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    28 Of The Best TV Shows To Stream On Peacock Right Now

    Kenan, A.P. Bio, The Office and more great titles you'll want to queue up on the NBC streaming service in March.

    We hope you love the shows and movies we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of revenue or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh and FYI — platform, prices and other availability details are accurate as of time of posting.

    1. A.P. Bio (2018–present)

    A still of Dr. Jack Carson Griffin and Principal Ralph Durbin in A.P. Bio

    A.P. Bio is a rarity in that it actually makes you long to have your high school days back — if for no other reason than to partake in an education as chaotic and fun as the one dreamt up here by comedian multi-hyphenate Mike O'Brien. Jack Griffin (Glenn Howerton) is a former Harvard philosophy professor turned Advanced Placement biology teacher at the shenanigan-filled Whitlock High. The catch? He's absolutely not teaching his students biology. Instead, he's having them seek revenge on his enemies and plot elaborate schemes to benefit his love life. The development of friendships, student-teacher bonds, and hilarity that ensues throughout this series makes for a wonderfully lighthearted, feel-good binge-watch.

    P.S. — I have MUCH more to say about this show, and you can check out my full review here.

    Watch it on Peacock (Seasons 1 and 2, as well as the first episode of Season 3 are free to stream, the rest of the episodes in Season 3 are only available to Premium members).

    2. Kenan (2021–present)

    a still of kenan thompson in kenan

    ICYMI, SNL's immensely talented Kenan Thompson — who '90s kids will recognize from iconic roles in All That, Kenan & Kel, and Good Burger — now has his very own NBC sitcom! Thompson plays Kenan Williams, a widowed father of two young daughters who hosts a morning TV show. The show also stars fellow SNL cast member Chris Redd, Miami Vice actor Don Johnson, and Single Parents star Kimrie Lewis. New episodes will be available to stream on Peacock each week after airing on NBC.

    Watch it on Peacock (All episodes are free to stream).

    3. Five Bedrooms (2019–present)

    A still of Ainsley in Five Bedrooms
    Network 10

    Attending a wedding, having a little too much to drink, making the spur-of-the-moment decision to buy a house with five other people you just met there? an interesting life choice, and an even more interesting setup for a Peacock original. Australia's Five Bedrooms follows these five roommates with diverse backgrounds (and ages that range 20–50) as they navigate the aftermath of this drunken decision. First, you have Liz, a lawyer who seems like she has it all together, but secretly? Her life is kinda falling apart. There's Ben, who works in home construction, Heather, a manager at a nursing home, Ainsley, a real estate agent with an agreeable personality. And last but certainly not least, there's Harry, a 30-year-old with a successful career as a plastic surgeon, but a much less fruitful personal life.

    Watch it on Peacock (The pilot episode is free to stream, while the rest of the episodes in Season 1 are only available to Premium members).

    4. Intelligence (2020–present)

    A still of Jerry Bernstein in Intelligence

    You're probably familiar with David Schwimmer as Ross in Friends, or for his dramatic turn as Robert Kardashian in The People v. O. J. Simpson. We now find Schwimmer making another interesting pivot (read: PIVOT!) as Jerry in the British sitcom, Intelligence. Jerry is an NSA agent from the US who acts as a liaison to the UK's Government Communications Headquarters but enlists the help of a junior systems analyst to try to take over. He stars alongside the show's writer, Nick Mohammed, who plays Joseph Harries, the analyst hired by Schwimmer's character. If you like dry humor and appreciate crude jokes, then this workplace comedy is sure to make you laugh. And good news! The show has been picked up for a second season! There isn't a set release date yet, but we're sure you have ample time to do some binge-watching.

    Watch it on Peacock (The pilot episode is free to stream, while the rest of the episodes in Season 1 are only available to Premium members).

    5. The Real Housewives (2006–present)

    A still of Teresa Giudice and Dolores Catania in The Real Housewives of New Jersey

    You can do what I did and for years deny your love for Real Housewives, or you can just surrender to it right now and accept that cravings for drama, status, and gossip are part and parcel with the human condition. You might even find, as I did, that Real Housewives casts a deeper spell during quarantine — its fly-on-the-wall style production that allows the viewer to feel like they've actually escaped their four walls for a few hours. I'm currently very invested in a fight between Teresa and Jackie on RHONJ, and I can confirm it's a million times more fun and exciting to think about than anything else right now. Sometimes, you just need to dive into drama that isn't your own. It can be our little secret if you want, but honestly? I think you should just own it!

