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    26 Pairs Of Boots That People Actually Swear By

    You can never have too many boots!!!

    1. Chelsea rain boots for conquering rainy/lightly snowy days with chic urban style.

    2. Thermal snow boots lined with thick faux fur inside to keep your feet feeling nice and toasty, no matter how bitingly cold the temperature gets.

    3. Faux-suede boots detailed with pretty stitching and a wrapped belt that'll take any outfit from fab to a MILLION TIMES MORE FAB — because there is no such thing as a drab outfit here, nope.

    4. Mid-calf combat boots with a discreet zippered pocket to store things like cash, cards, or a key. They're perfect for wearing when you're really not feeling carrying a purse for your small belongings.

    5. Knee-high leather boots, available in both regular and wide calf sizes, to instantly become your new favorite pair of boots — everyone can use a classic, solid pair of riding boots.

    6. Ankle booties with cutouts so you can be all business at the front of the shoe, and then a DAMN PARTY on the side. Heck ya!

    7. Over-the-knee faux suede boots that'll perfectly pair with your favorite dress or skirt in a stylish office outfit, or a trendy ensemble on a night out with your squad. Not to mention, reviewers rave about how truly comfortable these babies are!

    8. Classic Ugg boots for those who have somehow managed to make it to 2019 without owning a pair of these boots that truly make you feel like you're walking on a cloud, or perhaps you're just overdue for a new pair.

    9. And if you already own the classic Uggs or live in a wet weather climate, water-resistant suede Uggs will be a great way to ensure your feet still get to reap the benefits of wearing those plush shoes, without worrying about Mother Nature ruining them.

    10. Of course, there are suede boots very similar to the above styles at a price tag that'll be gentler on your wallet. Sometimes you just can't justify spending THAT much $$ on shoes, we get it.

    11. Studded boots for adding some edge to your wardrobe. You didn't come to play, and these badass shoes are solid proof.

    12. Block heel boots featuring a cute slouch, distressed details, and, of course, a block heel to treat yourself to some boots that look like they just came right off the runway at BYFW — Boot York Fashion Week.

    13. Studded leather booties so you can turn every head the second you walk into every room. Hear all the buzzing around you? Those are the sweet sounds of people envying your style.

    14. High-heel boots with a laced-up back that'll serve as the perfect option when getting all glammed up to go out with your crew.

    15. Suede wedge boots embellished with buckles at the top and bottom perfect for when you wanna add a simple, but cute, pair of boots with a reasonable price tag into your closet.

    16. Laced ankle booties so you can finally realize there IS such a thing as COMFY HEELS, and they exist in the form of these adorable shoes.

    17. Faux-leather booties to very quickly become your new go-to shoe. You're gonna wanna wear these to work, to school, to just run errands, to hang out with friends, to bed — hey, you do you.

    18. Tall waterproof rain boots that'll have you splashing around in every puddle you can find — not just because you can, but because you want people passing by to see your SUPER CUTE wellies.

    19. Ankle rain boots perfect for those who do in fact need a solid pair of rain boots, but prefer a shorter boot as opposed to a taller one. These are so cute, you're gonna want to wear them even when it's not raining.

    20. Chunky lace-up boots to show off your ~edgy~ side while your feet still feel hella comfy. Basically, these shoes are a win/win.

    21. Waterproof winter boots that'll shield your feet and calves from even the yuckiest, most brutal of cold-weather conditions. Rain, snow, sleet, hail? Psh, those are no match for these bad boys.

    22. Dr. Martens combat boots you need to buy immediately, because it's a law in the shoe world that everyone needs to own a pair of these timeless babies. I don't make the laws, I just abide by them.

    23. Suede moccasin boots for channeling your inner boho chick. Just be prepared, you're gonna have to answer the question "Where can I get those shoes?" a million times on the days you wear them.

    24. Buckle-detailed fashion boots to not only pair with, like, everything in your wardrobe, but they're made with faux-fur lining inside, so those feet of yours can be warm AND trendy.

    25. Combat boots that are so cool-looking, you'll want to keep wearing these even when the weather changes from cold to sweltering hot.

    26. Leather ankle booties to get IMMEDIATELY, because I personally own these amazing shoes and practically live in them!!! They are so comfortable, go with EVERYTHING, only took a day to break in, and have I mentioned I PRACTICALLY LIVE IN THEM?!

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