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    35 Cool Gifts To Give Yourself And No One Else

    It's what you deserve.

    1. The Comfy — a sherpa blanket sweatshirt for cozying up at home, or bundling up in when it's time to leave your house and walk out into the cruel, cold world outside. Fun fact: it originated on Shark Tank.

    2. A Morphe x Jaclyn Hill eyeshadow palette featuring 35 amazing shades. A nice mix of neutral colors to rock every day, and some fun colors to channel your creative side.

    3. A crochet banana throw pillow that'll make any room in your house look way more aPEELing. If you decide to buy this, you're legally required to listen to Gwen Stefani's "Hollaback Girl," as you make your purchase. Sorry, I don't make the rules.

    4. An avocado toast sweatshirt for wearing nature's butter, aka the best food in the world, loud and proud.

    5. Jessies-Nutty-Cups, a peanut butter cup subscription box to treat yourself to a monthly delivery to a mouthwatering treat every few weeks. It's what you and your taste buds truly deserve.

    6. A Homesick candle so you can keep the sweet scent of your home state, city, or favorite memory close by no matter how many miles away you may be.

    7. A car dip clip for holding your sauces, so you can eat your nugs and fries with your fave condiments while driving comfortably and safely.

    8. A weighted blanket to help you fall asleep faster and stay asleep — waking up in the morning might be harder, because you won't wanna part ways with this for the day, but hey, you're gonna be well-rested!

    9. A mushion — a snuggly soft cushion you can get with your own face or someone else's face. For example, I would get Joe Jonas' face.

    10. A journal for recording your life moments thus far. It's filled with prompts for you to answer, and in the coming year, you can flip this book open and reflect on where you once were.

    11. A chemistry spice rack set so your inner nerd can marvel as you sprinkle elements from the periodic table onto your meals... or ya know, just spices.

    12. A birthstone pendant necklace to represent your birth month in the prettiest way possible. There is never a bad time to add to your jewelry collection with a piece related specifically to you.

    13. A curling bar that'll give your hair naturally wavy-like curls vs. the stiffer curls you get from other curling irons. I personally LOVE this thing. My hairdresser used it on me a few weeks ago, and the first thing I did when I got home was order one on Amazon. I am OBSESSED with it.

    14. Multi-color custom Disney ears perfect if you have a trip to the parks coming up soon, or just happen to be a huge Disney fanatic. You can personalize your choice of bow color, Disney park castle, and name.

    15. A convertible bag made with a mixture of leather and faux leather that can be worn as a backpack or purse. We love a multi-tasker!

    16. A mini donut maker so you can whip up adorable little versions of a sweet treat and experiment with a variety of different flavors.

    17. Suede roller skates that'll be equally fun to use as trendy decor as they will be to wear.

    18. A cookbook filled with recipes for stepping up your edibles game, because brownies are sooo 2018.

    19. A karaoke microphone perfect to use during a night-in with your squad. Wear your favorite pajamas, eat some junk food, and sing your hearts out.

    20. A four-pack of beer jelly to seriously enhance any food you choose to add 'em to. Spread on artisan bread, utilize while baking muffins, even use as a salad dressing! The possibilities are virtually endless.

    21. Touchscreen faux leather gloves for keeping your hands warm and cozy against the brisk temperatures, looking super sophisticated and trendy, all while ensuring you can still send your best friend live updates of your conversation with your newest Tinder match.

    22. A faux fur throw blanket so you can get all snuggly and cozied up, like your body is the inside of a burrito and this blanket is the warm tortilla hugging you tight.

    23. A roll of 100 pizza stickers so you can reward yourself whenever you accomplish anything. Got out of bed this morning? Take a pizza sticker. Remembered to pay your rent on time this month? Take a pizza sticker. Ate a slice of pizza? Take a pizza sticker.

    24. A washable check mark mug to check off while drinking your morning coffee each day so you can accurately express your mood.

    25. A cat butt purse that'll quickly become the most purr-fect accessory you own and will make anyone who passes by you say "meWOW!"

    26. A cookie subscription for opening your door each month to a box filled with delectable baked treats.

    27. Cat-eye sunglasses to block out the sunlight and the haters while looking oh so fashionable doing so.

    28. Memory foam slippers that'll make you think you're walking on a cloud. Cloud nine actually, that's how comfortable your feet will be wearing these.

    29. A bag of bourbon-infused coffee for the most unique, and perhaps even most delicious cup of java your taste buds might ever come in contact with.

    30. A goldfish bag earring set to turn heads in the best way possible. Opening up your package to find these babies may be just as exciting, if not more exciting than the feeling you got when you won one of these bad boys at a carnival.

    31. A watermelon sleeping mask that'll moisturizer, smooth, and even your skin tone all while you're asleep! If only I could find a way to get my laundry and food-shopping done in my sleep. 🤔

    32. A palm-printed Bluetooth record player perfect for listening to Reputation by Taylor Swift while you sit and daydream about her next album and get knee-deep in all of the palm tree theories.

    33. A super pretty rose gold glittery nail polish so you can make your fingers look like they just walked out of their billion dollar home.

    34. A Cadbury selection box to take your tastebuds on a trip across the pond without needing to buy an expensive plane ticket.

    35. A personalized peanut butter spoon that'll come in handy on the days you just wanna sit back, relax, and eat the good stuff straight out of the jar with a spoon, no bread or jelly needed. Hint: that's every day.

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