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    Here's The Best Mac And Cheese In Every State, According To Yelp

    Not to be ~cheesy,~ but I'm like rly hungry now.

    Ahhh mac and cheese — gooey, warm, melty cheese over noodles — I mean really, it's literally the most perfect food ever created. Not to mention there are so many ways it can be eaten. There's classic style, you could throw some meat on top of it, bake some seafood into it, add sauces and spices. It can do no wrong ever, and it's always so exciting to see how different establishments prepare this literal form of heaven on Earth.

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    So thanks to our friends at Yelp, who use an algorithm that ranks reviews on their site, we were able to find the best mac and cheese in each state.

    You might as well start your car engine now, because once you check out the 51 best places to get mac and cheese across the US, you're gonna want to visit each one of them.

    1. Mrs Bs Home Cooking, Montgomery, Alabama

    Anita G. / Via

    "On the road and getting hungry, we started searching Yelp. Saw Mrs B's and decided to stop. We were sad the original place burned down since the older pics looked so interesting, but the sign out front of the little orange building still tells the truth: "'ust like Grandma's.' Definitely soul food that satisfies. The mac and cheese literally took us back in time to when 'homemade' was REALLY homemade. Everything was delicious, and portions were generous. Could easily have shared one plate, but our eyes were bigger than our stomachs. (On the upside, we have leftovers for tonight we are actually looking forward to.) The staff was friendly and so were the other customers." —Yelper K Y.

    2. Ginger, Anchorage, Alaska

    Kevin L. / Via

    "I stopped by Ginger to grab dinner on my last night in Anchorage. I'm giving this place five stars on the food alone! It was that good. I got the scallops mac and cheese and it was by far the best mac and cheese I've ever had. HUGE scallops on top. The truffle oil gave it a lot of flavor. My favorite part was the pine nut crust baked on top. It gave the dish a nice crispy texture and just made everything more delectable. It's too bad I have to come all the way back to Anchorage to get more of their food. But I'll definitely be back again next time I'm in town." —Yelper Kevin L.

    3. Rusconi's American Kitchen, Phoenix, Arizona

    Brandi W. / Via

    "Wow! Rusconi's is very impressive. The table we sat at was near the kitchen. It was very cool to see the head chef prepare every single dish! I ordered the beef medallions with truffle butter mac and cheese. Quite possibly the best mac and cheese I have ever had. I also ordered the corn bisque soup, which was very tasty as well." —Yelper Ben H.

    4. Wright's Barbecue, Johnson, Arkansas

    Debbie A. / Via

    "The vibe is so fun. They have live music a lot outside, and the food is to die for. I am partial to their sweet BBQ sauce on the pulled pork with the honey butter green beans, though the mac and cheese will give that a run for its money." —Yelper Elyssa B.

    5. AJ's Fish Market, Lake Elsinore, California

    Marina D. / Via

    "Try, try, try. Nice portion. Great family. Will make you want to come back. The entire staff is really friendly. Gets packed, but worth the wait. I ordered the catfish and it was crispy and juicy. LOVE the mac and cheese — I'd go there just for the mac alone. And they also grill!" —Yelper Tyra W.

    6. Acres, Englewood, Colorado

    Justin W. / Via

    "Fricking amazing food! The gnocchi mac and cheese are little morsels of delight. Bruce's biscuits were yummy. The fried chicken was just as good as grandma's, Tastes like home cooking. Great atmosphere, and our waiter was extremely friendly. Will definitely come again the next time we are in Denver." —Yelper Jodi E.

    7. Sandra's Next Generation, New Haven, Connecticut

    Michael U. / Via

    "I think mac and cheese is one of those foods that can be debated. Some people like it super cheesy and creamy. Some people like it with super soft noodles and bland. And then some people just want it to taste like their grandma used to make it with noodles that aren't over cooked, one where you can taste the cheese but it's not dripping in cheese sauce and a top that's just a little bit crispy on top. That's what you get at SNG. I enjoyed it." —Yelper Amy P.

