice, steamed vegetables, and more. Just dump everything in the pot, press a button or two, and walk away.

    34. Blue light–blocking glasses that'll protect your eyes from straining while looking at computer, phone, and television screens.

    35. Wonder Hangers to help you group certain garments together, which in turn makes it easier to find that shirt you know you own but can't seem to find no matter how many times you look.

    36. The Unofficial Harry Potter Cookbook that will basically be your ticket on the Hogwarts Express because it'll help you make all the meals you've read about in the books.

    37. A Dorothy, Blanche, Rose, and Sophia saint candle set to honor your love and appreciation for The Golden Girls in the most ~lit~ way possible.

    the dorothy, blanche, rose, and sophia candle set

    38. A Burst Sonic Toothbrush — an electric toothbrush with a battery that lasts for ONE MONTH per charge. Plus, it's been clinically proven to remove up to 10 times more plaque than a manual toothbrush, and helps to reduce gingivitis-related gum bleeding while brushing.

    The toothbrush in rose gold

    39. A rolling pin that'll literally imprint fun Star Wars designs on your dough. Ready to chow down on the coolest-looking batch of cookies you've ever made?

    the star wars dough roller and cookies with various imprints on them made using the roller

    40. A weekly coffee subscription to deliver fresh beans to your doorstep. It's the perfect way to ensure you'll always brew a cup of something delicious, without ever getting bored.

    a bag of coffee beans

    41. A calendar planner with colorful dot stickers for keeping track of important dates, meetings, assignments, to-do lists, and more!

    42. An emoji cardalloon (a super fun combo of a card and a balloon) to send yourself, because why the heck not?! All you have to do is write a nice little note to yourself about how great you are (because trust me, you're pretty freaking great!!!), press the red button when it arrives, and watch it inflate right in front of you.