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    19 Amazing Shoes For Wide Feet You Can Get At Nordstrom

    *Suddenly realizes having wide feet isn't all that bad.*


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    Nordstrom is an amazing store for lots of reasons. But one big reason is their shoe selection, specifically the shoes for folks with wide feet. Let's face it, having wide feet can make shoe shopping a huge hassle. That's why we've rounded up an assortment of awesome options. Check out the array below and browse even more shoe goodness here.

    1. Mules – the hot shoe of the season! The best part of these is they're super easy to slip on and get to where you need to be.

    Promising Review: "I have wide feet, and often shoes in this style will rub my little toes and bunions raw after just a little bit of wear, even in shoes marked wide. Luckily, because these truly run wide, they are super comfortable and soft on my feet." β€”Heatheroco

    Price: $79.95 Sizes: 5–12 Colors: six

    Check out the rest of Nordstrom's stylish wide-feet mules here.

    2. Pumps because heels suck super bad when you have wide feet, but now they don't have to.

    Promising Review: "True to size. It's a perfect work shoe. Extremely comfy. No breaking-in period required! Walked all day." β€”rharris16

    Price: $119.95 Sizes: 4–12 Colors: five

    Take a peek at all the gorgeous pumps at Nordstrom here.

    3. Fashion sneakers are both cute and practical. So, you can slip these babies onto your wide feet for all-day comfort and trendiness.

    Promising Review: "These are literally on my feet as I type. The comfort level is unreal, and I'm having a really hard time wearing anything but these." β€”curlyjil

    Price: $88.95+ Sizes: 4–12 Colors: 10

    Shop all the trendy fashion sneakers at Nordstrom here.

    4. Loafers help dress up any outfit without going too over-the-top.

    Promising Review: "These are AMAZING. They look lovely online, but in person they have so much more style. So comfortable and they totally catch your eye. I just wore them today, and got a million compliments!" β€”LBJ82

    Price: $88.95 Sizes: 4–12 Colors: seven

    Have a look at the other sleek loafer options here.

    5. Knee-high riding boots because everyone should own a pair of boots like this to wear with an oversized sweater in the fall.

    Promising Review: "These boots are a perfect fit, and just the right look for fall. They're super comfy for walking, and have great traction on the sole for slippery days. I love the color and the fit. And the back zipper makes it really easy to get on and off!" β€”AlessandraN

    Price: $149.90 Sizes: 4–13 Colors: two

    Check out more beautiful boots here.

    6. Wide-calf boots won't feel too snug around your legs, and give you the fall style you're trying to achieve.

    Promising Review: "I am a girl with wide calves. Always had them. I have NEVER been able to find tall boots that fit my legs properly. They were either too small at the top or if the top fit, they gaped at my ankles and looked weird. They were also always a hair too tall. These boots fit me perfectly – like they were made for me. I LOVE them so much. They are well-made, too." β€”bcdef

    Price: $198.95 Sizes: 6–13

    Take a peek at more wide-calf boots here.

    7. Lace-up sandals that'll keep your feet comfortable as you strut around.

    Promising Review: "These shoes are the best! They are super cute and comfy, and have a Rockport sole that enables you to walk for miles! They will dress up a pair of jeans, leggings, skirt, or dress." β€”TCGC

    Price: $109.95 Sizes: 6–12 Colors: three

    Shop all the stunning sandal options at Nordstrom here.

    8. Sneakers you'll actually want to work out in. Or wear when you're not even planning on working out. They're just that great.

    Promising Review: "Great sneakers. Asics are one of the most comfortable sneakers I have tried. Very good support, and recommended by my podiatrist." β€”MatildeM

    Price: $159.95 Sizes: 5–12 Colors: four

    Have a look at all the athletic sneakers here.

    9. A printed loafer for the daring fashionista who really values comfort.

    Promising Review: "These shoes are both fashionable and practical! Rich brocade looks wonderful with a number of outfits, while Naturalizer construction keeps my feet happy." β€”AmyFullerton

    Price: $88.95 Sizes: 4–12 Colors: 10

    Check out the rest of the dazzling loafers here.

