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    20 Products For Dog Owners That'll Get You Truly Impressive Results

    If your pet could speak, they would ask you to buy these products.

    1. A grooming brush to make the task of removing tangled, dead hair off your fluffy friend super quick and easy, and a heck of a lot cheaper than constant visits to get them groomed.

    on the left, a reviewer's dog's fur looking messy, and on the right, it looks clean and fluffy after using the brush

    2. A snout soother stick for providing some much-needed relief to your pupper's chapped/crusty nose.

    on the left, a dog's nose looked chapped and crusty, and on the right, it's not anymore

    3. A stain and odor remover that'll be no match for messes and unpleasant smells left behind by fur babies. An immaculately clean carpet AND a wonderful snuggle buddy? Yes, you can have both!

    4. An antiseptic spray to help treat infections your fluffy friend might get, such as yeast infections, hot spots, ringworm, and pyoderma.

    on the left, a reviewer's dog's paw looking red and irritated, and on the right, the same paw looking less red and irritated

    5. A pet ear cleanser for a painless and easy way to treat your fluffer's dirty ears so they 1) don't suffer from infections down the line, and 2) can REALLY hear all the compliments you want to give them.

    on the left, a dog's ear looking dirty, and on the right, the same ear now looking clean

    6. A pet hair-removal broom and squeegee that'll help you get rid of the furry mess your pet leaves behind. It might not be visible to the naked eye, but you just KNOW it's living in your carpet...and TBH...it's quite gross.

    7. Pet tearstain combs for simple removal of crust and mucus around your fluffy friend's eyes.

    8. A cordless nail grinding tool to make the daunting task of trimming your pet's nails a painless, seamless experience. They can't speak human, but if they could, they would say thank you!

    on the left, a dog's nails looking long and sharp, and on the right, the same nails now looking shorter and less sharp

    9. An all-natural healing balm that'll help treat an array of skin problems like hot spots, bug bites, cuts, rashes, abrasions, burns, surgical wounds, and dry/itchy skin!

    10. An oral liquid tartar, which is basically like mouthwash for your doggo. You simply add to your pup's water so it can help reduce plaque and bacteria and make their breath smell less yucky.

    on the left, a dog's teeth barely growing in, and on the right, the same teeth now looking like they're growing in healthy

    11. A medicated shampoo that'll help fight off any parasitic skin infection your poor friend might be dealing with.

    on the left, a dog's fur with white flakes on it, and on the right, the fur now clear of the white flakes

    12. A pet hair roller because everything about our little fluffers is absolutely perfect except for the fact that their fur and hair get on everything we own. But we still love them, right?

    13. A topical lotion to provide relief from various common skin problems, thanks to ingredients like organic whole-leaf aloe vera and vitamin E.

    a series of photos showing a dog without their fur whose skin looks irritated, with their skin slowly looking less irritated and their fur growing back

    14. A vanilla-mint toothpaste so you can reduce your pet's yucky mouth odors without having to endure the odors other dog toothpastes typically give off because of their meat flavor.

    15. A wrinkle paste to assist in clearing away wrinkles, tearstains, and tail pockets from your precious little buddy's body.

    a before-and-after photo of a reviewer's dog's face looking healthier and the dog looking happier after using the wrinkle paste

    16. A pet hair-eraser vacuum so you can take care of what is the only slightly negative thing about having a furry animal in your house — the HAIR. Everything else is great, though. We stan pets; go adopt a pet.

    on the left, a piece of fabric covered in dog fur, and on the right, the same fabric now clear of the fur

    17. A plunger for making the chore of cleaning your furry friend's paws a seamless process for both of you. No more worrying about the dirt they're gonna track around your floors after they come back inside.

    a series of photos of a reviewer's dog's dirty paw being cleaned used the plunger

    18. An allergy–immune system supplement that serves two purposes: helping to prevent seasonal allergies and reactions, and supporting your pet's digestive health.

    19. A dental health powder you simply sprinkle onto your pup's food as if you're a magical fairy magically giving them the mystical gift of clean teeth and fresh breath.

    20. A SpotBot hands-free stain cleaner, so scrubbing up pet messes can now be a thing of the past. All you have to do is press the button, sit back, and relax.

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