    8. Henlopen City Oyster House, Rehoboth Beach, Delaware

    Penny L. / Via

    "Let me start by saying that the best dish of our entire meal was the lobster mac and cheese. It was very creamy and cheesy with lots of big chunks of lobster. It's the best lobster mac and cheese I've ever had to date. We ordered beers since they do have a good selection of craft beers on tap. We started the meal off with the oyster sampler and fried calamari with a beer mustard sauce. We also tried the peanut butter mouse pie for dessert." —Yelper Jaclyn G.

    9. Patty Macs Hollywood, Hollywood, Florida

    Donald S. / Via

    "Came here yesterday with my daughter while she was in town. I had heard about Patty Macs and read reviews here so figured it's about time. I am glad I did. They had a good menu of other items, but I came for the mac and cheese. I had to try the lobster, and my daughter tried the carbonara. WOW, was it good. The shells were cooked perfectly and the sauce was amazing. We had to sample each other's and couldn't make up our minds on which was better. Definitely will be back. And service was great as well!" —Yelper Dennis R.

    10. GG's Southern Kitchen, Valdosta, Georgia

    Rochelle G. / Via

    "I am personally tired of the hipster macs that have overwhelming flavors and half of the time you can't even tell what the heck is happening. GG's has the perfect mac in my book, because it's just cheesy enough and it has that crispy layer on the top that is a nice surprise when you take a bite. You can totally tell that it was made in a pyrex and they just scooped some and put it on a plate for you." —Yelper Grix P.

    11. Kula Bistro, Kula, Hawaii

    Benny N. / Via

    "Decided to stop here after going to Haleakala and saw the amazing reviews on Yelp. This restaurant is truly a hidden gem. From the outside it doesn't look like much, but when we went inside even my boyfriend noticed how nice and open the place was. Our waitress was absolutely wonderful and genuinely happy to serve us. We overheard her talking to the other customers and she was just as warm to them. I got the shrimp and lobster macaroni and cheese. My mac and cheese was filled with fresh lobster and shrimp, and believe me when I say they do not skimp on the lobster or shrimp — it was so packed full of seafood." —Yelper Lisa P.

    12. Meltz Extreme Grilled Cheese, Coeur d'Alene, Idaho

    Carol T. / Via

    "This is a really cheesy, melty, gooey restaurant. I came here with my family and we absolutely loved it — the boys had the mac and cheese, which was delicious!! I had the Border Patrol and added fried chicken. Very pleased with this restaurant — whenever I'm here again, this is definitely going to be a FOODIE stop for me. —Yelper Jackie G.

    13. Bavette's Bar & Boeuf, Chicago, Illinois

    Christopher V. / Via

    "I was in Chicago for one night and I had to make it count so I Yelped the best steakhouses in my area and this place came up. I am so thankful for the Yelp community because this restaurant was an amazing experience and a welcoming introduction to Chicago... The truffle mac and cheese was the BEST I've ever had. It had the perfect blend of cheeses — gooey and creamy in texture and a faint smoky flavor to it. The small cubes of bacon gave it that extra edge. The dish was broiled perfectly prior to serving for texture, which gave it a nice appeal." —Yelper Ernesto C.

    14. The Eagle, Indianapolis, Indiana

    The Eagle / Via

    "Such an amazing spot! Definitely worth the trip out there. We were looking for the best mac and cheese in the area and stumbled across this place online. We were only passing through for the night, but I can safely say this place has some of the best mac and cheese I've ever had, and the fried chicken/salads are equally as amazing. If we are ever in the area again, we will definitely make it a point to come back to The Eagle!" —Yelper Arielle B.

    15. The Cheese Shop, Des Moines, Iowa

    Tommy S. / Via

    "We had heard great things about the mac and cheese here, and it lived up to it. It is probably the best mac and cheese I've had. It's has gouda and a 4-year-old cheddar cheese in it, and then we added bacon, which takes it over the top. We sat at the bar and got great service there, they make you feel very welcome here." —Yelper Adam L.