    Watch it on Peacock (Currently, The Real Housewives of Dallas is the only installment that is free to stream. The New Jersey, Beverly Hills, Atlanta, New York City, Orange County, and Potomac installments are only available to Premium members).

    6. Code 404 (2020–present)

    A still of Roy Carver and Dr. Alison Parfit in Code 404
    Sky One

    When you think comedy, you probably don't think of sci-fi shows, but Code 404 is about to change that. The British series centers on crime-fighting detective investigators Roy Carver and John Major. Major is killed on the job one day, but is then — plot twist — brought back to life. The duo's friendship is funny and entertaining thanks to the show's use of slapstick comedy. The unlikely and silly situations the characters find themselves in makes this show an excellent form of escapism, especially at a time when we can use it the most. A second season is slated to air on Sky TV sometime this year — no word yet on when we'll be able to access it on Peacock, so for now, you can catch up on the first season.

    Watch it on Peacock (The pilot episode is free to stream, while the rest of the episodes in the first season are only available to Premium members).

    7. The Office (2005–13)

    a still of michael scott and dwight schrute in the office

    Calling all former devotees of The Office on Netflix: If you rioted the day it was unexpectedly taken down, fret not, because it's now available to stream on Peacock. The silver lining of this switcheroo: You now get extended cuts and never-before-seen footage from the show. If you've never watched The Office before (I am checking your pulse), then add it to your watch list ASAP. You'll go back and forth wishing Michael Scott was your boss and being profoundly thankful he's not. You'll invest in Jim and Pam's romantic storyline and feel bad that poor Toby in HR is always being used as a scapegoat. You'll also wish you could team up with Jim as he plays new pranks on Dwight — a stapler inside of a gelatin mold? Forever a classic. As a departing note, we're still mourning the loss of Kevin's spilled pot of chili.

    Watch it on Peacock (Seasons 1 and 2 are free to stream, Seasons 3—9 and the Superfan episodes are only available to Premium members).

    8. Noughts + Crosses (2020–present)

    A still of Persephone "Sephy" Hadley, Kamal Hadley, and Jasmine Hadley in Noughts _ Crosses
    BBC One

    This British drama series is based on the 2001 novel series of the same name by Malorie Blackman. In her books, Blackman writes about an alternative history where Black "Cross" people had colonized white "Nought" people, and is set in 21st century Britain. The television series premiered in March 2020, and is coproduced by Jay-Z's company, Roc Nation. The show centers on Persephone "Sephy" Hadley (the daughter of a Cross politician) and her childhood friend Callum McGregor (a Nought army cadet), and their Romeo and Juliet–like romance. The series explores important topics like racial privilege and prejudice, and in creating an alternative history, both the book series and the show serve as an important tool for retrospection in the ongoing fight.

    Watch it on Peacock (All episodes are free to stream).

    9. Superstore (2015–present)

    A still of Amelia Sosa in Superstore

    Now is a great time to get into this beloved sitcom that'll be airing its series finale on March 25 — Superstore's pilot episode boasts the second highest number of viewers of a new comedy series! The show takes viewers along on the day-to-day adventures of Amy (played by America Ferrera), and her goofy, eccentric co-workers. The current and final season was filmed during the pandemic, so COVID is actually worked into the storyline — you'll see characters wearing masks, and TBH, it makes the final season that much more #relatable. The aspect of this show you'll probably love the most though, is the slow-burn romance between Amy and Jonah (Ben Feldman). Their will-they-or-won’t-they dynamic will keep you on the edge of your seat from the very first episode. While it may be cliché, no one can deny those types of romances make for the best plots.

    Watch it on Peacock (All six seasons are only available to Premium members).

