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    18 Products People Say Have Low-Key Changed Their Lives

    Maybe even high-key changed their lives.

    We asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us which products have low-key changed their lives. From a fancy schmancy espresso machine, to a cordless vacuum, to a super breathable non-medical face mask, here are some of the products they recommended to us:

    1. A Java Sok to help keep your overpriced (but delicious) iced coffee insulated for longer. It also helps to prevent watery puddles from forming and hands from getting cold and wet.

    2. A FOREO LUNA mini 2 facial cleanser that'll make the chore-like task of washing your face from a day's worth of skin impurities (aka dirt and oil) so much more fun, you may actually look forward to your nighttime routine.

    3. A nonmedical face mask for a SUPER BREATHABLE way to keep yourself and others safe whether you're out for a run, doing errands, or taking the dog for a walk.

    4. A 7-in-1 Instant Pot that is destined to become your new favorite kitchen gadget — this thing is a pressure cooker, slow cooker, rice cooker, steamer, yogurt maker, warmer, and a sauté-r all in one!

    5. A food storage container set so you can store your fresh produce with the peace of mind that they won't go bad before you even had the chance to eat them.

    6. An eyebrow shaving tool that'll allow you to seamlessly and painlessly touch up your brows right from the comfort of your own home — no threading, tweezing, or waxing required!

    A person using the Flawless Eyebrows gadget to clean up their eyebrows

    7. A Hydro Flask to keep your cold drinks cold and your hot drinks hot for hours — ya know, the way you intended.

    8. A Dyson V8 cordless vacuum so you can wave goodbye to the struggle that is a wired vacuum with one hand, while effortlessly cleaning the most difficult crevices of your home with the other.

    9. A high-quality pan for cooking up your favorite foods and then cleaning everything up afterwards with ease.

    The Always Pan in the pinkish "spice" color

    10. A Snuggle Puppy that's basically a miracle solution to helping ease your pup's loneliness and separation anxiety — it's especially perfect for those crate-training their furry bbs.

    11. A migraine relief stick that'll help stop migraines in their tracks. You: 1, Migraine: 0, and that's how it should always be.

    12. A pair of wireless earbuds so you can listen to your music, audiobooks, podcasts, and more without having to spend what feels like a lifetime untangling wires to do so.

    13. A Zyliss garlic press for the quickest and easiest way to add crushed garlic to all of your yummy recipes.

    14. Warby Parker glasses for the trendiest pair of prescription glasses you'll ever own. Plus, for those who are indecisive, their at-home try-on program is THE BEST.

    15. A rapid egg cooker for whipping up boiled eggs, omelets, and poached eggs in a flash. When your eggs are ready, the cooker will ring to let you know. Long gone are the days of standing over the stove.

    16. Heavy-duty metal hooks that can be used in a variety of ways — kitchen utensils, a spot to hangs coats or towels, a place to keep car and house keys, or for your keeping your face mask by the front door so you never have an excuse to forget it.

    17. An espresso machine — sure, one of these fancy schmancy gadgets might cost you a small fortune, but so is your daily $5 latte.

    18. A water tumbler with colorful rubber bands that'll make it easier to track your daily water intake. Once you finish drinking one of these, take a band off, and keep going until you've gotten through all of them.

    BuzzFeed Editor Samantha Wieder holding the water tumbler with the various colored rubber bands on it

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