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    All The Best Kitchen Deals At Wayfair's Memorial Day Sale

    Deals on a KitchenAid stand mixer, a NutriBullet personal blender, a Cuisinart food processor, and more.

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    Memorial Day Weekend is still a few days away, but luckily for us, Wayfair's Memorial Day Sale has already begun, and you can score up to 70% off on a wide variety of kitchen items!

    Get ready to cook, bake, and put your mixology skills to the test, and check out some of the amazing deals below:

    1. 37% off a KitchenAid stand mixer that'll make all of your cooking and baking endeavors so much easier. Not to mention, this baby lasts a LONG time, so it's worth the investment.

    A white KitchenAid stand mixer next to a plate of baked treats

    2. 42% off a non-stick cookware set perfect for those who need additional pots and pans in their kitchen, or are looking to replace their current cookware with something more sleek and colorful.

    A turquoise cookware set with a variety of pot and pan sizes

    3. 49% off an air fryer, so you can make "fried," crispy versions of all your fave foods, minus the extra grease and oil.

    A black air fryer and a cooking rack holding chicken and vegetable skewers

    4. 33% off a dinnerware set complete with all you and your loved ones need to enjoy mealtimes. Plus, it has a rustic look to add some nice charm to your kitchen.

    A white rustic-looking dinnerware set made up of salad plates, dinner plates, bowls, and mugs

    5. 87% off a dual cereal dispenser, so your breakfast (or late night cereal snack) is just one twist of a knob away. If cereal isn't your thing, these are great for other things like nuts and candy.

    A dual dispenser with each side filled with a different type of cereal

    6. 71% off a knife-block set that comes with high-quality, sharp knives for a GREAT deal. This set is originally $500! Half a thousand! Now you can get it for less than $150. You're welcome.

    A black knife block with room for 11 knives and scissors

    7. 42% off a NutriBullet personal blender that'll make whipping up delicious smoothies, juices, and shakes super quick. Plus, the blending cup is a portable cup, so you can drink out of it!

    A person pouring a liquid into the removable single-serve cup

    8. 58% off a non-stick bakeware set to give you what you need for making ALL the yummy cookies, cakes, pies, cupcakes, and more.

    A copper-colored bakeware set holding various baked treats

    9. 47% off a melon slicer for those who know the struggle all too well of buying a watermelon, cantaloupe, honeydew, etc., and procrastinating eating it because of how much WORK goes into opening and slicing it.

    The slicer at the bottom of an opened watermelon, all cut into equally-sized slices

    10. 20% off a dual 12-cup coffeemaker and single-serve brewer that'll give you the option to either brew a pot of coffee or just make one cup at a time.

    A two-sided coffeemaker showing a carafe on one side and a single-serve maker on the other side

    11. 29% off a pull-out pot, pan, and lid organizer, so next time you open your cabinet, you don't have to wrestle your way through a mess of cookware to find what you're looking for. Just pull this organizer out, take what you need, and get to cooking.

    An organizer attached to the top of the inside of a cabinet, pulled out with pots, pans, and lids hanging from its hooks

    12. 42% off a vegetable spiralizer for turning things like zucchini and carrots into "pasta." It's a great way to get more veggies into your meal, and it'll go great with your favorite sauce!

    A white spiralizer turns a zucchini into ribbons

    13. 61% off a stainless steel mixing bowl set for mixing and preparing ingredients, storing food (such as marinated meat and fish), and even for serving!

    A set of five stainless steel mixing bowls of varying sizes holding produce

    14. 39% off a crystal wine glass set so you can feel like the royalty we know you are next time you're sipping on your favorite red or white.

    A crystal wine glass filled with red wine

    15. 29% off a slow cooker that'll make cooking so easy, you barely have to do anything! Just put your ingredients inside this thing in the morning, let it simmer throughout the day, and voila, a meal is ready by dinnertime!

    A silver and black slow cooker in cook mode

    16. 18% off a countertop microwave that comes in fun colors and will add an old-fashioned look and pop of excitement to any kitchen.

    A teal microwave with rounded retro features

    17. 40% off an acrylic drinking glass set that looks like real glass, but isn't real glass, so they're easy to clean and maintain, but still look super pretty!

    A water glass and a juice glass of varying sizes positioned next to each other on a table

    18. 28% off a Belgian waffle maker so you can turn every morning into "waffle morning." Now, onto more important things... What are you going to top your waffle with?

    A Belgian waffle maker cooking a waffle with two already prepared waffles plated next to it

    19. 52% off a stainless steel flatware set β€” the perfect way to stock up on more silverware or replace the ones you have now, because it's great quality at a great price.

    A stainless steel flatware set organized by utensil

    20. 35% off a Moscow Mule mug set for whipping up cocktails in a mug that not only looks shiny and sleek, but will help keep your drink cold and refreshing.

    A Moscow Mule mug containing a cold, garnished drink

    21. 54% off a stainless steel measuring set featuring both cup and milliliter measurements engraved on them, so you don't have to eyeball the right amount of a given ingredient in a recipe, or Google search the conversions.

    A stainless steel measuring cup set all filled with different dry ingredients

    22. 15% off a classic metal toaster to ensure you always wake up on the right side of the bread β€” with perfectly toasted bagels, waffles, and bread, of course!

    A toaster holding four pieces of bread all at varying toast levels

    23. 12% off a food processor to make shredding and slicing things like meat, poultry, veggies, and fruit really quick and easy, so you can spend less time prepping your food, and more time eating it.

    A silver food processor

    If you're ready to get your cooking, baking, and bartending game on, then be sure to shop Wayfair's Memorial Day Sale now through May 26th!

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