    16. Sierra Grill, Lenexa, Kansas

    Alan B. / Via

    "I can tell you that my two-day trip to the KC area was actually an epic disappointment up until this point. After this meal, I can say without a doubt that I'll be excited to come back the next time work sends me. The brisket mac and cheese was delicious, and the craft beer menu here is great, but it's that pork belly cassoulet that I am going to be spending months trying to figure out how to make back at home in Seattle." —Yelper Aaron P.

    17. Jeff Ruby's Steakhouse, Louisville, Kentucky

    Nan K. / Via

    "This steakhouse is nothing but five stars. We had to set a reservation a few weeks prior to our date, as Friday nights are always packed. I was very excited to try them out since they are highly rated in Louisville. I got the barrel cut filet and it was huge and amazing. The truffle butter made it even more amazing. I loved it. I also tried the six cheese mac and cheese. OMG — the best thing ever. It was crispy on top and creamy and cheesy inside. I want that mac and cheese every single day." —Yelper Cortney K.

    18. Faubourg Bistro, New Orleans, Louisiana

    Faubourg Bistro / Via

    "Ok, listen. AMAZING! The pizza mac and cheese skillet is DELICIOUS! It really was one of my favorite meals on this trip. I will warn you, it's a lot! It may actually be something you want to share with someone else depending on how much you can eat. The mac and cheese is creamy, and the pizza sauce with pepperoni adds so much flavor. This comes accompanied with toasty garlic bread. 10/10 recommend." —Yelper Cynthea B.

    19. Robert's Maine Grill, Kittery, Maine

    Meredith S. / Via

    "One of my favorite restaurants in Maine. A must-stop if you're in the area and are craving some seafood. I am never disappointed with their fish and chips and they have a great selection of oysters. I also love their lobster rolls, and they literally have the best mac and cheese I've ever had. Great atmosphere inside the restaurant, and I've never had bad service here — and I've been here a lot. In the summer you can sit out on the back deck and they have a nice bar if you just want to grab some drinks after shopping at the outlets." —Yelper Maya B.

    20. Thames Street Oyster House, Baltimore, Maryland

    Annie K. / Via

    "A buddy who used to live near Baltimore had talked about this place a few times previously and we decided to stop talking about it and make it happen. Let me just say that this place did not disappoint, as it was one of perhaps the best seafood meal experiences I have ever had. We decided to split a lobster mac and cheese appetizer which was to die for — I do not recall getting an appetizer where the lobster meat pieces were as amazingly fresh and delicious as what we got." —Yelper Kevin L.

    21. Armsby Abbey, Worcester, Massachusetts

    Sandi M. / Via

    "I love this restaurant. I went to school nearby and loved coming here. Anything you get at Armsby is amazing, whether it's the burger, cheese plate, mac and cheese, or cocktails/ beer. I got the mac and cheese this time around. What's great is that the mac and cheese is always slightly different, since they use different cheeses depending on their rotating cheese options. I added spicy jalapeños on the side, (they were extremely spicy since they were fried), but it was oh, so good. The mac and cheese is topped with crusty bread and cheese, and is broiled to a lovely crisp." —Yelper Diana N.

    Making a reservation is recommended as it can be quite busy.

    22. Union Woodshop, Clarkston, Michigan

    Chelsey G. / Via

    "BEST MAC AND CHEESE EVER!! These guys have amazing food, amazing service, and amazing people serving us. I am definitely coming back to this place.

    It is conveniently located for our family to come back and enjoy more! I would recommend to everyone to come here!" —Yelper Gabe B.

    23. Revival, Minneapolis, Minnesota

    Lan F. / Via

    "After having lived in the Twin Cities for a year and half, and trying multiple different restaurants, nothing comes close to Revival. Best mac and cheese in town. Try the sweet potato habanero sauce, (found in bottles on the table). Mix the sauce in the mac and cheese, you're welcome." —Yelper Hima M.

