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    Chelsea Handler's "Evolution" Is For Anyone Who Could Really Use A Laugh Right Now

    Gov. Andrew Cuomo, if you're reading this, you should call Chelsea Handler.

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    Raise your hand if you could use a good laugh right now. OK, you can put your hand down now. For those of you who raised your hands, you're in luck because Chelsea Handler's new comedy special, Evolution, is available to stream right now on HBO Max.

    Chelsea Handler on stage in front of a socially distanced audience with the NYC skyline in the background, and the words "Chelsea Handler Evolution"
    HBO Max

    You may know Chelsea from her previous late night talk show, Chelsea Lately, or more recently, her Netflix documentary, Hello, Privilege. It's Me, Chelsea. Evolution, which was filmed this past summer in her home state of New Jersey to a socially distanced audience, is Chelsea's first return to stand-up comedy in six years!

    A picture of Chelsea lying sideways on a couch
    HBO Max

    The hourlong special is chock full of ~mature humor~. (Consider that a warning!) For example, Handler shared a hilarious story about a bad trip she experienced while flying — as in, she thought she was in a movie theater while she was on an airplane. Not gonna go much further into that one, because she tells that story much better than I can.

    Chelsea saying "And I'm looking at the other passengers like what are these idiots waiting for, the credits"
    HBO Max

    She also had jokes to make about life in Los Angeles, the kind of people she encountered there, and of course in doing so, made not one, but TWO references to kale.

    HBO Max

    Hey, she said it, not me!

    And given the current state of the world, she slipped in a joke about Andrew Cuomo that would have made zero sense a year ago, but is absolutely hilarious in the year 2020.

    HBO Max

    The main focus of the night, though, was her experience with therapy. Chelsea shared that she started seeing a therapist after the 2016 presidential election to dig deeper and figure out some of the underlying causes of her own personal issues, like "lack of empathy." In true Chelsea fashion, she used humor.

    However, we do also get to see a vulnerable side of her: During one tearful moment, she discusses her late brother's passing and how it impacted her life from childhood well into adulthood.

    HBO Max

    Overall, Evolution puts a hilarious spin on topics many of us can relate to. Chelsea Handler is one of the few people who can manage to take the heaviness we're all feeling and make it feel lighter, even just for an hour. You can watch the trailer for it below, and then go stream it on HBO Max!

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