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    33 Things On Etsy You'll Be So Glad To Use Every Day

    Yes, I will need to use a peanut butter spoon every day. Thank you very much.

    1. A book tracker bookmark you can fill out as you read. Once you finish a book, all you have to do is color in one of the spines, write the book's title, and then use the bookmark for your next read.

    2. A set of affirmation cards that make for a simple, but lovely way to lift your spirits. I think we can all use some affirmation cards in times like these.

    person holding card that reads "today is a sacred gift from life"

    3. An adorab(oba)le AirPods case and keychain duo for a precious way to dress up your headphones charging case.

    a person holding the boba airpods case and keychain

    4. A personalized cutting board you can get customized with a recipe of your choosing! It's the perfect way to meal prep and add a special touch to your kitchen.

    5. Personalized monogram texting gloves so you'll be able to message the group chat about the freezing cold temps outside while your hands stay warm and cozy.

    various colors of monogrammed texting gloves

    6. A bar of soap that contains a hidden bill inside ranging anywhere from $1 to $100. Each time you wash your hands, you'll be that much closer to unveiling the mystery cash prize.

    7. A personalized water bottle for anyone who's a fan of Starbucks or Disney, and wants to increase their water consumption. This water bottle will help keep you on track throughout the day with its time markings. Plus, it's super cute!

    8. A leather cable organizer that's chic and pretty, but best of all? Very useful. Say goodbye to a messy tangle of wires and hello to organization.

    9. A set of personalized pencils you can customize with colors and text of your choice. Taking notes and writing to-do lists is about to be more fun, trust me.

    10. A vanilla bean simple syrup for adding some delicious vanilla flavor to coffee, tea, cocktails, mocktails, baked goods, and well, basically everything.

    person holding two bottles of vanilla bean syrup

    11. A vegan deodorant that's free of baking soda, harsh chemicals, phthalates, and parabens, but doesn't sacrifice on providing all-day, fresh underarm coverage.

    the stick of deodorant

    12. A weekly notepad to help you keep track of important things on your to-do list in the week ahead. Whether it's writing down important meetings, appointments, assignments, or grocery lists — this planner will make it exciting and easy.

    the planner

    13. A double-layered face mask that comes in a variety of fun colors and styles for anyone looking to switch things up a little and add another option to their mask collection. Reviewers seem to especially love these for their breathable fabric and comfortable fit, which, as we've all come to know, are two very important factors in picking the right face mask.

    14. A floating wooden shelf to add some aesthetically-pleasing additional storage space to your kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, or anywhere else you need.

    the wooden shelves hanging in a kitchen and holding things like dishes, cups, and decorative pieces

    15. A mug that'll serve a double purpose of fueling you with your morning caffeine and reminding you, *cue momager Kris voice,* of the amazing job you're doing, sweetie.

    a person holding the white mug that has a thought bubble with black text inside that reads "you're doing amazing sweetie"

    16. A floral bill tracker to make managing your finances a more organized, simple process. Look at you #adulting! So proud of you!

    17. A mailbox decal that you may not technically be using every day, but is something that may help bring a smile to your postal carrier's face six days a week.

    18. A candle for those who just can't get enough warm and cozy vibes in their life. Yes, that includes spring and summer, too. Some spend their time soaking up sun rays, and we spend our time lighting candles and counting down to pumpkin spice season. Good for us.

    the lit warm and cozy candle

    19. A hot sauce trio that'll bring some serious flavor and heat to all of your favorite dishes. How are you gonna decide which one to try first?!

    the hot sauce in belizean habanero, jalapeno lime, and sweet chili flavors

    20. Crochet shark slippers to keep your feet feeling nice and toasty in a way that's equal parts cute and funny.

    person wearing the crochet shark slipper on their foot

    21. A measurement conversion decal so you can refer to this handy cheat sheet while cooking and baking instead of having to constantly rely on a Google search.

    the decals hanging inside of a kitchen cabinet

    22. A natural, all-purpose cleaner featuring a list of just five readable ingredients you'll be glad to use for your cleaning needs. Also, it'll leave your home smelling super yummy!

    the tea tree and lavender all purpose cleaning spray

    23. A linen bag to help preserve the freshness of your bread loaves, because you didn't spend all that time baking or buying that delicious goodness for it to go bad so soon.

    a loaf of bread inside a gray linen bag

    24. A Rose and Blanche dishwasher magnet that'll serve as a wonderful reminder of which dishwasher items are clean, and which are dirty.

    a person holding the magnet with blanche on the dirty side and rose on the clean side

    25. A customizable towel set to help give your bathroom an extra personalized touch. You can choose to get your name, initial, or as seen below, a fun print embroidered. Perhaps I do need Olaf towels.

    26. A beaded mask chain that'll make carrying around and wearing a mask easier (and trendier). Having to dig through your bag or put your mask down on a surface when it's not being worn is now a thing of the past.

    the black and gold mask chain attached to a black non-medical mask

    27. A Folklore coaster set to prevent water rings and marks from staining your surfaces in the best way possible — WITH TAYLOR SWIFT LYRICS!!!