    24. Bully's Restaurant, Jackson, Mississippi

    Hector L. / Via

    "Unparalleled soul food awesomeness. We came to Bully's in search of some of Mississippi's best soul food. We had originally intended to head over somewhere else, but thank goodness they were closed as we would have missed out on the experience of dining here. Bully's isn't glitz and glam, it's heart, it's family. The food is served on plastic trays that you'll remember from cafeteria days, but the food served in those individual sections is leaps and bounds above anything from your childhood. Fried chicken ribs, liver and onions, fried pork chops, the list goes on and on. Everything is cooked slowly, with love, just like your family used to make it. The real all stars at Bully's are the sides though. The collards are perfect, the okra and tomatoes is mind-blowing, even the mac and cheese is top-notch. In all truth, at Bully's you'd be hard pressed to find anything on the menu you don't enjoy." —Yelper Kipper S.

    25. Q39 Midtown, Kansas City, Missouri

    Bao H. / Via

    "It's such a great feeling when a place lives up to the Yelp hype. This place far exceeded our expectations from the moment we walked in the front door. The brisket, sausage, ribs, and mac and cheese were on point!! The meat was succulent, juicy, and perfectly smoked. The mac was oh-so-creamy and not overly salted. But them burnt ends, though. DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT leave without putting some of those in your belly. They were the best burnt ends I've ever had. And the service was incredible, too. Definitely a must-have in KC!!" —Yelper Rachel G.

    26. The Desoto Grill, Kalispell, Montana

    Alicia D. / Via

    "I was really impressed by my experience here for lunch. The food and service were fantastic and they had a nice selection of regional beer on tap. I had the brisket sandwich with coleslaw on top and a side of mac and cheese. The brisket was nicely smoked and trimmed perfectly. The mac was creamy, cheesy goodness. I'll definitely be back the next time I'm in town." —Yelper Steve K.

    27. Plank Seafood Provisions, Omaha, Nebraska

    Natalie E. / Via

    "The baked mac and cheese is excellent. It comes in a mini cast iron pot and has the perfect ratio of cheese to noodle to sauce, hard to accomplish in my book. I'm definitely a mac and cheese snob. The breadcrumb crust on top was crunchy, but not too thick. Just added the right texture element to contrast all that creaminess." —Yelper Natalie E.

    28. Fox Smokehouse Bbq, Boulder City, Nevada

    Marc S. / Via

    "First of all, I don't know where to start. This place smells amazing!!! I dislike mac and cheese like most hate liver and onions. With that being said, their mac and cheese is delicious beyond words. The service is incredible and the place is super clean. The staff is awesome. The atmosphere is fun. If you're in our small town of Boulder City, you must stop by and satisfy your taste buds." —Yelper Sassy W.

    29. Mr. Mac's Macaroni & Cheese, Manchester, New Hampshire

    Holly C. / Via

    "I really don't like mac and cheese, but my husband does so we decided to go here because of the great reviews. I got the deluxe burger mac and cheese, and I LOVED IT. It was amazing. My husband really enjoy the buffalo mac and cheese as well. We agreed that our favorite part was that the pasta was cooked perfectly and not mushy at all. The sauce was super yummy too! Will definitely go again." —Yelper Libbey L.

    30. Tops Diner, East Newark, New Jersey

    Alvin C. / Via

    "Love, love, love Tops Diner. My favorite hands down has to be their lobster mac and cheese. It's amaze balls, and one of my go-to comfort meals. Their menu is great. The prices range but you always get a lot of food for your money. Bar on the premises makes this place a great first date location. I've always enjoyed breakfast here and now I live walking distance — it is a problem, I will always be here, LOL." —Yelper Tiffany M.

    31. Nexus Brewery, Albuquerque, New Mexico

    Joye H. / Via

    "The mac and cheese was very flavorful, creamy, and quite frankly, delicious! I would consider myself a connoisseur of mac and cheese, and this would be one I would put on repeat!"—Yelper Alecia S.

