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    19 Of The Best Subscription Boxes For Book Lovers

    Cancel all your plans and stay inside and READ.

    1. Coffee and a Classic brings you a classic novel along with fun goodies, and of course, a delicious hot beverage to sip on as you get lost in another world.

    2. Scribbler completely immerses you in the world of the author and the publisher by not only giving you the opportunity to read new books and get cool treats, but also the chance to connect with a publishing professional!

    3. My YA Reading Club delivers two hardcover young adult novels along with a selected eBook code so you're never without a good read.

    4. Enchanted Book Box transports minds to a mystical land, or rather, subscription box, filled to the brim with a book (of course) and lots of other whimsical goodies.

    5. Used Books Monthly provides subscribers with good ol' books...quite literally, because they're used — but in good condition, don't worry. Your biggest worry should be whether you're gonna choose the two month or four month subscription.

    6. Willow Lane Books introduces you to a new book every month, while allowing you the freedom and capability to choose the accompanying goodies you receive with it.

    7. My Sci-Fi Club feeds your curious mind each month with two new hardcover books in a genre of your choosing (either sci-fi, fantasy, or a combo of the two), along with an eBook selection, too.

    8. Book of the Month Club sends you a hardcover book of your choosing each month at a fraction of the price you'd pay at your nearest bookstore.

    9. Totally Booked Crate makes each month feel like a mystery, thanks to their awesome themed crates, amazing books, and curated goodies.

    10. Shelflove Crate arrives at your doorstep each month with one new YA fantasy or sci-fi novel and a fun mix of collectibles, featuring a different theme each time.

    11. Indie Book Connect puts two new awesome fiction indie books on your radar each month, while also providing some cool treats to enhance your unboxing/reading experience.

    12. Beacon Book Box lets you keep up with the latest in YA books by sending you a recently released hardcover each month, plus five bookish items tied in to the changing themes.

    13. Zine-o-Matic helps bring hard-to-find zines right to your doorstep each month (along with other cool knickknacks you're bound to fall in love with).

    14. Once Upon a Book Club allows subscribers to not only get a cool book, but to follow along on an adventure with items from the book brought to life as they read. Plus, readers can connect with others in interactive Q&A's, live readings, and while unwrapping gifts together.

    15. The Bookie Box sends a newly released YA hardcover book, a special candle, and other really cool items to your doorstep each month to make reading something new even more exciting than it already is.

    16. Second Star Books brings a different themed box to you each month filled with exclusive collectibles you can't find anywhere else, special treats, and not one, but TWO books!

    17. SpearCraft Book Box immerses readers into the world of the latest and greatest YA book finds each month, to keep you in the loop and up-to-date with the greatest finds.

    18. My Book Box delivers two new books of your favorite genre directly to you monthly (plus a surprise gift to keep things extra exciting).

    19. Blue Spider Books introduces you to either one or two secondhand books a month, along with a sample of a hot beverage to sip on as you sit back, relax, and enjoy your new reads.


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