    10. Parenthood (2010–15)

    A still of Adam Braverman, Sarah Braverman, Crosby Braverman, and Julia Braverman in Parenthood

    A show that makes you feel like you're being wrapped in a warm, fuzzy blanket while simultaneously being stabbed in the heart? That's Parenthood for ya! From the very first episode, you'll instantly feel like you're an honorary guest of the Braverman residence and invested in their family drama, struggles, and celebrations as if they were your own. I first started watching this show a few months into quarantine after finishing my very first watch-through of Gilmore Girls — Sarah Braverman on Parenthood is played by the wonderful Lauren Graham, AKA Lorelai Gilmore. Graham stars alongside Peter Krause as her older brother Adam, Dax Shepard as her younger brother Crosby, and Erika Christensen as her younger sister Julia. Rather than painting a rosy portrait depicting a perfect extended family, Parenthood delves into a plethora of substantive topics. From Max's Aspberger's diagnosis in the first few episodes of the series, to Julia and Joel's marriage issues and difficulty to conceive and later adopt, to Haddie coming out, to Kristina's cancer diagnosis. The show is utterly heartbreaking in its frankness, but that's part of what makes it so refreshing.

    Watch it on Peacock (All episodes are free to stream).

    11. Hell's Kitchen (2005–present)

    A still of Gordon Ramsay in Hell's Kitchen

    Anyone else simultaneously fear Gordon Ramsay and wish for him to absolutely eviscerate your cooking? Well, when you can't invite him over to do so, the next best thing is to watch episodes of Hell's Kitchen on Peacock and witness his razor-sharp insults lobbed at other foodies competing for the top prize as head chef. Some past Hell's Kitchen greatest hits include the time a contestant ate some of the food they were cooking, and Ramsay reminded them it was a "cooking" competition — not an "eating" competition and when he called a contestant's plate of smoked chicken enchiladas a plate of "diapers." (That's not even mentioning all the iconic walk-outs through the years.)

    Watch it on Peacock (All episodes are free to stream).

    12. Parks and Recreation (2009–15)

    A still of Leslie Knope in Parks and Recreation

    Welcome to Pawnee, Indiana — a fictional town (in a non-fictional state, of course) with a Parks and Recreation Department that often finds itself getting caught up in hilarious dysfunction. Leslie Knope (Amy Poehler) is the deputy director and she's backed by a colorful team who are just as memorable as she is — like the lazy, but lovable Andy (Chris Pratt), the blasé, but TBH, relatable April (Aubrey Plaza), the positive, always reliable Ann (Rashida Jones), and the serious and reserved Ron (Nick Offerman). While the show is chock full of silly moments that'll keep you laughing for hours (e.g. when Jerry fell into a river and dropped his burrito and told everyone he had been mugged, or when Andy drove with April to his eye exam that he then proceeded to fail, or when Ron kept throwing out free vegan bacon samples), you'll also find yourself getting caught up in romances like April and Andy and Ben and Leslie, and, if you're a Potterhead, enjoying the numerous Harry Potter references. Basically, you'll love Parks and Recreation more than Leslie Knope loves waffles. That's a lot of love.

    Watch it on Peacock (Seasons 1 and 2 are free to stream, Seasons 3—7 are only available to Premium members).

    13. Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (1999–present)

    A still of Olivia Benson in Law & Order: Special Victims Unit

    If you like crime drama, but have never watched Law & Order: SVU, you'll want to resolve that immediately. In each episode of this popular series, viewers watch as cases based on real-life crimes are solved. The show actually follows the style of the original Law & Order, and despite the fact that there are 434 episodes (I mean hey, it started in 1999 and is still running to this day), you'll be glued to your TV the whole time — talk about the ultimate binge-watch. And like, no big deal or anything, but the show has bagged a total of 33 Emmys (from a whopping 91 nominations). It should also be noted that an upcoming spin-off of the show, titled Law & Order: Organized Crime is set to premiere on April 1 and will star Christopher Meloni reprising his role of Elliot Stabler. Fun fact: Taylor Swift actually named one of her cats after Mariska Hargitay's character Olivia Benson.

    Watch it on Peacock (Seasons 1 and 2 are free to stream, Seasons 3—22 are only available to Premium members).

