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    18 Delicious International Foods You Can Buy On Amazon

    "Been around the world, don't speak the language." **But I ate the food.

    1. A marzipan peanut candy, made out of crushed peanuts and pure happiness, from Mexico.

    2. A box of Cadbury chocolates — now you can finally see for yourself what all the rage is that your friends who studied abroad in London make about this stuff, from the United Kingdom.

    3. A pack of strawberry Pocky, a biscuit dipped in strawberry frosting, from Japan. (I mean, you can't go wrong with that.) 😋

    4. A thing of Bamba, which is basically what happens when a cheese doodle meets peanut, minus the cheese. It sounds weird, but tastes amazing, from Israel.

    5. An instant noodle soup that packs on the heat in a beef-based broth and lots of veggies, from Korea.

    6. A sampler of Aero chocolate, a scrumptious treat with a bubbly/airy texture, from the United Kingdom.

    7. A burger or a cookie? How about both? These little cookies look like miniature burgers, but take a bite and discover chocolate-y goodness, from Japan.

    8. A chile habanero hot sauce to make even the blandest of meals fun and spicy, from Mexico.

    9. A soda hard candy — carry these itty bitty suckers around in your pocket for a quick treat anytime, from Japan.

    10. A chocolate bar with pop rocks inside? Yep, you read that correctly. It's a sweet, sweet party in your mouth, from Israel.

    11. A strawberry rice cake that's a whole lotta chewy with a yummy filling. It's more of an acquired taste, but you won't know until you try it, from Japan.

    12. A Lion bar is made with chewy caramel, wafer, and cereal, and then of course, covered in chocolate. Amazon describes it as being "good tasting," and we'd have to agree, from the United Kingdom.

    13. An assortment of Japanese snack food. Find out for yourself what a Japanese cheat meal might look like, from Japan.

    14. A biscuit that perfectly combines orange and chocolate flavors for an irresistible treat, from the United Kingdom.

    15. A butter chicken curry paste so you can whip up restaurant-level meals from the comfort of your own kitchen, from India.

    16. A matcha green tea-flavored Kit Kat, not your usual milk chocolate treat, but hey, trying something new is fun, from Japan.

    17. A pack of falafel-flavored bissli, because bissli is a yummy snack in all of its various flavors, but my personal fave is the falafel, from Israel.

    18. A cookie that tastes a LOT better than its name might suggest. Satisfy your sweet tooth with an addictive snack, from the United Kingdom.

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