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    23 Of The Best "Shark Tank" Products You Can Get Online

    Welcome to the Shark Tank.

    1. A Spatty Daddy set for ensuring those precious remnants of things like food and makeup stuck in the hard-to-reach crevices of the jar aren't going to waste.

    2. A Squatty Potty so you can make squatting instead of sitting while using the restroom seamless and more comfortable — it's better for your body to squat, just FYI.

    3. Safe Grabs silicone mats to protect your hands and countertops from hot containers, tins, and even beauty tools like flat irons and curling irons.

    4. Drop Stops for preventing the spaces between your car seats from becoming a landfill of crumbs, loose change, receipts, your iPhone, and anything else you're fully capable of dropping in there.

    5. A Q-Flex acupressure tool to provide relief and comfort in hard-to-reach stress spots, so you can take a breather at last.

    6. A handbag raincoat so you can keep your purses nice and dry no matter how much it's raining outside. It's one thing for the rain to get YOU wet, but it's a whole other thing for the rain to get your precious BAGS wet.

    7. Nerdwax for keeping your glasses perched up on your face where they belong, and not slipping off.

    8. A container of Delighted By Hummus to satisfy your sweet tooth with a nutritious, super yummy, and versatile snack.

    9. A Scrub Daddy that'll get your cookware and surfaces nice and clean without your having to worry about scratches and damage.

    10. A Frywall to cook up all the yummy fried things minus the painful (and, TBH, dangerous) risk of oil splatters.

    11. A Lovepop card that'll earn a treasured place on the shelf of the home of the card recipient, rather than a spot in the trash.

    12. CreaClips to help make an at-home haircut significantly less terrifying, and dare I say, life-changing? Think of all the time and money you can save on salon trips, AND CUTTING YOUR HAIR IN YOUR PAJAMAS!

    13. A Stasher that'll keep your food tightly sealed and fresh, so no more sad soggy sandwiches for lunch, and no more throwing away fresh produce before you intended. Plus, if you're fancy schmancy and love Sous Vide cooking, these are perfect for that, too.

    14. Kodiak Cakes mix for whipping up protein-rich, whole grain pancakes and waffles, because eating some nutritious and delicious is what the most important meal of the day is all about.

    15. A HoodiePillow to comfortably sleep on the go thanks to the memory-foam neck and hood to block out the h8ers, AKA sunlight and other human beings.

    16. A Baker's Edge pan that'll add two chewy edges to every brownie serving this pan yields, because anyone who is anyone knows chewy brownies are superior.

    17. A pack of Solemates to stick right onto your heels so you can walk through any terrain without fear of sinking in — lookin' @ you, grass.

    18. A Rapid Ramen Cooker for getting those irresistible noods in your hands quicker — I'm referring to the ramen, obvs.

    19. A ReadeREST to clip onto your shirt so when you're not using your glasses, you can easily keep them close by until you need them again.

    20. A Simply Fit Board that'll strengthen those abs and leg muscles and make working out, maybe, actually, potentially, sort of, kinda FUN?!

    21. An ezpz mat/plate for sticking down on the table and making eating and cleaning a much simpler task for you and your little one.

    22. A Phonesoap to clean all the yucky germs off your phone, because — news flash! — you bring your phone everywhere with you, maybe even into the bathroom, so it's disgusting and needs cleaning, ok?!

    23. A Tipsy Elves sweater that'll get you into the holiday szn if for some strange reason you're not already. Like, I'm into the holiday season in April, honestly.

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