    14. Brooklyn Nine-Nine (2013–present)

    A still of Charles Boyle, Jake Peralta, and Amy Santiago in Brooklyn Nine-Nine

    If you're reading this right now, stop what you're doing. Okay fine, continue reading this, but as soon as you're done, go add Brooklyn Nine-Nine to your watchlist. I recently started watching this show for the first time and I regret waiting so long. At the same time, I'm glad I discovered it when I did, because its humor has provided me with some much-needed levity during these uncertain times. Jake Peralta (Andy Samberg) might just be my favorite character of all time. He's a detective at the NYPD 99th Precinct in Brooklyn, and yes, while he'll remind you of that annoying kid who sat in the back of class and had an immature joke for everything the teacher had to say, you can't deny that Samberg is totally winning in what he does. There's also Amy Santiago, who eventually becomes Jake's love interest on the show and takes the job *too seriously,* so it's both a mystery and completely serendipitous, that the two end up together. Captain Ray Holt is the stern commanding officer, who's tough on the outside, but is a softie on the inside. And I have to mention one of my favorite characters — Gina Linetti (Chelsea Peretti) — her sarcasm and overly laid back attitude truly make for some LOL-worthy moments.

    Watch it on Peacock (All seven seasons are only available to Premium members).

    15. Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist (2020–present)

    A still of Zoey Clarke and Max in Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist

    Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist is equal parts exuberant, dramatic, and sad. A rollercoaster if I've ever experienced one. Zoey Clarke can hear people's innermost thoughts, but not in the way you'd think; she hears them in the form of elaborate song and dance numbers. She experiences all of that while caring for her sick father, working at a tech company largely dominated by white men, and dealing with romantic feelings for her best friend. It may remind you a little bit of Crazy Ex Girlfriend with its love triangle, dramatic heft, and, of course, the musical numbers. But whereas Crazy Ex Girlfriend's music consisted of parodies and original tunes, Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist — in the style of Glee — features covers, many of which you may already know like "Juice" by Lizzo, "Sucker" by the Jonas Brothers, and "Help!" by the Beatles. You can actually listen to the full playlist of the show's covers on Spotify. You'll find yourself laughing, crying, and singing along through each episode. I know I did.

    Watch it on Peacock (All episodes are free to stream).

    16. Everybody Hates Chris (2005–09)

    A still of Rochelle, Tonya, and Chris in Everybody Hates Chris

    Chris Rock directs and narrates this period sitcom based on his own life growing up as a teenager in Brooklyn in the '80s. And, no, it's not a coincidence that the show's title resembles Everybody Loves Raymond. The show chronicles pieces of Chris' young life from attending an all-white school, to working multiple jobs to support his family, and of course his eccentric mix of family members — his father Julius who thinks he can fix anything with super glue or duct tape, his strict mother Rochelle who always has a comeback at the ready, his practically perfect younger brother Drew, and his trouble-making little sister Tonya. Plus, he has his nerdy best friend, Greg, AKA the only person at school who doesn't hate Chris.

    Watch it on Peacock (All episodes are free to stream).

    17. A Little Late with Lilly Singh (2019–present)

    a still of lilly singh interviewing brie larson on a little late with lilly singh

    Lilly Singh, who you may recognize from her days of being an iconic YouTube star, is now the first openly bisexual person and person of Indian and South Asian descent to host a major late night talk show — and unlike other late night shows, this one has a more laid-back vibe to it. Hell, you might feel like you're right there hanging with her, especially now that the show is being filmed at a house, and not a studio. As a comic, actor, author, and producer, Singh truly does it all — from musical performances, to funny sketches, to entertaining games, and of course, interviews with big-time celebs like Tyra Banks, Brie Larson, and Tracee Ellis Ross. During a recent episode, Lilly tested Laverne Cox on her "pop culture age," by asking her questions like naming a song that has the phrase "Shake It" in the title and if she uses the crying emoji while texting. The show airs weeknights on NBC at 1:37 a.m. ET, and is available to stream afterwards on Peacock.

    Watch it on Peacock (Most episodes are free to stream, with the exception of a few episodes here and there in the first season only being available to Premium members).

    18. Suits (2011–19)

    a still of meghan markle in suits
    USA Network

    If you're anything like me and can't get enough Meghan Markle in your life — especially post-Oprah interview — you may want to start watching yesterday. For the uninitiated: Suits is a legal drama series about a college dropout named Mike who becomes a law associate for Harvey Specter, one of the partners at the fictional New York City law firm Specter Litt Wheeler Williams. The problem? Mike doesn't have any law experience to speak of, which Harvey and Mike try to keep under wraps as they work on cases. Meghan Markle plays the role of Rachel Zane, a paralegal at the firm who eventually becomes Mike's wife.

