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    21 Gifts That'll Help Your Loved Ones Have A Totally Lit Hanukkah

    Lots of great gifts they're sure to latke lot.

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    1. A potholder or oven mitt perfect for your favorite baker. Choose between three delightful phrases, and they'll receive their newest kitchen addition along with cookie mix and a spoon or a spatula.

    The blue oven mit and pot holder that read "I love you a latke" and have a white spoon in each with a bag of chocolate chip cookie mix

    2. A menorah that'll make for an extra special sentiment in remembering and commemorating the extraordinary life of the wonderful RBG this Hanukkah.

    three of the different lettering options for the RBG menorah with a figurine of RBG as the shamash

    3. A tee to get the person who is either really great at cooking Jewish food, or just loves eating all of the Jewish food, or BOTH. Also, gotta give an honorary mention to my personal favorite — sweet noodle kugel.

    the blue tee that reads lates, knish, brisket, matzo balls, sufganiyot, challoh, and gelt in white text

    4. An adorable customizable mug perfect for gifting to the world's best grandmother AKA BUBBE! I am now formally submitting a request for the Yiddish version of "Baby Shark."

    the white mug with a big shark that reads bubbe shark underneath with three smaller sharks underneath with grandchildren names under each

    5. A nonmedical mask so they can get into the Hanukkah spirit all December long while keeping themselves and others safe and protected.

    the six different types of blue and white hanukkah themed masks

    6. A DIY wooden dreidel that'll allow them to piece together their very own dreidel before playing a competitive game for some chocolate gelt.

    the various pieces that come with the diy kit next to a finished dreidel

    7. A candle with an adorably punny label so they can cozy up inside in the best way possible. Unfortunately, there isn't a potato scent, but there are sooo many delicious scents to choose from like hazelnut coffee, cranberry apple, and pumpkin caramel.

    a person holding the candle with the label that reads "I love you a latke"

    8. An apron, that while hilarious, anyone with a Jewish mother will be able to relate to. BRB, adding this to my cart to gift to my own mother.

    the blue apron with a star of david printed on it and white and gold text that reads "I can't keep calm, i'm a jewish mother"

    9. A beautifully decorated assortment of cookies to help satisfy their sweet tooth this holiday season when they can't take another bite of gelt or sufganiyot.

    the assortment of cookies on a plate

    10. A personalized Tzedakah box that'll serve as a fun way for your favorite kiddo to collect money and then perform the mitzvah of giving Tzedakah to a charitable organization of their choice.

    four of the different painted tzedakah boxes

    11. A pullover that'll have them rocking the best line that's ever been said on New Girl. Not that being Jewish AND a Schmidt stan makes me biased or anything.

    the blue crewneck with prints of menorahs and stars of davids and a graphic of schmidt's face

    12. A painfully funny and relatable mug so they can sip on all their fave hot beverages with peace of mind that the end of 2020 is finally in sight.

    a person holding the white mug that reads "oy 2020" in black text with an illustration of a dreidel

    13. A cute little coin purse perfect for holding things like gift cards or gelt. Or, if you're feeling extra generous — gift cards AND gelt.

    14. A set of coasters for the person who never fails to slip their favorite Yiddish words and phrases into every conversation.

    the coaster set that reads "your drink is shvitzing don't be a putz use a coaster and avoid the schmutz"

    15. A chai necklace that may just become their new favorite piece of jewelry. I received a chai necklace as a gift from my grandparents years ago and to this day, it's still one of my most prized possessions.

    a person wearing the gold necklace

    16. A pack of cookies they can paint themselves! The only thing better than eating cookies is getting to decorate them yourself, obvs.

    the menorah, dreidel, and donut paint it yourself cookies

    17. A set of eight wine labels so you can still gift your loved ones their favorite red or white, but with a label they'll get a kick out of. Or, better yet, you can save them for yourself and gift yourself a new bottle of wine each night.

    four of the eight wine labels on bottles of wine

    18. A wonderful Hanukkah card they're sure to love and cherish a latke. Sorry, I HAD to.

    the white card that reads "it's beginning to look a latke like hanukkah" in blue text with an illustration of a smiling latke

    19. A bar of soap that looks like a JELLY DONUT for a delightfully unique gift choice. Yes, that is a bar of soap. Yes, my mind is also blown!

    the realistic looking jelly donut soap bar

    20. A pullover that anyone who celebrates Hanukkah should absolutely own. IT'S A LLAMA WITH A MENORAH ON ITS BACK. HOW CAN ANYONE RESIST THAT?

    the blue pullover that reads "happy llamakkah" in blue text with an illustration of a llama with a menorah on its back

    21. A little wish for Hanukkah bracelet so they can make a wish and hopefully have it granted when the bracelet falls away. Any chance to make a wish for something good after this past year will probably be welcomed with open arms.

    the bracelet in red

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