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    15 Of The Best Sweater Dresses You Can Get On Amazon

    Sweater (dress) weather.

    1. A sweater dress with wooden buttons running up the sides for an adorable babydoll look you can pair with tights, leggings, or even jeans and wear as a long, flowy, comfy top.

    2. A cowl neck beauty to buy in every color and wear every damn day just because you can. Quite frankly, you're def gonna want to do.

    3. A patterned bodycon that'll make an incredibly trendy addition to any wardrobe and help with channeling some serious fall vibes.

    4. An oversized turtleneck dress for wearing on days you just wanna be cozy, but like, also don't wanna sacrifice looking hella cute.

    5. A crewneck cable knit beauty to twirl around in all day and all night — just pair with your fave tall boots and you're g2g.

    6. A stretchy knit number that'll look good as either a long sweater with leggings or jeans, or a sweater dress — totally your choice!

    7. A ruffled cold shoulder dress for showing off your fun side. This dress is perf for wearing to work, or just hitting the town with your friends.

    8. A turtleneck pencil to make your co-workers think you were a runway fashion show model in the early hours of the morning before heading into the office.

    9. A lace-up bodycon that'll become your new fav party dress in the colder weather.

    10. A ribbed turtleneck knit for when you wanna wear something extra sleek, but also wanna feel nice and cuddly.

    11. A stretchy cowl neck that'll beg you to buy it in every color, and how can you resist? It's the perfect go-to dress to wear any time, any day, any place.

    12. A flared sweater dress with a bow-tie accent for wearing on days you just wanna soak in a million compliments about your excellent taste in fashion.

    13. A mermaid-style dress to show off your magical side — the magic being how good you are at picking out gorgine dresses.

    14. A shift dress with a lace hem at the bottom that'll make you look effortlessly trendy. Not to mention, pockets...for...snacks...

    15. A bodycon wrap dress available in either long or short sleeve for an outfit that says "I mean business, business about sweater dresses that is."

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