    Watch it on Peacock (All episodes are free to stream).

    19. Modern Family (2009–20)

    a still from the opening credits of modern family

    As a watcher of Modern Family since high school, I must say this one checks all the boxes of a comfort watch. Yes, there are plenty of laughs — after all, it is a sitcom — but there are also plenty of heartwarming moments like Mitch and Cam proposing to each other, Jay and Manny's bond growing stronger throughout the series, and the episode where Phil's mother who fans never actually see during the show, but hear about, dies and leaves behind a special letter to Alex. This mockumentary follows the lives of an extended family who are all linked together by its patriarch Jay Pritchett (Ed O'Neill). The show touches on topics like sexuality, racism, and, of course, family — and just about every episode ends with a really tender moment that'll pull at your heart strings, even if you spent the past half hour laughing. The star-studded cast includes names like Sofia Vergara, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Sarah Hyland, Ty Burrell, and more. It's also been showered with accolades (Emmy Awards, SAG Awards, Golden Globe Awards, you name it.)

    Watch it on Peacock (A few select episodes are free to stream, but most episodes are only available to Premium members).

    20. Downton Abbey (2010–15)

    A still of Robert Crawley and Violet Crawley in Downton Abbey

    Still no word on time travel, but in the meantime might I suggest immersing yourself in the upstairs-downstairs chronicles of Downton Abbey? The series is set in the early 20th century and follows the lives of the aristocratic Crawley family and their servants. Throughout the series, viewers are shown depictions of real-life historic events from that time period like the outbreak of World War I, the Spanish influenza pandemic (especially relatable given our current climate), and the sinking of the Titanic. The show has earned more Emmy nominations than any other international television series — and that's to say nothing of its Emmy Awards, Golden Globe Awards, and BAFTA Awards. You simply have to tip your hat to that.

    Watch it on Peacock (All episodes are free to stream).

    21. George Lopez (2002–2007)

    A still of George Lopez in George Lopez

    If you're not already familiar with the incredibly funny George Lopez, you'll want to change that ASAP. And what better place to start than with his self-titled television series where he plays a fictional version of himself? The Emmy-nominated series stars Lopez as a devoted husband, a father to two kids, and an employee at an aviation factory who is trying to balance life with his difficult mother who lives with them. This pioneering show brought Latinx sitcom families into the American mainstream and crafted storylines relatable enough to bridge demographics. The show also featured a mostly Latinx-identifying supporting cast including Constance Marie, Valente Rodriguez, and Aimee Garcia.

    Watch it on Peacock (All six seasons are only available to Premium members).

    22. 30 Rock (2006–13)

    A still of Liz Lemon and Pete Hornberger in 30 Rock

    Liz Lemon (Tina Fey) is the creator and writer of TGS, a fictional live sketch comedy show that airs on NBC (makes sense since Lorne Michaels, creator-producer of Saturday Night Live, was the executive producer of 30 Rock). Lemon has a biting humor and an introverted personality, and that combo leads to some of the show's funniest moments — AKA singing about "night cheese" while wearing a Snuggie. Relatable! All of the actors in 30 Rock truly put on an excellent performance, and make this show as iconic as it is. You have Jenna (Jane Krakowski) and Tracy (Tracy Morgan), stars of TGS who are the show's stereotypical diva actors, Jack (Alec Baldwin) who plays Liz Lemon's boss — he's controlling, knows he's handsome, and always has a backhanded compliment for her. And, of course, a personal favorite of mine, Kenneth (Jack McBrayer), an NBC page who does everything he's told, and takes things a little too literally. He's just trying his best, and you have to love him for that.

    Watch it on Peacock (All episodes are free to stream).

