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    18 Choker-Style Tops You'll Want To Add To Your Wardrobe Right This Minute

    I love a shirt that does the accessorizing for me!!!

    1. A floral blouse for wearing in the cold winter months. So even though the flowers are no longer in bloom, your top will be.

    2. A babydoll tee to channel your inner cutie, which also happens to be your outer cutie, because you're just a cutie, ok?!

    3. A sheer choker top that'll be the perfect addition to a night out on the town with your friends — pair it with your fave high-waisted skirt or some trendy jeans, and you're set!

    4. A beaut with flounce sleeves for dressing up with a nice pencil skirt or printed pants for the trendiest work-appropriate outfit.

    5. A one-shoulder top to wear to all of your upcoming weekend brunch plans this szn.

    6. A peplum with lace detailing shoulders and choker that'll make everyone around you realize if they haven't already, that Amazon is a great place to shop clothing.

    7. A V-neck sweater for throwing on during the coldest of the days and feeling all snuggly and warm, but also looking hella cute.

    8. An embroidered gingham babe to make others think you just walked off a runway at NYFW before going to wherever it is you are while wearing this.

    9. A short-sleeve tunic that'll go with literally anything you own, and comes in so many colors, you'll understandably want to buy all of them.

    10. An etched floral piece for wearing on days it might be a little gloomy out, because the combination of your gorgine face and this fabulous top can definitely brighten up any room.

    11. A pullover to pair with your fav high-waisted bottoms — it might have you wishing the cold weather would linger forever.

    12. A one-shoulder tank that'll prove you mean business when it comes to fashion, strut it, sista.

    13. A striped long-sleeve for keeping in your closet and wearing on days you wanna wear something supes comfortable, but also don't wanna sacrifice looking fashionable, ya' know?

    14. A cross front cold-shoulder to buy immediately because you want, no NEED, it like you need water. TBH, this baby is just rly freaking trendy.

    15. A floral blouse that'll say "Yeah, I'm really good at this fashun thing, without even having to try all that hard. What's it to ya?"

    16. A graphic tee for when you wake up in the morning and putting on something simple and comfy is the only thought crossing your mind other than desperately needing coffee.

    17. A chiffon bell sleeve top to wear with your favorite jeans or leggings in a simple, go-to everyday outfit.

    18. A grommet-detail tee that'll be great year-round. In the cold weather, pair it with jeans and a cardigan, and in the summer pair it with a denim skirt or shorts!

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