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    Just 34 Stunning Prom Gowns You Can Buy Online

    Alexa, play "A Night To Remember," from High School Musical 3.

    1. A sleeveless V-neck for a super simple, but stunning option you can actually wear without a bra (!!!), because there is enough padding to keep you supported (!!!!!).

    2. An off-the-shoulder floral satin beauty to wear if you want prom night to just involve twirling around the dance floor, showing off your beautiful ensemble.

    3. A ruffled dress that'll have you channeling your inner "Bop To The Top" Sharpay Evans — speaking of, you should totally request that bop the second you arrive at the venue.

    4. A beaded in the front/sheer in the back top gown with a side slit for those who want a lil' bit of every trendy element, without going *too* overboard.

    5. An embroidered strapless babe to wear in honor of your upcoming prom, but to save and get use out of in years to come — formals, many special occasions, one amazing dress.

    6. An off-the-shoulder option that'll make your schoolmates wonder how they didn't know they were getting an education alongside a real-life movie star this WHOLE time.

    7. A pleated maxi with lace detailing and a leg slit for those who want something that will really turn heads.

    8. A cowl mermaid maxi to buy if you want something elegant, but low-key. Not to mention, this is a great dress to utilize multiple times in years to come.

    9. A sequined number with a high slit and cut-outs that'll make prom night feel more like a night at a Hollywood party, where you're the main star, OBVS.

    10. An embellished gown for making the announcement "move over betches, the prom queen has ARRIVED," without actually having to say it out loud.

    11. A cut-out maxi with a high slit to buy if you're someone who is good at time management. "Why" you ask? Because you're gonna want to spend hours upon hours taking amazing photos to post on the 'gram, and you don't wanna uhhh, miss the actual prom.

    12. A flowy beauty available in a variety of colors at a price tag your wallet won't cry over, so you can go ahead and order multiples — one you can wear at prom, multiples you can rotate between for college formals. Get some now and save them for when your friends get married in like, 10 years!

    13. An off-the-shoulder split dress with a sweetheart neckline especially great for wearing if you live in an area where the temps might get super hot on prom night, and you don't want a heavy dress that'll lead to your makeup sweating off.

    14. A pleated halter perfect to get if you're on the taller side and the fear of a dress stopping before your feet keeps you awake at night.

    15. A sparkly Badgley Mischka gown that'll allow you to still live out your wildest dreams of wearing a stunning designer dress on prom night, without dipping into your college funds.

    16. A crinkly maxi with a low scoop back and adjustable ties for a ~beachy~ look. I mean, summer is right around the corner by the time prom comes, right?!

    17. A scoop-neck mermaid gown with lace detailings to wear if the idea of answering the question "where did you get your beautiful dress?" a million and one times sounds, TBH, pretty freaking exciting.

    18. A crystal sheath gown that'll make anyone who has ever wronged you in the last 12 years in this school district instantly regret the fact they ever crossed the best-dressed person in their senior class.

    19. A long-sleeve dress with rhinestone-embellished side panels for those who wanna use prom night as an opportunity to show off their truly sophisticated fashion.

    20. A 3D floral beauty to get if you wanna wear something a bit different than what the rest of your class might show-up to prom in, without going too cray.

    21. A pretty option featuring a sequined bodice and a tulle skirt that'll have you feeling like a real-life princess, which is how everyone should feel on their prom night.

    22. A metallic floral mermaid halter for those who just love any- and everything patterned.

    23. A strapless chiffon gown with an embellished sweetheart neckline available in a wide selection of colors to get if all the many choices of dress is stressing you out a bit, and you wanna just keep it simple and easy.

    24. A two-piece ensemble featuring a lace top and a floral bottom that'll make you super happy, ya' know, if two-piece things are your jam.

    25. A tulle maxi with a plunging neckline for those who prefer a more minimalist style — think of all the fun shoe, jewelry, and makeup options you can try!

    26. A strapless fishtail gown featuring a slit and cut-outs to get if you're not crazy about embellishments, but absolutely die for cool cut-out details and silhouettes.

    27. A ruffled maxi that'll be dressy enough for prom with some pretty accessories, but casual enough for special outings in the summer months following prom night.

    28. A floral print chiffon dress you can get in V-neck, one-shoulder strap, or strapless, because this dress is so, so cute, and it just really wants to be worn by you.

    29. A golden rose ballgown for a royal-esque dress any real-life queen would be hella jealous of you owning.

    30. A one-shoulder tulle option in a rich, royal blue color that'll make everyone around you think you went to some high-end boutique, when really you sat in your pajamas and ordered this from Asos.

    31. An A-line choice with a beaded V-neck bodice and a chiffon bottom to get if you want something a bit summery, but is still super prom-like.

    32. A sequin-panel maxi — it can add a slight touch of fun to your look, without being over-the-top. Some people just aren't into glitzy dresses and that, my friend, is totally okay!

    33. An eloquent, no-frills halter gown with a back cut-out for those who know making an investment on a prom dress should be one where you can definitely get use out of it again in the future. So the simpler, the better!

    34. A silver embroidered Marchesa you can rent for prom, and then strut around the entire night having the fact in your head that uh, you're wearing a literal Marchesa gown.


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