    23. The Voice (2011–present)

    a still of kelly clarkson, john legend, nick jonas, and blake shelton on the voice

    Pardon the JoBros pun, but if you're a sucker for a good singing competition, you'll want to add The Voice to your rotation. So far, you can only stream the current season of The Voice on Peacock after it airs each week on NBC, and let me tell you, this season is already awesome. There have been so many incredible auditions, and due to COVID-19 restrictions, the show got creative by welcoming a virtual audience. If nothing else, you'll want to watch for the celeb judges this season — Kelly Clarkson, Blake Shelton, John Legend, and Nick Jonas. The banter and jokey, antagonistic behavior between them is excellent — like when any of them block the others from a contestant being able to join their team, constantly one-upping each other to convince people to choose them, or any time Blake gifts a bobblehead of himself to people who choose to join his team.

    Watch it on Peacock (The first two episodes of the current season are free to stream, the most recent two episodes are only available to Premium members).

    24. Mr. Mayor (2021–present)

    a still of ted dansen and kyla kennedy in mr mayor

    Tina Fey is one of the co-creators of this new NBC sitcom that first aired January 7. In it, Ted Danson (who you may know from Cheers, or more recently, The Good Place) plays Neil Bremer who becomes the mayor of Los Angeles to prove "he's still got it." Throughout the series, Neil has to learn how to earn respect from his staff members like the deputy mayor Arpi Meskimen (Holly Hunter, most recently Rhea from Succession), his chief of staff Mikaela Shaw (Vella Lovell who you may recognize from Crazy Ex-Girlfriend), and more all while trying to connect with his teenage daughter.

    Watch it on Peacock (All episodes are free to stream).

    25. Saturday Night Live (1975–present)

    A still of Harry Styles hosting Saturday Night Live

    Chances are you've heard of, and probably watched, at the very least, a few sketches or musical performances from Saturday Night Live. Well, do I have good news for you: you can watch every single season (46 of them, BTW) on Peacock for FREE! The best part is there truly is something for everyone on this sketch series — just keep in mind, the majority of its humor is intended for an adult audience. From cold opening scenes that mock political figures and events, to sketches about trending topics and current events (there was recently an entire sketch about Olivia Rodrigo's song "Drivers License"), to the iconic Weekend Update — there are laughs galore. Plus, the incredible celebrity hosts and musical guests (sometimes they're even the same, AKA Harry Styles). So, what are you waiting for? Time to take a trip down memory lane.

    Watch it on Peacock (All episodes are free to stream).

    26. The Amber Ruffin Show (2020–present)

    a still of amber ruffin from the amber ruffin show

    Amber Ruffin is the star of this late-night talk show that puts a comedic spin on current events and politics, because these are some unprecedented times we're living through, and sometimes processing it requires laughing our heads off. Ruffin used to be a writer for Late Night with Seth Meyers, and recently co-wrote a book with her sister titled You'll Never Believe What Happened to Lacey: Crazy Stories about Racism. Some of the sketches from previous episodes have included sharing her mom's advice for holiday travel during the pandemic, singing about President Biden, and building a White Forgiveness Clock.

    Watch it on Peacock (All episodes are free to stream).

    27. Saved by the Bell (1989–93)

    A still of Zack Morris and AC Slater in Saved By The Bell

    If you've heard of this classic but haven't seen it yet, now is a great time to change that. It follows main character Zack Morris, a charming schemer and one of the most popular kids at Bayside High School, and his friends: the nerdy Screech, fashion expert Lisa, jock A.C. Slater, and cheerleader/Zack's eventual love interest, Kelly. Together, the group take on all things high school, like relationships, heartbreaks, and other teenage antics that often annoy their school principal.

    Watch it on Peacock (All episodes are free to stream).

    While you're at it, we suggest you check out Peacock's Saved By The Bell reboot — a modern and self-aware twist on the beloved classic — which premiered in November of last year and is expected to come back for a season two (and possibly many more after that).

    28. Alien News Desk (2019–19)

    A still of Drexx Drudlarr and Tuva Van Void in Alien News Desk

    While there is only one season of Alien News Desk, and it's from 2019, this clever cartoon spin on "news" still offers plenty of comedy for the viewer to enjoy two years later. If you're a fan of SNL, and especially Weekend Update, you're bound to love Alien News Desk as it follows a similar formula of poking fun at the news. Current SNL cast member Heidi Gardner and alum Will Forte are the voices of the animated alien newscasters. The "zooming out" of culture and politics does function as an interesting reframing device: If we were aliens how might we respond to some of the news flooding our timelines today?

    Watch it on Peacock (All episodes are free to stream).

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