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    Just 30 Random Products We Really Love

    A John Frieda hot air brush, a customizable fanny pack, an overnight acne treatment, and other products we (the BuzzFeed Shopping team) truly adore.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Some may have been sent as samples, but all opinions and reviews are our own. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. An eyebrow razor that'll make it super simple to clean up your eyebrows yourself. Plus, it's way less painful than waxing and threading!

    BuzzFeed Editor Emma Lord holding the light pink Tinkle eyebrow razor

    2. A microwave egg cooker so you can whip up a high protein breakfast without needing to break out the skillet or turn on the stove.

    3. The Comfy — a combination of a sherpa blanket and a hoodie that'll keep you feeling so warm, cozy, and — you guessed it — COMFY. Good luck! You're never gonna wanna take this thing off.

    4. Glass meal prep containers so you can make your food for the week ahead of time, and have some peace of mind that your food will stay fresh until it's time to eat.

    5. A pair of compressive, high-rise leggings that are super stretchy, squat-proof, and buttery soft. Oh, and they're made from 25 recycled water bottles so they're sustainable, too!

    6. An enamel pin so you can rep two of the best songs on Lover — "Cornelia Street" and "I Think He Knows." If these two aren't close to the top of your Lover song ranking, I may or may not be judging you.

    The pins

    7. An acid peel formulated with caviar lime — an Australian fruit that's rich in AHAs to help brighten up and soften dull, stressed skin.

    The face peel

    8. A pair of platform sandals made with water-friendly materials with a cushiony yoga mat foot bed, as well as an elastic back strap for a snug fit. IDK about you, but if I could design my ideal comfy/cute sandals, these are exactly what they would look like.

    BuzzFeed Editor Mal Mower's sandals

    9. An electric candle lighter so you can ignite a flame in a way that's safer than using matches or a gas lighter. Plus, the bottom lock switch provides some extra peace of mind to those with kids, pets, or for those who plan to bring it on-the-go.

    BuzzFeed Editor holding the candle lighter

    10. A Core meditation trainer to help guide your breathing, focus your attention, and leave you feeling more relaxed.

    11. A hot air brush so you can dry AND style your damp hair with one convenient styling tool. It's like getting a salon blowout all without having to leave your house!

    12. An acne-drying treatment to simply apply to pimples, and then just sit back, relax, and let it work its magic!

    A person holding the tube of the acne drying treatment with a pea-size amount on their finger

    13. A scented candle with a crackling wick that'll make for the perfect addition to all of your cozy days. Now all you need is a hot drink, a good book, and some comfy clothes.

    The candle in the Fireside scent

    14. A pair of Teva sandals that are comfy and sturdy enough to get you through days spent outdoors, partaking in water activities, or just running errands!

    The sandals in the sunflower color

    15. A Diaper Genie — an odor-controlling diaper pail that can hold up to 270 diapers before needing to change out the bag. Looking after a new baby is already a lot of work, we just wanna help make things easier for you.

    16. A divided skillet that'll allow you to cook all the different parts of your meal at the same time in one pan!

    The sectioned skillet with some different cooking in each section

    17. A picnic table squirrel feeder so the little guys that hang out in your yard now have a nice spot to sit and actually enjoy their food. I mean really, can you think of anything better than looking at your window and seeing one of the below images? I can't.

    18. A featherweight, compact camping chair that you'll be able to easily carry and bring with you on all of your outdoor excursions.

    A reviewer photo of the chair in black

    19. A medical kit to pack on your next outdoor day trip, so just incase you or your loved one sustains a minor injury, you'll be prepared with the essentials.

    A person holding the medical kit

    20. An absorbent, lightweight waffle robe that'll feel so comfy post-shower/bath, you may never wanna put on real clothes again.

    A person wearing the robe in the smoke color

    21. An anti-chafe stick to glide on areas where you typically chafe prior to activity to prevent that uncomfortable, painful burning sensation from happening.

    The anti-chafe stick

    22. A warmer that'll make it easy to heat up and keep tortillas, pitas, wraps, flat breads, and more warm for up to an hour.

    The warmer

    23. A pair of lightweight, cushiony running shoes so your feet can stay nice and comfy while working out.

    The sneakers in gray and purple

    24. A fanny pack that comes in a variety of fun colors and can be personalized with patches of your choice. Sorry to all of your other bags, you'll want to use this 24/7 now.

    25. A 3-in-1 night serum made with an AHA/BHA/gentle flower acid blend, hyaluronic acid, and a proprietary honey blend to help resurface, hydrate, and clarify skin ALL while you sleep!

    BuzzFeed Editor Sarah Lee's bottle of Farmacy's Honeymoon Glow

    26. Silicone poaching cups so you can easily whip up poached eggs in the microwave next time you wake up craving Eggs Benedict.

    The egg poaching cups

    27. An adorable pair of socks you should be adding to your cart right now. For fox sake, stop reading this and go buy them!!!

    A person wearing the fox ankle socks

    28. Curtains featuring an elegant top-knot at the top that'll make the perfect addition to any room with windows in your living space.

    29. A shearling slingback sandal for the SOFTEST, COMFIEST sandals that'll ever brace your feet. BRB, going to order them in every color.

    The sandals in the white and black colors

    30. A kick and play piano that'll keep your famous musician in the making entertained, and honestly, will probably keep you pretty entertained as well. You're welcome.

    A baby playing with the kick piano in their crib

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