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    36 Coverup Dresses You'll Want To Throw In Your Beach Bag Immediately

    I will take one of each.

    1. A layered stripe option for showing others that just because you're at a sandy, salty beach, doesn't mean fashion doesn't matter.

    2. A maxi tee with a sexy little leg slit to not only look great, but to also feel super comfy.

    3. An ombre choice that'll be versatile enough to wear as a normal dress when you're heading to a non-beach function this summer.

    4. A floral outfit for expressing your trendiest side, without breaking the bank.

    5. A shirtdress to pair with your favorite fedora — don't forget to take some gorg Instagram photos with the ocean in the background!

    6. A fringe cold-shoulder with a statement on it that'll tell everyone just where you wanna go so you can show off your new coverup.

    7. A printed V-neck beauty for showing off your love for pretty patterns to everyone you encounter at the pool.

    8. A colorful striped coverup to make your badass, fierce self really stand out of the crowd in the best way possible.

    9. A sheer fringe number that'll allow you to still reveal your awesome bathing suit, while looking majestic AF.

    10. An off-the-shoulder coverup to help you bring just a little bit of the rainforest to the beach this summer — super fun.

    11. A sheer option that'll serve as a simple item to throw on over your swimsuit, still giving you the room to show off your bathing suit, and adding a sexy flair.

    12. A tie-dye dress for wearing on the days you feel like answering, "OMG, where did you get your coverup from?" like a million and one times.

    13. A coverup to make people think you're wearing a two-piecer when you're really you're wearing one adorable dress we're pretty sure is different from other ones you may own.

    14. A see-through orange choice featuring wide sleeves that'll redefine how everyone around you thinks of "beach fashion."

    15. A striped maxi for when you want your fashion to feel as relaxed as you do after a day of soaking up some rays. Plus, it comes with a rope waist tie if you wanna spice it up from time to time.

    16. An embroidered dress to order immediately if you haven't already left (mid-reading this sentence) to buy this gorgeous option.

    17. A tasseled beaut that'll pair great with any swimsuit, your favorite trendy hat, and those new stylish sandals you're waiting to show off.

    18. A sheer maxi for keeping on-hand when you're just in need of a good backup option, without it looking like it was the obvious backup choice.

    19. A hooded option that'll once and for all prove you're the coolest fucking person in a five mile radius — maybe it'll make the pesky seagulls stay away.

    20. A chiffon babe for looking all fine and boujee at a cost you can most certainly dish out and buy for not only yourself, but your best friends, your relatives, your human-sized pets, etc.

    21. A floral caftan to trick others into thinking you walked right off the runway and onto the sand.

    22. A coverup that'll make your fashionista heart go wild with all of the fun things it has — tie dye? Check. Flowi-ness? Check. Embroidery? Check.

    23. A simple choice to add in your rotation immediately because it's pretty, pretty sweet thanks to the gnarly pineapple graphic.

    24. A pastel striped V-neck featuring a self-tie belt to seal the deal on the fact you definitely own the cutest coverup in town, no doubt about it.

    25. A crochet slip that'll let you rock a ravishing number, while still revealing your trendy swimsuit and peeping a little skin.

    26. A hooded coverup to help you hide your face a bit from the mobs of people who swarm you (they'll be asking for your autograph because you're the most fashionable person alive).

    27. A striped poncho that'll feel so impossibly comfy (and cute) while you're wearing it that having to taking it off once you get home is gonna be a struggle.

    28. An off-the-shoulder beauty for strutting your way through the gates of the community pool and showing the other swimmers who is QUEEN.

    29. A floral option to wear over your bathing suits every damn day this summer, but also to wear as the most adorable sundress on days you're not wearing a bathing suit underneath.

    30. A Grecian-inspired dress that'll have you twirling and spinning with joy because — let's face it — the second you put this on, you become a Greek goddess, congratulations.

    31. A cold-shoulder choice for when all of your other stunning cover ups are in the wash (or have yet to make it into the wash).

    32. A flowing polka-dot coverup with embroidered detailing at the top. Buy it immediately, ok? I don't have any further words to say about this because it's so freaking trendy, I literally can't even.

    33. A shirt dress that'll perfectly describe what summer entails (the only thing it's forgetting to list is coverup dresses, but oh well)!

    34. A cold-shoulder choice for combining a little elegance here, a little retro flair there, and a whole lot of trendiness everywhere.

    35. A relaxed fit dress to look like "yeah, whatever, I'm stylish, I know it, I'm effortless about it, it's, NBD."

    36. A cream-colored lace trim option that'll feel nice and light and airy and is gonna be v appreciated on the days when the heat feels downright unbearable.

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