    32. Pepe's Place, New Rochelle, New York

    Gade R. / Via

    "I absolutely love this place! Every time I come in it's excellent customer service and excellent food — you cannot go wrong with this restaurant. Also, all my food is always served very hot and well-plated!! I could eat just the mac and cheese every single day!!!!" —Yelper LaShaunna M.

    33. Fork N Cork, Wilmington, North Carolina

    Amy H. / Via

    "The best mac and cheese in town. If you don't try it, then you are really missing out. The burgers are fantastic and the duck wings are a must-try. The only downside is they often have a wait, but the food is worth it." —Yelper Rob C.

    34. Würst Bier Hall, Fargo, North Dakota

    Nandita B. / Via

    "Whenever I visit my sister in the Fargo area, I always want to come here. We usually order the poutine and it is always delicious. On my most recent visit, I ordered the spaetzle mac and cheese, and it did not disappoint! (You can also get it as a side, but I wanted a whole plate to myself.) The beer selection is always good, too!" —Yelper Jessica M.

    35. The Eagle, Cincinnati, Ohio

    The Eagle / Via

    "The mac and cheese is something unworldly. It is provably the best I have ever had, ANYWHERE. Perfectly cooked pasta, the bread crumbs not too crumbly, and the cheese, OH THE CHEESE! It is so melty, nutty, mild, and easy to swallow. The portion is such that you will not feel too full, and still want an entree." —Yelper Matthew S.

    36. The Loaded Bowl, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

    Meagan G. / Via

    "I recently determined that dairy has been the source of my stomach pain for the last 15 years or so. As I bravely explore dairy alternatives, I had yet to taste any cheese-worthy substitutes — until now!!! I was really in the mood for mac and cheese, so I ventured to The Loaded Bowl for their cashew mac. It is in the top mac and cheeses I've ever had, dairy versions included. Thank you LB!" —Yelper Madison C.

    37. Screen Door, Portland, Oregon

    Hazel C. / Via

    "Literally had the best baked mac and cheese here! It's been weeks and I still crave it often. Service was very attentive, and the portions are large. Delicious comfort food served here! If I lived close by, I'd come weekly. There is definitely a reason why this place is so well-rated." —Yelper ThuyVi M.

    38. Lucky's Last Chance, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

    Tanya M. / Via

    "Their buffalo mac and cheese is the most amazing gift a restaurant could give this world... too much?! Definitely not, I could eat the whole thing. Their burgers are on point and beer list is great, too. Super friendly staff, and a nice, chill place to grab a beer or watch a game." —Yelper Coeli C.

    39. Winner Winner, Newport, Rhode Island

    Emily G. / Via

    "The mac and cheese was so creamy, cheesy, and just all-around awesome. The parmesan breading on top was so good, crumbly, flavorful, perfect. Believe me, I have tasted millions of mac and cheeses, and this is probably one of the best. Highly impressed with this fun and cute restaurant. The staff makes everyone winners here. The cooks make their food a winner. Winner Winner is a winner." —Yelper Brandon A.

    40. Cru Café, Charleston, South Carolina

    Scotty C. / Via

    "Cru was one of the many places on my Charleston hit-list, and on my last visit, I finally checked it off. As is the case with just about every place in this city, our experience was wonderful. We arrived around 1 p.m. on a Tuesday and only had to wait for a few minutes to be seated. The seating (at least ours) was communal, so if you're someone that prefers a lot of personal space, this might not be the place for you. I'm not one of those people and actually view communal seating as a positive — mainly because it gives me a better vantage point to gawk at everyone else's food. They have some of the best mac and cheese I've ever had. If you come to Cru and don't order the mac, you are committing a deadly sin." —Yelper Brett N.

    41. Murphy's Pub & Grill, Rapid City, South Dakota

    Josie W. / Via

    "Food was great. The pan seared chicken was delicious. The mac and cheese was definitely refined for grown-up tastes, and was a wonderful blend of sharp and smooth cheeses." —Yelper Alice H.