    10. Buckle booties to pair with jeans and a sweater for a cozy autumn look.

    Promising Review: "I bought these for a trip to New Orleans. They were very comfortable to walk around in all day and night. They are stylish, and the openness on the sides allowed them not to be too heavy or hot." β€”Relaxmp

    Price: $83.21 Sizes: 5–12 Colors: five

    Take a peek at the rest of the wonderful booties here.

    11. Ballet flats you can't go wrong with, because everyone should have at least one pair of these easy peasy shoes in their closet.

    Promising Review: "Loved this flat! It's the perfect blend of comfort and quality. I bought them specifically for the N5 Contour support. I wear them to work and loved them so much, I ordered in multiple colors." β€”amd31

    Price: $78.95 Sizes: 4–12 Colors: 10

    Shop more pretty flats here.

    12. Slip-on sneakers that are incredibly trendy, comfy, and have a tendency to make others jealous of your excellent taste in shoes.

    Promising Review: "I always have trouble finding a wide shoe in this style that fits. This shoe accommodates my bunion, and my high arches. I don't really have a wide foot, but a wide toe box, and this shoe worked perfectly. It was so comfy, and my heel did not slip out. These are light weight and don't rub anywhere." –Glogirl

    Price: $78.95 Sizes: 4–12 Colors: four

    Have a look at more slip-on fashion sneakers here.

    13. Slingback pumps give an instant vintage flare you can show off while at the office or going out with friends.

    Price: $78.95 Sizes: 5–12 Colors: three

    Check out the rest of the glamorous pumps here.

    14. Boat shoes will make you look hella sleek, and are great to slip on when on-the-go.

    Promising Review: "As always, Sperry delivers. This shoe can be worn up or down, and still looks great! Nordstrom delivered it before the due date, so it made the online shopping experience that much better." β€”OAB1

    Price: $94.95 Sizes: 5–12

    Take a peek at some more comfy flats here.

    15. Peep-toe booties you probably never thought you could pull off with those wide feet of yours, but now you can!

    Promising Review: "I needed these shoes for a dressy dress for a wedding. I usually have trouble finding dressier shoes that are comfortable, but these shoes make my slightly wide feet look slim and attractive. I am so happy I found these." β€”philadendrum

    Price: $119.95 Sizes: 5–12 Colors: four

    Shop all the lovely wide-feet booties here.

    16. Canvas shoes for the days you just want to be comfy without sacrificing your style.

    Promising Review: "Super comfy shoes. I can wear them for hours and walk miles with zero issues. They're also cute and versatile, so I can wear them with just about anything." β€”Lilya123

    Price: $39.95 Sizes: 4–13 Colors: four

    Have a look at all the great fashion sneakers here.

    17. Embellished pumps you won't have to wish on the moon and stars for to fit your wide feet.

    Promising Review: "These are adorable! Fit great. Comfortable lower heel. The strap is high above the ankle. I bought these as statement shoes for my wedding – the different emblems on each are so fun!" β€”BeccaMac

    Price: $97.96 Sizes: 5–11 Styles: three

    Check out the rest of the wondrous wide-feet pumps here.

    18. Waterproof boots combining everything you love about the Chelsea style with a the length of a riding boot.

    Price: $199.95 Sizes: 5–11 Colors: two

    Take a peek at the rest of the incredible boots here.

    19. Ankle-strap heels that'll make you look pretty darn swanky.

    Promising Review: "I love these shoes. My feet are really wide and most strapped sandals don't work at all for me, but these are great. They also kind of camouflage my not-so-slim ankles a little bit. Bonus." β€”daphneddspain

    Price: $99.95+ Sizes: 5–13 Styles: 15

    Shop all the exquisite high heels here.

    Are you in shoe heaven yet? Can't say we blame you. And there's SO much more where these came from. Check out the rest of Nordstrom's wide-feet shoes here. Happy shopping!!


    Reviews have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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