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    13 Foot-Saving Products With Before And After Photos You'll Love To Hate

    We won't tell anyone you secretly love these photos, don't worry.

    1. A two-pack of wart-removal gel for treating plantar warts faster than you can say, "how do I treat my plantar wart?"

    2. A foot filer to leave your feet feeling even smoother than your pedicurist could make them feel — minus the tickle attack from the pumice stone.

    3. A fungal nail renewal solution that'll have you whipping out your fave pair of sandals again in no-time to show off your fungi-free toes.

    4. Baby Foot to exfoliate those feetsies that are sometimes prone to cracking and peeling. If you don't already have a foot fetish, you might have one after using this stuff... KIDDING, maybe.

    5. A toenail brace to help correct nail curvature and reduce ingrown toenails — as a former ingrown toenail sufferer myself who had to have surgery not once, but twice, I WISH I could have easily tried to solve my issues by buying a product on Amazon!

    6. A pair of gel heel sleeves – just slip them on and let them work their magic by helping to heal cracked, painful heels. HEAL THOSE HEELS!

    7. A tea tree oil foot and body wash so you can not only get your feetsies feeling nourished and soft, but your whole body!

    8. O'Keeffe's foot cream — you may be familiar with their popular hand cream, so now it's time to get those feet feeling as smooth as those hands.

    9. An electronic foot filer that may make you feel like you just left the best pedicure of your life, all while paying less than what you'd actually pay for your pedicure — I mean, this at least costs less than what I pay for a pedicure, that's for darn sure.

    10. A callus-removal gel — first you soak your feet for two to three minutes in hot water, dry them and apply a generous layer of the gel to your calloused feet, let it sit for three minutes, wipe it off, use a foot scrubber of your choice, and bam — dead skin, be gone.

    11. An electric callus-remover to make the task of getting rid of cracked skin so much faster and simpler, because who wants to sit there scrubbing away at their feet like they're Annie scrubbing the floor until it shines like the top of the Chrysler building?

    12. A peeling liquid mask that one reviewer (see below), recommends using with a pair of socks on to help lock-in the solution so it can really work its magic.

    13. A four-pack of 2-in-1 pumice stonesso you can treat yourself to an at-home spa treatment. If you're anything like me, you might be giggling the entire time you use these, but ya know what? It's fun.

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