    42. The Stillery, Nasvhille, Tennessee

    Brian J. / Via

    "All I have got to say is GET THE MAC AND CHEESE WITH THE NASHVILLE CHICKEN. So rich, so creamy, it's unbelievable. It comes in a cast iron dish that is piping hot, so you will want to be careful. It's worth every morsel." —Yelper Kai D.

    43. Kenny's Wood Fired Grill, Dallas, Texas

    Linette P. / Via

    "Great place to eat and go for happy hour. Everything is fantastic. Lobster mac and cheese is amazing and a must-get. You can do a small portion of the lobster mac as a side to your meal for a little more. Well worth it to me." —Yelper Jason T.

    44. High West Saloon, Park City, Utah

    Ally H. / Via

    "For dinner, all I wanted was the side of mac and cheese, and OMG, it is literally the best in town! It's so creamy, thick, and flavorful. It's only about a cup worth of pasta, but because it's so rich, you don't need much to fill up." —Yelper Alicia B.

    45. Doc Ponds, Stowe, Vermont

    Sam P. / Via

    "So good. Wait was a little longer than we were told, but it was worth it. We were a party of four and all of us throughly enjoyed our food. Mac and cheese was probably the best I'd ever had in a restaurant. I e-mailed and asked for the recipe, but got no response. Great beer options. Mixed drinks were very tasty." —Yelper Charlene P.

    46. Repeal Bourbons and Burgers, Virginia Beach, Virginia

    Michelle C. / Via

    "The mac and cheese here was like a wheel of cheese and garlic had a baby, and the baby was a god. A god who definitely wasn't cheap on the flavor blessings. Overall, this place is really nice inside. I enjoy the vibe and the food was a delicacy. I secretly don't wanna tell people about it because it's a speakeasy. And theres a door hole? Peephole? And it would be cool if we had to say a secret word to get in, but it's not that serious. I'm just glad I got in and it wasn't super busy." —Yelper Caprice B.

    47. Wood Shop BBQ, Seattle, Washington

    Michael W. / Via

    "This place has really good mac and cheese! Randomly dropped in on my way to the airport, and I'm so glad I did. Very chill bar that also serves great food. I was able to try the jalapeño mac and cheese topped with brisket, and also a side of fries. Not only was it good, but the portion was generous to share with another person." —Yelper Sarah T.

    48. Farmbird, Washington D.C.

    Laura W. / Via

    "The praise is true and well worth it, my friends. This is a fast casual restaurant serving up delicious and really clean meals. The mac and cheese — like everyone raved about — is SO creamy and cheesy. The macaroni was al dente and was not squishy like a lot of mac and cheeses at other restaurants. I loved the bread crumbs on top. Yum, yum, yum." —Yelper Jenny P.

    49. Dem 2 Brothers And A Grill, Charleston, West Virginia

    Brandon N. / Via

    "I unintentionally have been on a barbecue tour of the United States, and boy is Charleston a contender! I ordered the two meat combo with the ribs and pulled pork, and mac and cheese and greens as my sides. The standouts were definitely the ribs and mac and cheese! The ribs were just the right amount of tender, and there was more cheese than mac, (just the way it should be). Another big benefit of this joint is the amount of food you get — two people can definitely split the two meat combo. If you're in Charleston, add this place to your list." —Yelper Patrick C.

    50. MACS — Macaroni and Cheese Shop, Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin

    Erin C. / Via

    "It shouldn't be too shocking that Wisconsin has a killer mac and cheese shop. They have so many different types of mac and even salads, sandwiches, etc. My two favorite ones are the Popeye Mac and the Mexican Mac. Not gonna lie, the sole reason why we visited Wisconsin Dells again was for this mac and cheese shop. Not to mention, the interior design of the restaurant was very creative and almost rustic." —Yelper Gaya3 P.

    51. HQ BBQ, Evansville, Wyoming

    Zachary K. / Via

    "Love, love, love HQ! Mac and cheese is to die for! I always get the brisket sandwich with wet sauce and it's always amazing. The sweet tea is also amazing — they serve it in mason jars!" —Yelper Morgan B.

    Reviews have been edited for length and/or clarity.